日本語対応テクニカルサポート Customer Support Specialist (Japanese Speaking)

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詳細はwww.splashtop.comおよびwww.mirroring360.comをご覧ください。App Store / Google PlayでSplashtopを検索することもできます。


【About Splashtop】
Splashtop is a SaaS company offering industry-leading remote access/support services, one-to-many video conferencing, and mobile mirroring apps. Our product range covers multiple platforms (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android) and is highly regarded in the IT and education community (see: www.splashtop.com and www.mirroring360.com, or look for Splashtop in App Store / Google Play).

We have over 30 million users worldwide, and in Japan alone, more than 5,000 companies have adopted our product. Due to the increasing number of inquiries, we are looking for a technical support representative who will serve as the user's point of contact and bridge the gap between our Japan team and the development team in Taipei.







  1. お客様や代理店とのコミュニケーションを通じて、適切なSplashtopサービスを推奨する
  2. お客様のフィードバックを収集し、追跡し、迅速な解決策を提供する
  3. 技術的な問題を分析し、社内の開発チームと連携して問題を解決する
  4. 内部のチケットシステムを使用してメールの質問に回答する
  5. テキストチャットシステムや電話を通じてユーザーの質問に回答する
  6. 製品の改善に関する提案を行う
  7. 週末や祝日を含む柔軟な勤務スケジュールに適応できること



【What will you do in this role?】
In this role, you will primarily serve as a Japanese-speaking customer service representative, providing assistance not only for simple usage questions but also for complex inquiries and troubleshooting to enhance customer satisfaction. We provide training programs and have a support system in place with supervisors and senior colleagues, so even inexperienced individuals can feel at ease.

Additionally, since communication with the development team is conducted in English or Chinese, English or Chinese communication skills are required.

You will be responsible for working with Splashtop Japan office to cover below job contents to Japanese customers:

  1. Communicate with customers and Japan resellers and recommend them for the right Splashtop service.
  2. Collect/track customer feedback and provide timely solutions.
  3. Analyze reported technical issues, and co-work with internal developers to remedy problems.
  4. Use internal ticket systems to answer email questions.
  5. Use text chat system and phone calls to answer users' questions.
  6. Provide suggestions for product improvement.
  7. Be able to adapt to flexible work schedules, including weekends and national holidays.

- Foreign residents are welcomed!

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No requirement for relevant working experience
700,000 ~ 1,100,000 TWD / year
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About us

Splashtop Inc. /splæʃ.tɑːp/成立於矽谷,為全球包括美洲、歐洲、亞洲、中東及非洲用戶提供新一代遠端存取與遠端支援軟體及服務,包括批次作業、大量裝置管理和虛擬實驗室等進階功能。公司現有客戶橫跨娛樂、物流、汽車、飯店、金融、保險及科技產業,其中不乏全球五百大企業,如迪士尼 (Disney)、聯邦快遞 (FedEx)、奇異 (GE)、萬豪國際 (Marriott) 和豐田 (Toyota) 等;亦為政府及教育研究機構,如美國疾病預防控制中心 (CDC)、哈佛大學(Harvard University) 、麻省理工學院 (MIT) 提供技術支援。

2021 年初,由 Sapphire Ventures 領頭與其他 3 位長期投資者挹注五千萬美元與追加一千五百萬美元資金,Splashtop 亦成為市值估計超過 15 億美元的「獨角獸」企業,持續打造未來工作和教育的解決方案。


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Mid-Senior level
1M ~ 1.5M TWD / year

Entry level
Regular earnings reach NT$40,000