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An assistant manager resume has to display dependability and trustworthiness characters since they act as the right hand of the boss. They not only help the general manager in performing his/her duties but also cover other responsibilities such as maintaining customer relationships, liaise between different departments within the company to solve problems, and most importantly, serving as acting general manager when he/she is away.

Reliable and consistent work experience is a huge part of writing a resume for an assistant manager position. Some key focuses that should not be neglected are having an in-depth understanding of the business, showcasing strong leadership, communication, and delegation skills. Therefore, make sure to include them when writing your assistant manager resume.

It's always easier said than done, isn't it? That's why we've compiled everything you need to know on how to write an impressive resume, consisting of assistant manager resume objective, assistant manager summary for resume, job application letter for assistant manager, assistant manager resume format, assistant manager resume example, and other useful resume tips.

How to write an assistant manager resume

When writing an assistant manager resume, obviously, you want it to project your sharpest skills and highlight the best attributes of your previous work. First off...

STEP 1: What is a CV and what is a resume?

Knowing that the terms "CV" and "resume" are often used interchangeably, we understand the confusion.
To make it simpler, we've put together this table below:

Key difference
Assistant manager resume
Assistant manager CV
Specifically tailored to assistant manager job description and skills
Comprehensive work, education, and other certificates
1-2 pages
2+ pages
US, Canada
mainly in European countries
application for assistant manager position
academic position

STEP 2: What is the best assistant manager resume format?

Considering what the role demands, applicants need to show a clear and thorough work experience that demonstrates the requested qualifications. Out of the 3 resume formats, the reverse chronological format is most suited for assistant manager's job applications.

The reason is that chronological resume format is the most generic one, and recruiters are familiar with its layout. As a result, when they receive your assistant manager resume, they'll know exactly where to look.

STEP 3: Is searching for other assistant manager resume samples necessary?

Yes, a thousand times yes.

By doing proper research, whether on the job role or assistant manager resume examples, it will help you tremendously. One example is provided in this article → Assistant Manager Resume Sample

Additionally, with the wide-ranging work that an assistant manager does, each industry will have different requirements and keywords. Look for the respective field where you want to apply for to get detailed understandings, for instance:

  • assistant nurse manager resume
  • assistant branch manager resume
  • assistant operations manager resume
  • assistant bank manager resume
  • assistant property manager resume

STEP 4: How to tailor an assistant manager resume?

People like being addressed personally, so do the recruiters. Specifically tailoring your assistant manager resume will give you an upper hand. It indicates how dedicated you are to the company you're applying to and how well you understand the role.

A hotel assistant general manager resume will have a different focal point than a restaurant assistant manager resume. Despite both being assistant manager, they might prefer different skill sets, experience and educational background.

STEP 5: Is it important to submit an assistant manager cover letter?

Cover letter a.k.a  job application letter isn't merely a letter. It's an extension of your resume. An assistant manager cover letter narrates how you overcame your previous challenges more profoundly and at the same time to persuade them in hiring you.

Nevertheless, a cover letter should not be too long. A compact one-page with three to four paragraphs is adequate as long as you choose the appropriate words.

STEP 6: What kind of editing is needed before submitting an assistant manager resume?

Grammar check, spell check, sentence arrangement, paragraph flow, word choice, and the list goes on. Proofreading is crucial, especially when it comes to names (company name, hiring manager's name, job position name, etc.), addresses, and contact information. Some recruiters will just eliminate candidates who make elementary mistakes.

💡 Be sure to always check your job application!

What to put on a resume for an assistant manager

These are the 8 fundamental points every winning assistant manager resume has.

1. Resume Profile

The first part is a no-brainer, just put your full name (not nickname), phone number, email address, and current city and country of residence. Make sure that all the contact information you mention is updated and provide a formal/professional-looking email address, too.

2. Resume Headline

If your resume profile is your assistant manager resume title, the resume headline works as the subtitle, a short explanatory phrase about where you are in your professional journey.

A headline shouldn't reveal too much, as it is meant to provoke more curiosity so recruiters would want to read more of your assistant manager resume. 

Assistant manager resume headlines samples:

  • Result-oriented assistant manager in strategic financial planning
  • Multitasker and multilingual store assistant manager with 7+ years of experience

3. Resume Summary

Assistant manager summary for resume is a follow-up paragraph to highlight and elaborate on the most relevant skills and experience that align with the job description. This part is also meant to generate more curiosity.

Retail assistant manager resume summary sample:

Passionate and quality-focused Assistant Manager at Clothinc with a proven track record of successful management for 5+ years. Adept at administering daily operations, problem-solving, providing coherent guidelines, and communicating targeted goals. Successfully sparked employees' work ethics that led to a 20% revenue growth.

4. Resume Objective

Generally found on freshers' resume, the purpose of an assistant manager resume objective is to let the recruiters know what your goal is for landing the job. Some job seekers do put their intention on their resumes and some don't, both are completely fine. 

Career objective for assistant manager resume example:

Optimistic and detailed-oriented Business Management graduate possessing strong leadership and analytical thinking. Seeking to obtain valuable supervisory experience and implement sharp delegation skills at CoCompany.

🔥  Pro tip: you can opt to just write a resume summary or resume objective.

5. Skills Resume

We believe everyone is blessed with an abundance of skill sets. But the key to a fruitful assistant manager resume is to go over the job description and put the most relevant skills the employer requires. Assistant manager skills resume section should be arranged in bullet points for easy reading.

Assistant store manager resume skills example:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Staff management and training
  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Multitasking
  • CRM

6. Experience

Since an assistant manager is basically the general manager's understudy, one should display a consistent professional experience that portrays their strengths in managing a business. Take a look at the example below.

Assistant sales manager resume work experience section example:

  • Created and presented proposals and reports for the company board of directors
  • Reviewed dormant accounts and maintained organized clients' records
  • Assisted the General Manager in managing 5 sales teams
  • Assessed problems and moderated problem-solving

7. Education

When you have a few years of experience, where you graduated from might not be the most sought for information, and yet, it is still an aspect that some employers take into consideration. No need for the heavy emphasis on the GPA or extracurricular activities though.

8. Additional Information

They say if you've got it, flaunt it.

That said, any certification that contributes to solidifying your chance of getting hired is a bonus point and is suggested to be included. It could be language certificates, classes/training, workshops, or awards.

Tips for writing the best assistant manager resume

#1 Personalization is the first key to winning the heart of the recruiters. Submitting a generic resume would seem that you don't understand the job role fully and not putting enough effort. A uniquely written resume is highly advised

#2 Obtain keywords from the job description and incorporate them into your assistant manager resume. Keyword insertion has become more and more crucial these days because recruiters/ATS will first focus on these when screening resumes

#3 Having quantifiable data provides a clearer depiction of your previous achievements. It allows them to measure your capabilities, especially when your assistant manager resume solely consists of words

#4 Go for the assistant manager resume PDF file and leave the word docx file on your desktop. It is easier for the ATS to filter since it provides consistent formatting

#5 Choose strong action verbs when explaining your responsibilities and accomplishment to reduce repetition and exhibit initiative

#6 Exclude your hobbies in your additional information section since recruiters focus more on your professional experience and skills for assistant manager resumes.

How to write a great assistant manager cover letter?

If you don't know what an assistant manager cover letter entails, then you're in luck! We've also compiled things you need to address in your job application letter for assistant manager.

  • Contact details: needless to say, you cannot omit such important information
  • Introduction: a polite greeting to the hiring manager and a glimpse of your background
  • Motivation: state your reasoning for choosing this position and this specific company (a good time to appeal to their good side)
  • Qualification: present your competence and adequacy in fulfilling the role and mention a few of your greatest accomplishments
  • Closing: wrap your assistant manager cover letter up nicely and express gratitude towards the recruiter for reading your resume

Cake provides the right assistant manager resume templates & formats to showcase their skills and experiences. Sign up to create the best assistant manager resume Now!

Assistant Manager Resume Sample

Caroline Sommers

Assistant Store Manager at Boutiquely

Mobile: (+321)-654-987-098
Email: [email protected]
Address: New York City, NY, USA


Sales-driven and customer-oriented assistant store manager for a high-end French brand boutique. Possessing well-rounded managerial skills from overseeing employee's performance, providing training, resolving customer issues, cost and profit optimization, as well as maintaining store overall standards.

Work Experience

Assistant Store Manager, Boutiquely, NY, USA

April 2011 - Present

  • Monitored store financial health and create monthly, quarterly, and annual reports
  • Scheduled employees' work shifts
  • Developed a new employee training system that led to a 15% increase in work efficiency
  • Evaluated employees' performances quarterly and provide actionable advice
  • Coordinated with vendors for in-store marketing campaign projects

Retail Assistant Store Manager, We Wear, NY, USA

January 2003 - March 2011

  • Performed day-to-day managerial duties and made managerial decisions when the Store Manager was absent
  • Demonstrated a high involvement in recruiting and training new employees
  • Organized annual company trip
  • Facilitated customer survey program and received 99% positive feedbacks
  • Assessed annual budget and created allocation quarterly


  • Time management
  • Strong knowledge of luxury goods and brand philosophy
  • In-store marketing and sales
  • Statistical analysis
  • Budget planning
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Customer service
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook
  • Multitasking

Additional Information 

  • Language Skills 
    • English: Native or bilingual 
    • French: Fluent Professional Proficiency


  • Temple University, Pennsylvania, USA
    • BA in English
    • Minor in French

1993 - 2003 

--- Originally written by Teresa Edria ---

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