Fintech Company (Financial Service) - Backend Java Engineer (Fully remote)

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Job Description


  1. Work as part of a scrum team, involved in existing product maintenance as well as the development of new product features, enhancements and support of our product SaaS Platform. This includes frontend, backend, databases and other middleware components.
  2. Be involved in various areas of product development using cloud native cutting edge technologies to build highly scalable, resilient and secure application architectures.



  1. 2+ years of relevant work experience required in Backednd Java development.
  2. Database skills required such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB.
  3. Experience with web servers such as Apache and Nginx.
  4. Good to have working knowledge in any cloud platform like AWS/Google Cloud / Azure. Experience with AWS will be a strong plus.
  5. Good knowledge of NLP libraries such as spacy, nltk, etc. (Plus)
  6. Understanding git flow.
  7. Knowledge of RESTful APIs to integrate applications to server side systems.
  8. Excellent analytical skills, problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills
  9. Able to work independently with a sense of responsibility.
  10. Willing to learn new technologies.
  11. Strong communication and teamwork skills
  12. Work Proficiency Level in English

1. Working from home
2. Flexible working hours
3. You will work with smart people and grow up together

Interview process

1st Interview - Interview with Tech Lead (Verbal Technical Questions, No coding test) 

2nd Interview - Interview with CTO (Verbal Technical Questions, No coding test)

3rd Interview - Interview with COO (Behavior questions, Culture fit)

2 years of experience required
70,000 ~ 110,000 TWD / month
100% Remote Work
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