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Aug 25th 2022

Kenali Lebih Jauh Officer Development Program: Pengertian dan Tips Lolosnya!

atau lulusan yang memiliki pengalaman kerja kurang dari 2 tahun yang belum memiliki keterampilan khusus. Salah satu keuntungan dari development program adalah karyawan bisa belajar untuk menjadi profesional dan mendapat bayaran setiap bulannya. Sehingga cukup berbeda dengan program magang atau internship yang ditawarkan oleh perusahaan lain. Menarik, bukan? Terlintas pertanyaan, Apakah officer development program (ODP) dan program management trainee (MT) sama? Bisa dikatakan kedua program ini hampir sama dimana karyawan mendapatkan berbagai pelatihan terlebih dahulu sebelum menempati posisi pekerjaan. Perbedaannya

How to Write a Product Manager Cover Letter (With Template)

their PMs, and it might be hard to anticipate which of those skills to include in a product manager cover letter. Use the following product manager cover letter examples to help you get started. ✉️ Cover Letter for Product Management Internship Internships are a great way to get your foot in the door of a company, especially if you lack direct PM experience. Use this product manager cover letter sample to help guide your writing process. Jared Simmons ja_simmons
Career Development
Aug 18th 2020

Work Abroad in Singapore: First Step to Start Your Career at the Ideal Destination!

make it much easier and more delightful! What are the most popular jobs in Singapore right now? Click and find out Quality Jobs in Singapore ! TIP 1: Build an eye-catching resume/CV No matter you are looking for an internship, a job or a graduate school, resume/CV is the most crucial element for viewers to build a positive impression on you. Employers might toss away your resume within 1 second because of a few reasons, like job description

Consulting Cover Letter Writing Tips (+ Top Consulting Firms Cover Letter Examples)

consulting cover letter, here are some samples that might tickle your brain and let the creative juice flow. Outline McKinsey cover letter BCG cover letter Bain cover letter Deloitte cover letter example Accenture cover letter Oliver Wyman cover letter Consulting internship cover letter Sales consultant cover letter Entry-level consulting cover letter Strategy consulting cover letter McKinsey cover letter Dear Mr. Peters, I am writing to apply for the Actuarial Consultant position at McKinsey & Company, Los Angeles. I am confident

Mudah! Cara Melamar Kerja Online yang Perlu Kamu Ketahui

deskripsi pekerjaan dan persyaratan lowongan pekerjaan online dengan seksama. Beberapa hal yang perlu diperhatikan adalah: Apakah pekerjaan tersebut sesuai dengan kemampuanmu? Apakah kamu memenuhi semua persyaratan dan kriteria yang dibutuhkan? Pekerjaan ini dibuka untuk posisi full-time, part-time atau internship? Apakah pekerjaan ini sebagai karyawan tetap atau kontrak? Pekerjaan ini bisa WFH atau diwajibkan WFO? 4. Siapkan dokumen untuk melamar pekerjaan Setelah merasa bahwa lowongan yang dilihat sesuai dengan kemampuan dan kondisimu, siapkan seluruh dokumen lamaran pekerjaan yang dibutuhkan

Craft a Job-Winning Cover Letter for Fresh Graduates (w/ Examples & Tips)

of Michigan, I'm eager to bring my knowledge, skills, and commitment to excellence to your company's innovative environment. During my studies, I acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to develop and implement solid marketing strategies. My six-month internship in the StarTech Company's Marketing Department taught me how to analyze target audiences' needs, conduct precision marketing, and respond to competitors' tactics. More importantly, I learned how to pitch marketing proposals to executives and how to set prices

How to Write a Good Cover Letter? Score Your Dream Job with 5 Paragraphs

the following five instructions, you can also write an excellent cover letter. Cover Letter Templates Cover Letter Example for Software Engineers Cover Letter Example for Designers Cover Letter Example for Marketing Cover Letter Example for Consultants Cover Letter Example for Internship Cover Letter Example for Career Change Introduction As mentioned in the beginning, the purpose of Cover Letter is for greeting and establishing a first impression. Think about how we greet someone when we meet for the first time? "Hi

Journalist Resume Tips for Any Experience Level

resume to use as a reference. Find other journalists’ portfolios or resumes, and look up local journalists or journalists portfolios in your niche to find guidance on style, format and content. If you are making a journalist resume for an internship or entry-level role, look at what skills and experiences other journalists focus on in their resumes for ideas. 4. Tailor your resume for the job This is good advice for any job application; however, journalism resumes and portfolios

How to Start Making an Architecture Portfolio: Best Portfolio Examples & Ideas

aspect is a must, whilst it is also applicable to demonstrate some other areas of experience and skills. University/College Student/Undergraduate Architecture Portfolio As a student, your architecture student portfolio website assists your application for higher studies, jobs, or internships. Including your drawings, 3D rendering shots, and prototype photos are ideal. Depending on architecture portfolio format s, you can categorize most architecture portfolios into three types: Paper/Physical Architecture Portfolio Yes, people still print out their architecture portfolio. The

25 Resume Profile Examples [+ Writing Tips]

and social care, and a passion for helping people. A multitasker and fast learner. Able to speak English and Korean fluently." 2. Fresher / Fresh Graduate If you are a fresh graduate, you may gain a little work experience from an internship or part-time jobs. Briefly demonstrate those in your resume profile statement and adopt a career objective to express your motivation to apply for this role. Profile summary sample for freshers: "Recent Graduate with a background in bioinformatics, language

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