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As a KRONOS Risk Management Lead, you will lead research efforts to identify opportunities for improving risk management, investment behavior, and portfolio construction, with the goal of helping the firm deliver superior risk-adjusted performance. This role is required to have a deep insight on correlations across various market factors as well as having an understanding of concentration and liquidity risk across all asset classes.

The Risk Management Team plays a vital role in the firm’s investment process, building a deeply rooted culture of efficient risk management and factful performance attribution.

The paramount mission of the team is to protect the firm from improper levels of exposure and ensure that risk-taking is always efficient and deliberate.

• Ensure that risk-taking at the individual portfolio level and at the firm level is efficient and deliberate by setting appropriate risk guidelines and limits.
• Develop and maintain the SOP for capital allocation to maximize risk-adjusted returns and profitability at the various business levels and at the firm level.
• Actively manage the firm’s risk exposures through working closely with multiple trading teams internally and communicate externally to manage the relationships.
• Lead research efforts to develop innovative risk management approaches, tools and analytics by leveraging the collective knowledge of the platform.
• Enhance understanding of the Firm’s performance by developing intuitive and efficient ways for performance attribution.
• Manage and mentor risk analysts on the team.


• 5 years+ of experience as a risk or a portfolio management role
• Detailed understanding of equities risk management, portfolio construction and trading
• Expert knowledge of quantitative finance and statistical programming with a strong familiarity of SQL and/or Python
• Intellectual curiosity and depth of skills enabling him/her to perform ad-hoc tasks and special projects
• High-energy and relentless personality with a desire to proactively ideate opportunities and the ability to manage multiple tasks and deadlines in a fast-paced environment
• Ability to lead a team and work cooperatively with all levels of staff
• Strong communications skills – an ability to clearly and concisely articulate complex ideas between senior management and trading teams
• Ability to generate creative ideas, solve problems, and take ideas all the way to commercial implementation
• A commitment to the highest ethical standards and to act with professionalism and integrity


1M ~ 2M TWD/year

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About us

Kronos Research is a technology and science-driven trading firm. We risk firm capital, trading a broad range of financial instruments and strategies on global markets. The firm is willing to pursue new ideas and markets with conviction and as such, we have been at the forefront of technology and markets, quickly dominating newer markets such as applying HFT to cryptocurrency trading. Kronos trades on average more than $1 Billion USD / day just in crypto volume alone. Our team has grown quickly from 2 in 2018 to the now 60+ team at our Taipei headquarters and office in Shanghai with more locations on the way.


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    Sandy Wang

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