Business Development Representative 業務開發專員 / 商務開發經理

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Job Description

Miracle Mobile is a new-era, technology-intensive, and product-oriented company focusing on mobile internet services (App, Cloud Services) and cutting-edge technologies (AR/VR). We are dedicated to every big opportunity and new technology to bring rich and convenient life to human beings. We constantly explore and develop world-class products based on the user's pain points and needs. The vision is to bring a significant and positive influence to the new era. We continue to develop solutions and SaaS services for the pain points of enterprise needs.

We are looking for "Business Development" and "Business Development" partners to join our team.

Work content

- Responsible for developing new customers (Taiwan and globally) and establishing a good relationship with customers
- Contact potential customers by phone, email, or other means to arouse understanding and interest in products
- Introduce and explain online or offline products to customers, and provide support according to customer needs and organizational needs
- Meet specific daily and monthly metrics to meet business goals
- Record user feedback and experience
- Customer consultation and support services

P.S. Please mail directly to hr at to speed up the processing

奇蹟行動是一家技術深耕、產品導向,追求高速成長的網路軟體公司。 我們持續開發針對企業需求痛點的解決方案與 SaaS 服務。團隊的溝通順暢,組織扁平且決策與行動快速,十分專注於客戶體驗與產品優化與迭代。



  • 負責開發新客戶 (台灣與全球),並與客戶建立良好關係
  • 以電話與郵件,或其它方式聯絡潛在客戶,引起對產品的了解與興趣
  • 給客戶線上或線下的產品介紹與說明,根據客戶的需求與組織需求,給予支援
  • 達到特定每日與每個月的指標,以達到業務目標
  • 記錄用戶的回饋與體驗,予以團隊優化產品
  • 客戶的諮詢與支援服務

P.S. 請直接寄信至 hr at 投遞可加速處理


  • 2+ years of sales experience (3-5 years is best)
  • Strong motivation and passion for software and SaaS sales
  • Attention to detail, good communication skills
  • Eager to grow and able to act quickly on feedback
  • Business English level is the most basic requirement, and it is necessary to be able to communicate with foreigners and introduce products.

Bonus criteria

  • SaaS and software sales experience
  • The software-related background is preferred (design-related, web development, or project management related)
  • Have a passion for using and operating software, or be able to use Figma or other design software
  • Having your transportation is best

  • 2 年以上的業務經驗 (3-5 年最佳)
  • 對軟體與 SaaS 銷售有強烈的動機與熱情
  • 注重細節、良好的溝通能力技巧
  • 渴望成長,且能根據反饋迅速採取行動
  • 商務英文水平為最基本需求,要能與外國人溝通與產品介紹


  • SaaS 與軟體銷售經驗
  • 具軟體相關背景尤佳 (設計相關、網頁開發或專案相關)
  • 使用與操作軟體有熱情,或會使用與操作 Figma 或其它設計軟體
  • 自備交通工具尤佳

Interview process

1. Basic Logic Testing

2. Interview with Department leaders

1. 基本邏輯測試

2. 部門主管面談

2 years of experience required
40,000 ~ 80,000 TWD / month
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奇蹟行動科技是一家專注於移動互聯網 (Mobile Internet, App, Cloud Services)與軟體開發的新時代企業。我們執著於每一波的新風口與新契機,希望能為人們帶來更豐富與便利的生活。我們以技術為基礎,以用戶需求為依歸,不斷地探索與研發最頂尖的產品。目標能為這新的時代,帶來更多正向力量與改變。


Entry level
40K ~ 80K TWD / month

Entry level
40K ~ 80K TWD / month