7 Effective Tips for a Successful Engineering Resume

Your resume can be engineered to function as a strong marketing tool. Although engineering jobs encompass a wide range of fields, there are some very effective resume strategies which can be applied across multiple disciplines. Let’s check out these seven pieces of expert advice to keep in mind while writing an engineering resume. Think Precision When it comes to engineering, precision is of paramount importance. The same likewise precision must also be applied for an engineering resume. Many engineers... Read more



迎勇於挑戰與創新的人才加入ShopBack,一起開創新的電商消費體驗。 進入ShopBack後,工程師會面對什麼任務? Engineering Manager Taosheng談到:「ShopBack的工程師在團隊中能夠盡量發揮自己的才能,我們鼓勵工程師主動提出想法、推展... Read more


寫好一份Job Description,人才就找對一半!

熱情和使命,將工藝文化以各種創新和不正經(?)的方式介紹給大家是每天的任務。你將會站在科技(Engineering team)與人文(Project Planning team)的交匯點,成為整合彼此的溝通樞紐。」 與消費者溝通的行銷文案不同,看的對象... Read more

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