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Almost is an Instagram and TikTok-first media outlet focused on world news stories for young people.

Founded by award-winning journalist and audience strategist Kassy Cho, Almost’s mission is to inform young people – in particular young women – about important issues that are going on around the world and inspire them to take positive action to shape the world they live in.

As part of the mission to help people become more aware of the world around them and how complex topics happening worldwide directly affect them, Almost is also available in Chinese to make world news more accessible for Mandarin-speaking audiences on Instagram.

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News, social media strategy and management, digital content strategy and production, audience development


Inform young people, in particular young women, about important events happening around the world and empower them to take positive action to shape the world we live in.

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Founder & Editor-In-Chief
職位: 實習記者/製作人 – Almost ✨ 時間: 即日起 薪資: 時薪183NT起(視經驗調整) 職位: 全職 地點: 台北(混合辦公) Almost 是一家以 Instagram 和 TikTok 為主要平台的中英雙語媒體,專為年輕人傳遞全球新聞故事,現正尋找一名中文實習記者/製作人。 Almost 由前 BuzzFeed News 和 Bloomberg 的受眾開發編輯 Kassy...
台北市, 台灣
183 TWD / hour
No requirement for relevant working experience
No management responsibility