Janice Lai
At CakeResume, we aim to help people fully display their value and find the job they love. 🎧 Check out our Podcast, 科技職涯 Talent Connect: • Apple Podcast • Spo...
A serial entrepreneur obsessed with technology, startup, and coffee. ☕
Tina Lee
Recruitment for Software Engineers, Developers /Managers especially in Back-end. Feel free to contact with me:) Line Me-->ID:cakeresumetina
CakeResume Consultant. At CakeResume, we value creativity, we believe that everyone needs a profile to present themselves the way they love, and we sure do love to see people find their dream jobs!
Sindy Chen
CakeResume Content Strategist. I write articles to convey core value of CakeResume, and enhance website & keywords ranking through SEO strategies. I am excited to learn and grow in a company with a...
Cheng-Min Ting
CakeResume Front-end Developer
Chun-Chun Hsieh
At CakeResume, we aim to help people fully display their value and further match the right talent with quality jobs! Learn more about us -
Henry Wu
JavaScript / Ruby on Rails engineer
Chunling Pan
Digital designer, Illustrator and Food lover. Currently, work at CakeResume as a UI designer.
Lately focus on content and creative writing to connect talents and chances on CakeResume. Also busy in discovering any interesting ways to introduce CakeResume! A thinker enthusiastic about marke...
Pingyun Hsieh
CakeResume Content Strategist. Passionate about being the bridge between demand and supply. Full of entrepreneurial mindset and goal- oriented.
Jane Setiady
Vera Tsai
A versatile and dynamic sales professional with diversified global experiences. Focused on cross-border services with exceptional abilities to generate new leads and expand business opportunities o...
Hi, 我是Lin,專注在軟體人才與企業端的媒合。如果您有轉職需求或想了解市場機會,歡迎與我聯繫(Line ID:cakeresume.lin)。 您也可以提供偏好的聯絡方式給我,可以為您進行系統備註讓我們的獵才顧問不會過度打擾您唷:)
Zong-Han Yang
As a recruitment consultant, I am dedicated to providing the best recruitment service to both clients and talents.
A frontend engineer who was initially planning to be a data scientist. Having 2 year working experience of Web developing. I'm a responsible and self-driven person, with strong sense of kno...
Tzu-Chi Lin
At CakeResume, we value talent and creativity. Our mission is to help people fully display their value, and connect talent with great opportunity.
Trantor Liu
On top of being an expert in product design, full-stack web development, and user experience (UX) design, I'm also proficient in search engine optimization (SEO) strategy planning, user interface (...