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reading your cover letter, also mention if there is any resume , portfolio or relevant certificate attached. Don’t forget to sign your full name at the end of the letter! Further Reading: Simple Tips for Creating a First-Class Personal Portfolio Ta-da! Congratulations that you have finished your cover letter! Finished your cover letter? The next big work is to build an eye-catching resume ! Try the most favored free resume builder ! Further Reading: 4 Tips for Writing a... Read more


Applying for Internships and Jobs at Startups

way to do this is to add graphics, images, links, portfolio information and additional content in your resume. However, this is not as easy as it sounds, and it is not a matter of simply pasting info on to your resume. How can you creatively display all information relevant to you to recruiters with your best foot forward so that they quickly see the best you that you are on their first (and only) scan of your resume? Enter CakeResume... Read more


CakeResume vs. Resume: The Resume to Land Your Dream Job

of your resume. Sufficient white space and appropriate fonts and sizes are indispensable for a comfortable read. Styling the elements such as bold, italics, all caps and small caps are great ways to call attention to key parts of your resume. By leveraging the concept of visual hierarchy and paid fonts, CakeResume helps you to enhance the readability of your portfolio. A uniform and organized page makes it easier for the readers to quickly scan and identify importance elements of... Read more


9 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Job in IT

sent through traditional hiring channels. If you're applying for an IT job, it's likely that you have experience with basic HTML and CSS. If you'd like to make a good impression, use your own website or a resume service to create a single-page application or portfolio that can act as a substitute for a traditional resume. If you're able to show off some of your development skills in your webpage, you'll make a better... Read more


CakeResume Guide

virtual portfolio that will effectively advertise your brand, assets or skills. How to Build a CakeResume? If you know for sure that you need help with your resume, but don’t want to take the route of hiring a professional resume writer, you may want to consider the online resume builder tools like CakeResume. There are several options you can possibly try to get help with your resume in the forms of online resume builders that acts like a resume... Read more


The Wall of CakeResume

revolutionary hybrid in between a social media-based personal site and a resume which provides numbers of users with one page platform in order to introduce them in a professional, unique and also fully customizable way. Compared with a traditional resume that is typically text only and bland this one would use multimedia interfacing in order to allow numbers of users in terms of incorporating embedded links, videos, images and some other online tools intended for impressive virtual portfolio which... Read more


Why Every Professional Should Have A Personal Website

When it comes to finding a job or internship, it can be difficult to set yourself apart from the sea of resumes and cover letters, while still remaining professional. Having a personal website - which often features your bio, contact information and portfolio - is a great strategy to showcase your work and to help you stand out from other candidates. Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why you should create a personal website for your dream career! 1. It Makes... Read more


6 Best Freelance Sites to Land on a Job in 2020

the US economy. With all that said, how do you land on a freelance job in 2020? The Internet is a huge virtual global talent pool and there are two main ways for you: 1. Personal Websites Building your personal portfolio site is a wise move for the long run; you can build your reputation to a point where you can get a steady supply of projects through word-of-mouth alone. Your website can also show off your personality... Read more


Secrets of How to Become a Freelance Writer in College

Most likely, you’ll be able to use these texts during the next stage of a preparation process. 4. Create a portfolio. A portfolio is crucial for any freelancer, especially for a beginner. If you don’t have an impressive resume and a list of stunning work projects to support you, showing your strong writing skills is all you can do to get your first project. How to create a portfolio if you didn’t have any real clients yet... Read more


Working from Home Starter Pack: Freelancing 101

to enjoy the day instead of being self-motivated on what should be done. Therefore, great time management is needed. 2. Reputation Risks Freelancers may find it hard to build a steady clientele to start out. That’s why detailed resumes and online portfolios are often needed in the hope of making you more visible to potential clients. In that case, CakeResume is a good choice through which you can be exposed to various channels and opportunities, and therefore build... Read more


Software Engineer Resume : Do's & Don'ts of a Perfect Engineering Resume

Family members Education background Personal traits Future outlook This kind of typical content really bored people out. It is suggested to write more about your experience related to the job. If you are clueless about what to write in your resume, you can go to CakeResume’s Resume Sample Page and refer to other engineering resumes created by users. Further reading : 5 Tips to Build a Strong Machine Learning Resume Dos Fresh graduates 1. Prepare portfolios As there is not... Read more

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