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A bank teller (sometimes referred to as a client services representative or financial services representative) is the position who interacts with customers at the main floor of the branch. They are responsible for assisting clients with account inquiries, transactions, or cash handling.

To become a successful bank teller, it’s imperative to know how to put together a strong bank teller resume.

How to Write a Winning Bank Teller Resume

Resume Header

Everyone should have their full details at the beginning of their resume as specified below. Make sure that this information is accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible:

  1. Full name. If you have a hard-to-pronounce name, consider including your English name or a phonetic spelling in brackets.
  2. Professional title. Make sure to align this title with the one you're applying for.
  3. Email address. While using an email address you have since college is okay, make sure that it looks (or sounds) professional.
  4. Phone number. If you cannot be reached via phone number, remember to mention your preferred contact method in your cover letter.
  5. Location information. This information can opt-out if you're applying for remote work, or you can mention the country instead of the city you're in.

💡Pro Tip: Unnecessary personal details such as home address, gender, date of birth, etc. can be omitted.

Resume Header

The resume summary serves as a concise self-description, highlighting your most compelling and attractive experience and skills for prospective employers.

Typically 2 to 4 sentences long, a good bank teller resume summary can also include awards and special skills if relevant. It is highly recommended to tailor your resume summary using wording directly from the job description for which you are applying.  

Here are 3 bank teller resume summary examples:

Bank Teller Resume Summary Example #1

Dedicated recent graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Finance, equipped with comprehensive knowledge of banking procedures and financial principles. Proven ability to handle cash transactions accurately and efficiently, eager to leverage academic background to excel in a financial services team.

Bank Teller Resume Summary Example #2

I’m an enthusiastic Client Services Representative with four years of experience in financial institutions, showcasing expertise in customer service and precise handling of diverse financial transactions. I’m adept at using software tools for transaction processing and maintaining accurate records. I’m looking to contribute my software proficiency and banking experience in a dynamic banking environment as a bank teller.

Bank Teller Resume Summary Example #3

Experienced bank teller with 8 years in global financial institutions, excelling in customer service, transaction processing, and regulatory compliance. Fluent in English and Portuguese, facilitating effective communication with local communities. Recognized for implementing process improvements, and mentoring junior staff. Looking to deploy my expertise and language skills in a dynamic banking environment.

💡Pro Tip: You can use this resume headline in your LinkedIn or CakeResume bio to catch the attention of a recruiter.

Career Objectives

A bank teller career objective differs from a resume summary in that it should mostly focus on your career goals and what you hope to accomplish at the company. 

Typically placed at the top of the resume, the career objective is 2 to 3 sentences long and includes a few words about your personality traits and your years of experience related to the banking industry. Make your description clear and concise and tailor your career goals to match with the applying job.

Using a career objective is typically more common if you are looking to build an entry-level bank teller resume.

The career objective can replace the resume summary section if desired. If so, just make sure to highlight work experience and skills in the description.

Here are some examples of bank teller resume objectives:

Bank Teller Resume - Career Objective Example #1

Objective: Detail-oriented and motivated finance graduate seeking a bank teller position to kickstart a career in the banking industry. Eager to apply academic knowledge in finance, coupled with internship experience, to contribute to efficient and accurate financial transactions.

Bank Teller Resume - Career Objective Example #2

Objective: Highly skilled and customer-focused bank teller with 2 years of proven experience in financial institutions. Seeking a challenging position where I can leverage my expertise in efficient cash handling, transaction processing and banking compliance. Committed to delivering exceptional service to clients, resolving inquiries, and ensuring accuracy in all financial transactions.

Bank Teller Resume - Career Objective Example #3

  • Seasoned financial services manager with a solid 9-year tenure in the financial sector, seeking a rewarding position to continue contributing my extensive expertise. 
  • Proven track record in: handling diverse financial transactions, managing cash drawers, managing team members, delivering superior customer service and building lasting relationships.
  • Ready to bring my depth of experience and commitment to efficiency to a dynamic banking environment, fostering excellence in customer satisfaction and operational performance.

Bank Teller Skills for Resume

The Skills section for a bank teller resume is undoubtedly the most important part of your resume. Recruiters for bank teller positions need to make sure you have the necessary requirements for their branch – whether it be language skills, software abilities or customer service experience.

You should read the job description carefully to make sure all the skills you list on your bank teller resume are relevant to the opening job. Use bullet points here to make it easy to read and consider separating both technical and soft skills if the list is extensive enough.

Here are some common bank teller skills for your resume and why they’re important:

Hard skills

  • Cash Handling - Proficient in accurate and efficient handling of cash transactions.
  • Customer Service - Strong interpersonal skills to address customer inquiries and issues professionally.
  • Transaction Processing - Experience in processing various banking transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, and transfers.
  • MS Office Suite - Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications, including Word and Excel.
  • Software Proficiency - Familiarity with banking software (e.g.: Teller Platforms, Core Banking Systems) and customer relationship management (CRM) tools.
  • Data Entry - Accurate and efficient data entry skills with attention to detail.
  • Mathematical Aptitude - Strong mathematical skills for accurate counting, balancing, and reconciling transactions.
  • Regulatory Compliance - Understanding of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies.
  • Security Awareness - Knowledge of security protocols and procedures to safeguard customer information and assets
  • Foreign Language Proficiency - Fluency in additional languages to cater to a diverse customer base.

Soft skills

  • Communication Skills - Effective verbal and written communication to interact with customers and colleagues.
  • Multitasking - Capacity to handle multiple tasks simultaneously in a fast-paced environment.
  • Problem-solving - Quick and effective problem-solving skills to address customer issues and challenges.
  • Attention to Detail - High level of accuracy and precision in handling financial transactions and documentation.
  • Patience - Ability to remain calm and patient, especially during busy or challenging situations.
  • Adaptability - Flexibility to adjust to changing circumstances and handle diverse tasks.
  • Ethical Judgment - Maintaining high ethical standards and integrity in all transactions and interactions.
  • Time Management - Efficiently managing time to handle multiple tasks and prioritize responsibilities.
  • Confidentiality - Upholding the confidentiality of customer information and financial transactions.
  • Cultural Sensitivity - Being aware and respectful of diverse cultural backgrounds and customs.

Work Experience

The experience section should include your different work positions and how they pertain to the bank teller role. It lists your roles and responsibilities for each job and gives insights into your qualifications and abilities for future employers.

A well-written work experience section for bank tellers should highlight how your skills were used at your previous jobs as well as highlight any of your achievements. Customize your work experience section for each application by emphasizing the relevant skills required for the applying position.

For recent graduates with little experience creating a resume for a bank teller, be sure to include past internships or volunteer services.

Here are some examples of good work experience sections:

Bank Teller Resume - Experience Section - Example #1

Branch Operations Intern,
ABC Financial
June 2022 to Dec 2023

  • Processed daily customer transactions, including deposits, withdrawals, and fund transfers, ensuring precision and compliance with bank policies.
  • Managed cash handling and reconciliation tasks, developing proficiency in accurate counting and balancing cash drawers.
  • Provided professional customer service by responding to inquiries, offering information on banking products, and resolving basic customer issues.

Bank Teller Resume - Experience Section - Example #2

Financial Services Representative, XYZ Bank
March 2021 to Present

  • Conducted seamless and accurate processing of customer transactions (deposits, withdrawals, and fund transfers) consistently meeting or exceeding performance targets.
  • Proficiently managed cash drawers, ensuring precise counting, balancing, and reconciliation
  • Fostered positive customer relationships, addressing inquiries, and resolving issues promptly, contributing to high customer satisfaction scores.
  • Played an integral role in training and mentoring new team members, sharing insights into efficient transaction processing and compliance practices.

Bank Teller Resume - Experience Section - Example #3

Client Relations Specialist, Cake Securities
Apr 2021 to Present

  • Exhibited superior customer service by handling deposits, withdrawals, and transfers, and exceeding customer satisfaction benchmarks.
  • Managed and balanced cash drawers with precision, ensuring accuracy and compliance with established banking regulations and policies.
  • Demonstrated leadership by taking on responsibilities such as training new tellers, overseeing daily operations, and providing guidance to junior staff.
  • Led initiatives to implement process improvements, contributing to increased operational efficiency, reduced errors, and a more streamlined customer experience.


Highlighting your academic qualifications on bank teller resumes is important to show recruiters your foundational training for the finance industry. 

Employers often seek candidates with a strong educational background as they need to ensure future tellers can navigate the complexities of financial transactions, customer service and computerized banking systems.

Here’s an example of how to write an education section on your bank teller resume:

Bank Teller Resume - Education Example

Bachelor of Science in Finance
University of Maryland

  • Relevant Coursework: Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Banking and Finance, Business Ethics.
  • Honors: Dean's List 2021

If you haven't graduated yet but are still pursuing a degree, you can adapt the education section on your resume to reflect your current academic status. Here's a guide on how to do that:

Bank Teller Resume - Education Example

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting
University of Ohio, Anticipated Graduation May 2024

  • Major: Accounting
  • Minor: Mathematics

Relevant Coursework:

  • Auditing Principles
  • Intermediate Accounting
  • Corporate Finance


Any certifications you’ve attained in the banking or financial industry will give you a serious boost on the competition. And while they are not a compulsory requirement, consider including the following especially if it is listed on the job description.

Example Bank Teller Certifications:

  • Certified Bank Teller (CBT)
  • Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP)
  • Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)
  • Certified Financial Services Auditor (CFSA)
  • Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM)
  • Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS)
  • National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) Certification
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor (CCUFC)
  • Certification in Risk Management Assurance (CRMA)

📚 Further reading: How to List Education on Resume|Examples, Templates, Writing Tips

Tips for Writing the Best Bank Teller Resume

Start with the Right Resume Format

Be aware of the three different resume formats and choose the one that suits your needs:

Chronological Resumes

The chronological resume is the most commonly used resume type where you list your work experience in reverse chronological order, from the most recent to the least recent. If your past several work experiences align with the position for which you are applying, then go with this format. 

Functional Resume

A functional resume highlights your skills rather than your chronological experience in your resume. This resume format is highly suitable for recent graduates with limited work experience or people changing careers. It's important in a functional resume to provide examples of how you have applied these skills in your previous experiences.

Combination Resume

A combination resume also focuses on skills but uses work experience as a supplement to support skills. This is great for people who are switching careers, and much of their work experience might not be relevant.

📚 Further reading: How to write a professional resume | Ultimate writing guide & tips 2023

Use Keywords from the Job Description

It’s important to use keywords from the job description on your bank teller resume as many large companies use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for hiring. An ATS is a type of software used by employers to scan, rate, and organize resumes submitted for their positions. It scans applications looking for keywords, specific skills, and experience that are important to the job.

Those keywords are usually mentioned in the job listing, sometimes more than once, so applicants should take note which ones to include on their resumes for a high-rated ATS.
Consider the following steps when incorporating keywords:

  1. Read the job description: You might come across a job description with a requirement like this, “Seeking a Client Services Representative with strong administrative skills and proficiency in cash-handling software to ensure excellent customer support and address customer inquiries.”
  2. Analyze the keywords mentioned: In the above example, you can identify some of the main keywords are: strong administrative skills, cash-handling software, excellent customer support, address customer inquiries.
  3. Craft your sentences using the keywords:
    • Demonstrated strong administrative skills, ensuring efficient task management and contributing to a well-organized work environment.
    • Displayed advanced skills in utilizing cash-handling software and financial transactions.
    • Provided excellent customer support by addressing customer inquiries and building lasting customer relationships.

By incorporating these specific keywords into your resume, you increase the likelihood of your application successfully navigating through ATS filters. Check out these 15+ ATS-Friendly Resume Templates to have a general idea of how you should make your resume.

Quantify Descriptions Where Possible

Since bank tellers are dealing with math and numbers all day, including numbered details or achievements on a resume will look more favorable to recruiters.

Quantifying descriptions in a bank teller resume is essential to provide tangible evidence of one's achievements and contributions. For instance, quantifying transaction volumes, daily customer interactions or achievement rates all add specificity and credibility to the resume. 

Here’s a list of examples where you can potentially quantify results and use data to impress potential employers:

  • Average daily transactions processed
  • Cash handling accuracy rate
  • Customer satisfaction rating
  • Reduction in customer wait times
  • Decrease in transaction errors
  • Compliance adherence
  • Transaction processing speed benchmarks met/exceeded consistently
  • Average daily balancing time

Bank Teller Resume Examples

Bank Teller Resume Example #1

Bank Teller Resume Example #1

Bank Teller Resume Example #2

Bank Teller Resume Example #2

Bank Teller Resume Example #3

Bank Teller Resume Example #3

Bank Teller Resume Example #4

Bank Teller Resume Example #4

Bank Teller Resume Example #5

bank teller resume example
Created by CakeResume


Putting together a well thought-out bank teller resume is the key to landing a successful job. 

Financial institutions need organized and detail-oriented people to work with customers, and your resume should reflect that

A bank teller resume should be clean and concise. Follow the tips above for each section of your resume and make sure you provide some solid skills that will get the attention of the bank’s hiring manager. Go over some of the examples we provided and use them to inspire your own creative and compelling resume. 

If you're looking for more career advice, follow CakeResume for more insightful tips.

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