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Aug 21st 2023

From Freelancing to Content Marketing Intern at CakeResume

in myself and my work Do a lot of research about CakeResume and SEO Practice my presentation and interview questions many times Bring a pen and paper to the interview ✨ How Did I Become a Content Marketing Intern at CakeResume? Six months later, in March 2022, Steffie offered me a freelance content assistant position to help her manage writers, create article outlines, review and publish articles. I aimed to get an internship in Taiwan in my 4th year of

Computer Science Cover Letter: Cracking the Code for Your Path to Success

do this right with successful CS cover letter examples! Table of Contents: Computer Science Cover Letter Examples How to Write a Computer Science Cover Letter Computer Science Cover Letter Template Computer Science Cover Letter Examples Cover letter for computer science internship Lina Wilson lina.wilson@cakeresume.com (+366)-354-9976 September 6th, 2022 Evan Phillips Hiring Manager LLC Tech 903 Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78701 evan.phill[email protected] Dear Mr. Phillips, I’m Lina, a final-year student at

How to write an internship resume? Pro Tips for Students

examples. Note that college students are like white papers , so HRs won’t expect your resume packed with lots of experience, but they do expect you to show them soft and technical skills acquired in school . This is the ultimate internship resume template you’ll want to read carefully. Internship resume example (Created via CakeResume) 1. Contact Information This part includes necessary information such as your name, email address, and telephone number. If you’re an art or engineer major

Top Finance Internship Cover Letter Samples and Tips

Created by CakeResume In this article, we'll cover: Finance Internship Cover Letter Examples How to Write a Finance Internship Cover Letter Tips on Writing a Good Finance Internship Cover Letter Finance Internship Cover Letter Template An internship in finance is a critical stepping stone in the professional development of any aspirant individual in the field since such an opportunity offers invaluable training that one will later benefit from in their career. If you are in the process of applying

Engineering Internship Cover Letter [Samples, Tips + Template]

Created by CakeResume In this article, you'll learn: Engineering Internship Cover Letter Example How to Make a Cover Letter for an Engineering Internship Engineering Intern Cover Letter Tips Engineering Intern Cover Letter Template A good engineering cover letter for internship, or cover letter in general, should serve these 3 basic purposes: Provide a professional Introduction for yourself. Give reasons for the recruiter to feel that you are the top candidate for the job. Cause recruiters to let you advance
Interview Skills
Apr 8th 2022

Internship Job Interview Question Preparation Guide

Created by CakeResume In this article, you will learn: Internship Interview Tips Common Internship Interview Questions and Answers Questions to Ask in an Internship Interview Landing an internship is an important step in any career journey. It can help you gain experience in your desired field and potentially lead to a full-time job offer. If you're lucky enough to score an interview for an internship, make sure you prepare your answers to interview questions well! There are different
Hiring Tips
Nov 17th 2023

Training Kerja: 7 Langkah Penting Beserta Metodenya!

akan diizinkan untuk memperpanjang masa kerjamu di perusahaan tersebut, namun jika dirasa kamu belum mampu untuk menyesuaikan diri dengan pekerjaan yang diberikan, maka nantinya dari perusahaan akan menentukan lebih lanjut untuk keputusan yang akan diambil. Sedang cari kerja? cari kesempatan internship ? Temukan pekerjaan impian kamu di CakeResume! Job Portal terbaik dan terpercaya di Indonesia. 🎉 Cari Kerja Metode Training Kerja Perusahaan yang Efektif Metode training pekerjaan ini terbagi menjadi 2, yaitu on the job training dan off the job training
Job Search Tips
Oct 23rd 2023

15 Aplikasi Cari Kerja Pilihan yang Paling Terpercaya

ponsel. Jenis lowongan: lowongan kerja Indonesia 💡 Fitur utama Karir.com: Layanan tes pengembangan diri gratis (tes bahasa Inggris, tes minat, dan tes gaya gaya komunikasi) Update loker terbaru sesuai dengan CV yang telah dibuat Sedang cari kerja? cari kesempatan internship ? Temukan pekerjaan impian kamu di CakeResume! Job Portal terbaik dan terpercaya di Indonesia. 🎉 Cari Kerja 6. Kalibrr Kalibrr adalah platform pencari kerja yang ramah untuk fresh graduates dan intern di Asia Tenggara, termasuk Indonesia. APK lamaran kerja Kalibrr
Career Development
Oct 13th 2023

Apa itu Internship: Manfaat, Tujuan, Hingga Ketentuan Gajinya

Program internship adalah program pelatihan kerja yang diselenggarakan oleh perusahaan maupun institusi. Program ini dirasa sebagai salah satu cara terbaik untuk mendapatkan pengalaman kerja. Setujukah kamu? Bagi para fresh graduate yang sedang membuat CV , biasanya akan merasa tidak percaya diri jika tidak memiliki pengalaman kerja untuk ditulis. Maka sekarang ini, banyak universitas yang sudah membantu mewadahi mahasiswanya untuk dapat mengikuti internship program. Jika kamu sudah tahu setelah lulus mau kerja dalam bidang apa, maka ada baiknya kamu bisa magang di
Job Search Tips
Apr 8th 2019

Applying for Internships and Jobs at Startups

Why People Apply to Brand-Name Companies Big players in the tech space lure the best talent by offering everything you can possibly think of as work-related perks. The likes of Facebook, Google and Apple offer not just six figure salaries (plus stock options!), gourmet meals on campus, sleeping pods, flextime, and even dry cleaning and car maintenance services free of cost to all employees, but some of these companies even go so far as committing to taking care

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