What Your Interview Body Language Says About You

only important thing to consider in your interview preparation. Appearance also counts for a lot - from dressing appropriately, to using open and confident body language. Here is a look at what your bad and good body language will tell an interviewer (albeit subconsciously) about you, and how to crack positive body language: Your Handshake An interview almost always begins with a handshake, and will be your interviewer’s first impression. Your handshake is likely to be the only moment of... Read more


12 Phrases That Don’t Belong On Your Resume

What most people don’t realize is that what you don’t include in your resume is almost as important as what you do include. Because of that, if you want your resume to be at its best, you need to make sure that you’re not making any of these common mistakes. Here are twelve phrases not to include on your resume – as well as why you should avoid them wherever possible. 1. Best of breed Why it needs... Read more


How to Stand Out in the Crowd as a Perfect Candidate

The best way to stand out as the perfect candidate in front of the person who's interviewing you is giving an unusual and intriguing detail about your pursuits, interests, and hobbies. If you think that there is something the interviewer is going to connect with, use the search engine to Google the interviewer before reaching the place of interview. You can also go to the company’s social media page and find out more about its interests and personality... Read more


9 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Job in IT

work on personal projects or contribute to open source software as you're learning development to be able to showcase your skills to future employers. Having working web applications or software can go a long way to getting you an interview with a team. Full-stack If you only have limited front-end or back-end experience and have never worked in a full-stack environment, you should ramp up your skills before interviewing! While most developer positions focus on... Read more


Crucial Mistakes You Can Make in Writing Resume

How important is the resume? It can get you an interview or it can make you a totally unappealing candidate. That’s how important it is! Job candidates rarely realize what a crucial role the resume has. They understand that it presents their skills, experience, and accomplishments. So they put the skills, experience and accomplishments in a standard template that hiring managers have seen hundreds of times before. They don’t pay attention to the visual appeal. They don’t... Read more


6 Step Strategy That Will Simplify Your Recruiting Process

is important to the manager. What is their pain? Speak to the pain. Influence them by highlighting their power in the dynamic of speed and quality of hires. Step #4. Improve First Impressions Recruiters can be picky about candidates. And interviews often feel they are doing a favour to the candidates just by interviewing them. It is actually the candidate who is doing you a favour by choosing you over your competitors. Candidates have the leverage to interview you and... Read more


How to make a CV? 9 Basic Rules

the resume shouldn’t exceed a single page. A large amount of information may cause irritation; moreover, you’ll be able to share any additional details during at the interview. On the other hand, don’t overdo with compression. Why interview a person who has put his years of experience in a few lines? If there are more questions than answers, it is unlikely you will be invited for an interview. Therefore, try to keep the balance. #3 Keep the... Read more


8 Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters, used under CC BY / Desaturated from original Finding employment, let alone your dream job, is difficult. Job searchers must often apply to tens, if not hundreds, of jobs prior to earning just one interview. Applicants with lengthy work experiences, multiple degrees and certifications, and with lofty titles held often hog a majority of recruiter interest. Besides, corporate position openings receive an average of 250 resumes . Of those 250, usually only four to six applicants are... Read more


10 Reasons Recruiters Do Not Want to Consider Your Resume

Your resume is a gateway to your dream job and most times, we try as hard as we can to write the best resume as we possibly can and forward it to recruiters we come across on various platforms such as LinkedIn. However, we never end up getting an interview or job offer from them but a very subtle response of how they cannot continue with our recruitment. This may be due to us not taking into consideration some very... Read more


6 Easy Tools to Help You Write a Better Resume and Track its Performance

and visually appealing. It should aim to solve a certain problem for the prospective employer and fit the reason why they are hiring. The resume is what the employer sees first— it is what will enable you to land an interview and ultimately a job. So, it is of great importance to write the best resume possible to achieve your goal of stepping up to the next level and attaining the job you want. Nowadays there are several tools that... Read more


8 Ways to Get a Better Job Fast

Interview Everything that you have done and worked for at this point will be meaningless if you did not take time to prepare for the job interview. The biggest mistake applicants make is overlooking the importance of rehearsing for the interview. It is a fundamental mistake that could cost you the job you’ve always wanted. Here are tips on how to prepare for the job interview: Research on the most frequently asked job interview questions. The more questions you... Read more


How to Write a Resume That Stands Out

should you quantify the achievements. If you are looking for a job and you want your resume to stand out, just follow the guidelines as mentioned above and for sure you will increase your odds of getting shortlisted for an interview. The moment you land an interview then you are just a few steps away from landing a job. Remember to emphasize to the potential employer why you are the best of the best. Always have a different version of... Read more


Why Every Professional Should Have A Personal Website

Control over Your Online Presence Your personal website is one piece of online real estate that is totally under your control, which is critical since about half of employers Google or otherwise research job candidates online before deciding whom to interview. Your resume forces you to condense your entire work experience into just a few bullet points, but you have more freedom on a personal website to emphasize the information you want potential employers to see. 3. It Lets You... Read more


CakeResume Guide

of your abilities, experiences, accomplishments, and skills. Your resume is a tool to be able for you to sell yourself to your potential employers. If your resume is done in a correct way, you will be able to get an interview. If you are having difficulty in being considered for one, there may be something wrong with your resume. Nonetheless, if you have an interview but you did not have the job, the problem may probably lies with the way... Read more


10 Inspiring Personal Branding Quotes [Infographic]

managing your name — even if you don’t own a business — in a world of misinformation, disinformation, and semi-permanent Google records. Going on a date? Chances are that your “blind” date has Googled your name. Going to a job interview? Ditto. Tim Ferriss , The author of The 4-Hour Workweek All of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is... Read more


Top 9 Resume Builders

a no-frills summary of your background and experience. Enhancv Ehancv helps you in terms of creating a performance-based resume. You can easily customize the resume for the job you are applying to and increase your chances for an interview. JobCv With JobCV, you are guaranteed an original and extraordinary resume. Creating a resume with this resume builder is very easy and quick. You have the option of including some important documents such as diplomas, certificates, and qualifications. Resume... Read more


7 Effective Tips for a Successful Engineering Resume

most marketable skills. The basic idea of this summary is to pique the interest of the hiring manager, right at the beginning of your resume. Tip: Here’s how you can write an amazing resume summary statement according to The Interview Guys! Tailor Your Resume Tailoring your resume for each job application can really help you stand out from the crowd. Instead of mass-posting the same resume for all jobs, it’s always a good idea to customize your... Read more


The Wall of CakeResume

of CakeResume then better choose the said resume builder as your partner in writing resume. Using this tool will not just give you the opportunity of being included in the wall of CakeResume but will also provide higher possibilities of interviews from desired employers. Being in this latest generation, making sure that we are always doing our best to be ahead among others should be considered. And if we want a job, we should therefore have the best resume to... Read more


Resume That Will Land You a Programming Job

you’re applying for. The hiring manager needs to be able to quickly identify your skills and experience, regardless of whether you are just starting out in the field or if you have many years of experience. Further Reading: You can also check out our article CakeResume for Developers for more tips and tricks for developer resumes. Once you’ve shown your smart side on a successful job interview, don’t forget to employ these amazingly sleek salary negotiation strategies !... Read more


履歷和 CV 有什麼不一樣

看你的評估。原則上台灣公司比較少要 CV,在歐美要 CV 的會是很大的公司,像是藥廠、學術單位等等。 Interview – 門市手機試用 如果受到你的強大傳單吸引,很可能消費者就會直接去試用手機,也可能上網看... Read more

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