Jennifer Fu Design Portfolio

ByJennifer Fu
UX Designer & Content Writer In this portfolio, I highlighted three of the UX Design and Research projects I led and completed: ThirdSpace: A coffee shop for every purpose Through a holistic human-centered UX process, I designed an app to help coffee shop goers discover coffee shops that satisfy their practical needs and preferences and plan their visits hassle-free. SAVR: Recipe you love and cook hassle-free SAVR offers recipes you love and cook hassle-free. As the UX designer, I was brought on-board to help SAVR effectively achieve the goal of helping at-home chefs accurately and easily follow the cooking instructions. Zwende: Customized Indian Artisan Gifts Zwende allows users to customize and personalize handcrafted artisan objects. As the UX researcher, I was brought on-board to help Zwende conduct user research and compile user personas to understand their users’ needs more accurately.
Jennifer Fu
發布時間: November 08, 2019
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