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Sep 5th 2023

12 Prospek Kerja Jurusan Manajemen Beserta Gajinya!

luas di bidang bisnis, maka kuliah jurusan manajeman adalah pilihan terbaik kamu. Saat kuliah jurusan manajemen, kamu akan mempelajari bagaimana memanajemen suatu perusahaan secara umum, bahkan kamu bisa mengkerucutkan area keahlian kamu di jurusan manajemen, seperti Human Resource, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Strategic Management, dll. Prospek Kerja Jurusan Manajemen Karena jurusan manajemen mencakup area yang sangat luas, banyak orang bingung: “ Jurusan manajemen kerja apa ?” Peluang kerja manajemen beragam, kamu bisa memilih pekerjaan jurusan manajemen sesuai dengan bidang yang kamu tekuni. Dibawah
Hiring Tips
Oct 20th 2022

Making a Candidate Persona: Examples + Template

a related role Background: Competitor Companies : Other banking or finance firms Current Role : Project manager, business analyst, data analyst Current Dissatisfactions : low pay, stagnant role, lack of variety in projects, lack of up-skilling Previous Experience : Project manager, data analyst, operations or other business analyst roles Preferences: Location : Greater Dulock Area Salary: 90-100k + lunches or other employee allowances Communication/Work style : In-person, leader, team player Motivation : numerical goals, feedback, bonuses, social events 💼 Candidate Persona : HR Generalist Requirements

The Key Differences between Resume and CV

resume. This section can be titled as community involvement or volunteer works. Skills - Think for a while about the skills you have developed over the years and which are transferable to the work place. These may include managerial skills, computer operations or even language proficiencies. What Not to Include in Your Resume References - Your resume should not directly include the names and contact information of your references. They should be provided upon request. Publications - Publications section is not an integral
Interview Skills
Sep 14th 2023

12 câu hỏi phỏng vấn tiếng Anh và cách trả lời thông minh

thân bằng tiếng Anh: My name is Helen. I have five years of marketing experience specializing in building brands. As it can be seen from my CV, after graduating with my master's degree, I worked as an E-commerce Operation Specialist in Big Dream Company - B2C department. My main responsibilities include communicating directly with customers through the e-commerce platform and managing all the products on the platform according to the company's plan. In addition, I am a

IT Manager Resume Guide: Examples & Tips

Infrastructure Manager with 10 years of experience specializing in computer network infrastructures. Served as a linkage between IT staff and project stakeholders and controlled network costs. Seeking an infrastructure manager position to coordinate IT projects at Juicy Technology Corp. IT operations manager resume summary example: Result-oriented IT operations manager with 15+ years of experience at AZZK Ltd. Looking to enhance proven techniques in IT servers and systems for BGG Ltd. Upgraded organizational systems and migrated the data. Proposed system
Career Development
Jul 1st 2021

How to Become a Software Engineer from Scratch: Ultimate Career Change Guide

software development. QA Engineers , or quality assurance engineers, create and run comprehensive or automated test plans to improve the software. They identify quality issues to bring out feedback or meaningful resolutions. DevOps Engineer reduces the gap between developers and IT operations. It aims to shorten the system development life-cycle by bringing out quick change of an application as well as maintaining its reliability. Security Engineers identify possible security threats by pinpointing, documenting, reporting system weaknesses. They ensure sensitive or
Career Development
Sep 27th 2022

How to Become a Consultant: Tips & Advice

helps individuals to review their strengths and weaknesses to formulate career, education and personal development improvements. Legal consultant: helps businesses with legal issues regarding legal disputes, compliance with regulations and forming internal policies. Business consultant: helps with the organization and operation of businesses, optimizing internal workflow at all levels of management. Public relations consultant: works by liaising between the business and public by gathering public opinion and forming positive public presence. PR consultants can also work with high profile public

A Complete Writing Guide for Government Job Cover Letter [+ Examples & Tips]

in the preparation to write your government position cover letter is to familiarize yourself with the government agency you are applying to join. You should understand the mission and values of the agency, as well as the scope of its operations. Bear in mind that your government cover letter must reflect your knowledge on these matters, so discovering what and where your interests lay is important as well. Agencies look for candidates whose mindsets and ideals align with their own
Career Development
Nov 18th 2022

Software Engineer: Tugas, Skill, Gaji dan Cara Menjadi Ahlinya! [+Contoh CV]

Software Engineer, pekerjaan yang sedang marak diburu kalangan muda hingga profesional sejak tahun 2018 silam. Bahkan, kebutuhan dunia kerja terhadap profesi ini meningkat hingga 500%. Kebanyakan orang yang melihat atau mendengar kata Software Engineer langsung menghubungkannya dengan dunia IT. Tapi apakah kamu apa yang sebenarnya dimaksud dengan Software Engineer? Simak selengkapnya dalam artikel ini! Daftar Isi: Apa itu Software Engineer? Perbedaan Software Engineer dan Software Developer Tugas dan Tanggung Jawab Software Engineer Skill yang Dibutuhkan Software Engineer Cara Menjadi Software

How to Write CV Personal Profile [+ Guide, Tips, Examples]

Created by CakeResume In this article, we'll cover: What Is a CV Personal Profile and When to Use It? How to Write a CV Personal Profile 25 CV Personal Profile Examples Writing a CV Personal Profile – DOs & DON’Ts A personal profile on a CV is a brief statement that summarizes your key skills, professional experience, and accomplishments. Think about it as a self-description for your CV through which recruiters and potential employers can quickly get an idea

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