Hotel Marketing Communication Officer (Malaysia)

Job Description

To be responsible in implementing all marketing communication activities and strategies such as advertising, copywriting and preparation of promotional collaterals. Responsible for the designing of all printed materials, social media posts, press releases, speeches and E-news. To identify and solicit media partners.


  • Developing and executing marketing strategies to promote a Mana Mana Suites products or services locally and internationally
  • Responsible for creating and managing advertising campaigns, developing marketing materials such as brochures and videos, and coordinating promotional events
  • Craft and send regular newsletters with company updates
  • Manage social media platforms and maintaining relationships with the media to secure coverage for the company
  • Need to have a good understanding of company target audience and market trends to create effective marketing campaigns
  • Knowledge in e-commerce, mass communication, creative graphic design, innovative copy
    writing, and editing.
  • Ability to work independently and under pressure.
  • Work closely with other departments within the company, such as graphic design and interior design, to ensure that marketing efforts align with the overall business goals and objectives
  • Works with Front Office, Restaurant, Bar & Events departments to coordinate guest’s lists, invitations for VIP receptions, luncheons, dinners etc.
  • Maintaining a company's brand image and reputation, as well as driving sales and customer engagement
  • Attends to client/media complaints, requests, and enquiries and, coordinates handling with departments concerns. Responsible for maintaining and updating the media listing for sending to trade, group and consumer publications on a regular basis, press releases covering special events, promotions, etc.
  • Handles all guest replies/complaints on OTA for the Hotel.
  • Updates the content on the hotel pages of the Mana-Mana Suites website.
  • Join social media groups and professional platforms to discuss industry-related topics
  • Network with industry experts and potential clients to drive brand awareness
  • Gather customer feedback to inform operation and business development teams


  • 1 – 2 years working experience
  • Diploma / Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Mass Communications or related discipline
2 years of experience required
3,500 ~ 4,200 MYR / month
Managing 1-5 staff
Optional Remote Work
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Mana-Mana Suites & Hotels (MMSH), is an innovative hospitality and rental management company catering to like minded owners and developers of city suites, hotels, getaway villas and resorts in and around Asia Pacific region.

Mana-Mana Suites & Hotels (MMSH),是一家創新的酒店和租賃管理公司,為亞太地區及周邊地區城市套房、酒店、度假別墅和度假 村的志趣相投的業主和開發商提供服務。

We determined to make all places to be more welcoming and enjoyable. In return, higher yield for owners.




Entry level
2.8K ~ 3.5K MYR / month