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A Complete Guide to Nailing Your Apprenticeship Cover Letter (Samples and Tips)

application further and read your resume. As is the case with any job, a good apprenticeship cover letter can drastically increase the odds you secure your apprenticeship. A strong apprenticeship cover letter will set you apart from other applicants who may have the same (if not more) experience than you. Do you need an apprenticeship cover letter if it is not required? Although an apprenticeship cover letter may not be specifically required as part of many applications, it is generally
Career Development
Aug 21st 2023

From Freelancing to Content Marketing Intern at CakeResume

My journey of becoming a content marketing intern at CakeResume actually started from working as a freelance SEO content writer with them. Let’s start from summer 2021. I was in my 3rd year of uni in Taiwan as an Indonesian student, majoring in Applied Foreign Languages. And every one of my friends already got summer jobs in restaurants and stores making bucks, while I was still volunteering online as a content writer, penniless. FOMO almost made me follow my

“Why Should We Hire You?” - Best Answer Examples for Your Interview

Created by CakeResume In this article, you will learn: How to Answer “Why Should We Hire You” Tips on How to Answer “Why Should We Hire You” 20+ “Why Should We Hire You” Best Answer Examples During a job interview, hiring managers may ask you a lot of tough questions. In general, these interview questions vary between industries, but there are some similar things that will be designed in order to learn more about you as a potential candidate. “Why

What to Put on a Resume: A Guide in Building Your Best Resume (+ What to Avoid)

Created by CakeResume The importance of a powerful and professional resume can’t be stressed enough. It’s more than just a document serving the purpose of a job application, but a great way to promote your professional image. When writing a resume, you may have asked yourself many questions, such as how long should a resume be? Which resume format to use and how should the resume be designed? Or what is the best tool/platform to create
Hiring Tips
Dec 6th 2023

How to Fire Someone Politely and Nicely

take a record of everything as evidence. Figuring out how to fire an employee is critical and needs to be taken seriously. If an employee is let go for an unjustifiable reason (or without solid evidence of their transgressions), they may take legal action against you. Give Feedback & Opportunity to Improve Sometimes, terminating an employee may not be the best course of action! Prevention is the best medicine, and an employee may need to be made aware they are doing

100+ Resume Strength Examples to Level Up Your Job Hunt

Created by CakeResume Think of this scenario - you have been applying for jobs in the past month, but nothing moved forward. You wondered what happened and why you were not able to stand out among the crowd. Here might be the component you may have missed - including your strengths in your resume. Listing skills on your resume is one thing, but emphasizing your skills and strengths in a resume is another. Three main areas where you can list your resume
Hiring Tips
Dec 8th 2023

10 Reasonable Reasons to Terminate an Employee

Reasons to Terminate an Employee Whatever you call it - terminating, firing , giving someone the boot - the reasons for being terminated from employment are not as easy as the movies make it out to be. And when the actual reasons to terminate an employee may be dependent on your own company practices and the state or country laws for where the company is located, a simple “You’re fired!” is not going to cut it. What’s more, if your employees

7 Effective Strategies to Train Your Hiring Managers to Acquire The Best Talents

The purpose of job interviews is to figure out if both parties will benefit from the hire. Employers use interviews to assess whether a candidate's education, skills, experience, and personality suit the job vacancy and demands. As a hiring manager or recruiter, you may encounter some problems during a job interview, such as managing the interview process, asking inappropriate or illegal questions , or making a snap judgment. This is why interview training for hiring managers and recruiters is important

How to Write a CV: 10 Essential Parts & Writing Tips

You'll learn: What is a CV for job applications? What to include in a CV - 10 key elements Top 5 CV writing tips While searching for jobs, CV and resume are the two words we see in many job descriptions. However, many job seekers may have difficulties telling the difference between “CV'' and “Resume''. Let’s begin with the definition of a resume. Résumé is a french word that means “summary”. A resume is to showcase your technical skills

Investment Banking Cover Letter [Examples, Template & Tips]

Created by CakeResume In this article, we’ll cover: Investment Banking Cover Letter Examples How to Write an Investment Banking Cover Letter Investment Banking Cover Letter Template Tips on How to Write a Cover Letter for Investment Banking An investment banker or investment banking analyst’s major responsibilities include raising capital for businesses and individuals by issuing debt and selling equity, overseeing mergers, conducting research, and preparing legal and financial documents. Want to get into investment banking? Well, you’re

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