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Construction superintendent resume sample
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Most constructions are massive-scale projects and require someone to ensure that the short-term schedules are met and vital day-to-day operations are performed. These are the main duties of a construction superintendent; their other responsibilities may include:

  • Ensuring quality control
  • Supervise subcontractors and subordinates
  • Prepare progress reports for clients

To ensure that your building superintendent resume is professional and well-crafted, there are a lot of factors that you should also consider, aside from the obvious ones like your working experience and educational qualifications.

Step 1: Pick the best layout for your resume.

✍🏻 How long should a building superintendent resume be?

Make sure that you keep your building superintendent resume to one to two pages long; any longer than that might discourage recruiters from reading through your resume.

✍🏻  What is the best font to use in a site superintendent resume?

Stick with classic yet non-overused fonts such as Calibri, Cambria, Helvetica, Garamond, and Palatino, to ensure that your site superintendent resume looks neat and professional.

✍🏻  What is the standard margin for a building superintendent resume?

A one-inch margin for your building superintendent resume would be best; it balances out the contents and the white spacing.

✍🏻  What spacing should a construction superintendent resume have?

We recommend choosing a 1.15 spacing for your construction superintendent resume to leave adequate room between the spaces and contents.

✍🏻  What file format should a construction superintendent resume be in, Word or PDF?

Usually, it would be recommended for you to submit your construction superintendent resume in PDF instead of a Word document (unless asked otherwise). The former is a more robust format (i.e., the content and template will not shift around no matter the devices it’s viewed in). 

Step 2: Choose the right resume format.

The flow of your building superintendent resume will be directly affected by the construction superintendent resume format that you choose to implement. Choose the correct format and it can help highlight your strengths and make your candidacy look more attractive.

There are three formats to choose from for your site superintendent resume:

  • Chronological resume format:
    • Focuses on your previous work experiences.
    • Lists your past employment history in a reverse-chronological format (i.e., start with your latest experience and end with your earliest).
    • A very safe construction superintendent resume format (because of how widely used it is), though it may fail to make you stand out in the eyes of the recruiters.
  • Functional resume format:
    • Focuses on the relevant construction superintendent skills in your resume.
    • This format can be beneficial for candidates who possess a wide range of skills but little experience.
  • Combinational resume format:
    • Combines the chronological resume format and the functional resume format.
    • Starts by listing out your relevant skills and end by listing your work experiences in a reverse-chronological way.
    • Can provide definitive proof to your skills.

Step 3: Start with contact information and basic personal details.

Your contact information and basic personal details should always be included in your construction superintendent resume. They are required by recruiters to know who you are and how to reach out to you. 

You should provide these:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Address (optional)
  • LinkedIn URL (optional)
  • Personal website (optional)

You should not provide these:

  • Date of birth
  • Sexual orientation
  • Religion or belief
  • Marital status and dependency
  • Expected/Current salary

❌ Note: Putting out a number too early is not only unprofessional, but it may also backfire on you by lessening your bargaining power when negotiating for your salary.

Step 4: Create a site superintendent resume title.

A site superintendent resume title aims to capture the attention of recruiters to persuade them to continue reading through your construction superintendent resume.

Ensure that your resume title showcases your relevant achievements, strengths, and skills. Remember to also implement strong and catchy verbs along with the keywords from the job ad to increase your construction superintendent resume’s effectiveness. 

Site superintendent resume title examples:

  • Meticulous Site Superintendent with 10+ Years of Experience
  • Diligent and Attentive Building Superintendent Specializing in Industrial Construction
  • Reliable Building Superintendent with Proven On-Site Leadership Skills

Step 5: Craft a professional resume summary statement.

Your site superintendent resume title is not sufficient enough to completely convince recruiters of your potential and ability. You should further expand on it in your construction superintendent resume summary or statement. 

Your resume statement should relate to your resume title and should describe who you are, your (relevant) previous experience, and also your skills. 

Lengthwise, it should be a maximum of two sentences. Another important factor to note, a construction superintendent resume summary will differ from a construction superintendent resume objective. 

A resume objective will be more focused on conveying your career aspirations, thus, making it more suitable for a construction superintendent resume with little to no experience.

Construction superintendent resume summary examples:

  • Responsible construction superintendent with 7+ years of experience in industrial construction. Proven ability to reduce costs by up to 15%.
  • Meticulous and dedicated building superintendent with 10-hour OSHA certification. Awarded the “Constructions Safety Excellence Award” by the CMAA in 2019.
  • Reliable site superintendent specializing in residential constructions. Maintained a satisfaction score of 97%. 

Step 6: Include skills and abilities relevant to the job. 

Your potential performance on the job can be predicted through the construction superintendent skills in your resume.

There are four ways to showcase your construction superintendent resume skills: simple bullet lists, expanded bullet lists (simple bulleted list and further elaboration of your listed skills), integrating with work experience (requires you to possess the prior extensive experience to complement your skills and may not suitable for a site superintendent resume without much experience), and a categorized skills section (requires you to possess a wide range of skills and is unsuitable for building superintendent resume with little to no experience).

Remember to thoroughly evaluate your background before settling on a format for your construction superintendent resume skills section.

Example construction superintendent skills for resume:

  • Hard skillsOperation monitoring, budget planning, quality control, blueprinting, cost management, OHSA Standards, job site health and safety control, scheduling, job site logistics management, risk assessment.
  • Soft skillsAttention to detail, project management, communication, active listening, negotiation, patience, leadership, problem-solving, time management, decision-making.
  • Other skills: Physical fitness, Microsoft Office, presenting, e-mail, spreadsheets, report writing, proposal writing, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), expense reports, research.

Step 7: Highlight your best experience and accomplishments. 

Your previous projects and employment history in your site superintendent resume are proof of your skills, knowledge, and potential fit for the job. 

The "Work Experience" section should include: 

  • (Previous) organizations or employers names
  • State of the organizations
  • Titles you’ve previously held
  • Employment period
  • Brief description of your responsibilities and achievements (if applicable)

If you’ve worked on projects that are not relevant to the job you’re applying for, it’s best to exclude them. Quantifying your past achievements and results can make them look more convincing and apparent.

You would also want to use action verbs in your construction superintendent resume to provide more info about yourself to recruiters.

Building superintendent resume work experience and accomplishments examples:

Construction Superintendent | XYZ Constructions
03/2013 - Present

  • Coordinated and supervised building construction and material logistics. 
  • Key accomplishment: Awarded the “Construction Safety Excellence” by CMAA in 2014.

Construction Superintendent ABC Construction
01/2011 - 02/2013

  • Managed on-site staff, material deliveries, and job safety.
  • Key accomplishment: Reduced construction costs by 17% and construction time by 12% in 2 years.

Step 8: List your educational background.

Your educational qualifications are formal proof of your knowledge and skills in construction, this is an important section of your site superintendent resume, even for a senior construction superintendent resume. 

The "Education" section should include: 

  • Educational institution
  • Degree(s)
  • Major(s) and minor(s)
  • Year of graduation
  • Honors, awards, and extracurricular activities (if applicable)

The positioning of your educational section is crucial and may be overlooked by some. For a building superintendent resume with little to no experience, it would be better to put this section right after your construction superintendent resume objective. 

For a senior construction superintendent resume, however, this should be placed after your employment history section, your skills and qualifications highlighted in your working history portion should still be the main focus.

Construction superintendent educational qualifications examples:

  • High school (can be omitted if you have a higher education degree):
    - Carnegie Vanguard High School (TX, USA) | 2013 -2017
    - GPA: 3.85/4.3
    - Extracurricular activities: Class President (2015-2016)
  • In progress: 
    B.S. in Civil and Urban Engineering (in progress) | New York University
  • Incomplete:
    New York University | 2017 - 2019 
    - Completed 70 credits towards B.S. in Civil and Urban Engineering

Step 9: Add a section to highlight personal traits.

You can choose to add an extra section (hobbies, interests, volunteer experience, etc.) in your construction superintendent resume if they are aligned with the job context.

Here, you may choose to include your

  • Hobbies and interests
  • Volunteer work experience
  • Certifications and awards

Certifications such as Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) Certification and Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) can help verify and strengthen your abilities and skills as a construction superintendent

  • Projects: You can compile up an online portfolio of your past projects to showcase to recruiters.
  • References: You may consider your previous clients to be your reference. A recommendation letter from them can strengthen your candidacy and can help verify your qualifications in your site superintendent resume.

Step 10: Craft a convincing cover letter.

Your construction superintendent resume will not have enough room for you to fully sell yourself as a candidate due to the limited space; instead, you can do so in your construction superintendent cover letter. 

Your cover letter should be a page long and should first introduce yourself and include your contact details. Next, elaborate on your relevant background, qualifications, why you are the perfect fit for the job and your motivations for applying. 

Finally, end your construction superintendent cover letter politely, thanking the recruiters for their time.

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Construction superintendent resume sample

Sammy Newell 

Meticulous Site Superintendent with 10+ Years of Experience

California, USA
+1- 415-134-8643

[email protected]

Resume Summary

OSHA-certified and responsible construction superintendent with more than 7 years of experience in the construction industry. Awarded the “Construction Safety Excellence” by CMAA in 2015.


  • Operation Monitoring
  • Budget Planning
  • Quality Control
  • Blueprinting
  • Cost Management
  • Job Site Logistics Management
  • Communication
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Negotiation
  • Patience
  • Leadership

Work Experiences 

Construction Superintendent

Ace & Hammer Builders

Jan. 2015 – Present     

  • Performed quality control to inspect and repair issues and potential problems that may arise with the projects.
  • Ensured construction projects meet design and client’s standards.
  • Awarded the “Construction Safety Excellence” by CMAA in 2015.

Construction Superintendent

Goldstone Contractors

Jun. 2011 – Dec. 2014

  • Managed on-site staff, material deliveries, and job safety.
  • Ensured site health and safety in accordance with the city’s and OSHA regulations.
  • Reduced construction costs by 17% and construction time by 12% in 2 years. 


B.S. in Civil and Urban Engineering
New York University

GPA: 3.96/4.0

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--- Originally written by Patricia Rosita ---

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