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Mar 6th 2024

A Complete Writing Guide to LinkedIn Summaries [+ Examples and Writing Tips]

you'll learn in this article: What Is a LinkedIn Summary? Why You Need a Good LinkedIn Summary How to Write a Good LinkedIn Summary LinkedIn Summary Examples LinkedIn Summary Template LinkedIn Summary Example for Job Seekers  What Is a LinkedIn Summary? A LinkedIn summary, also known as a LinkedInaboutsection, acts much like a very condensed cover letter and carries similar benefits. The benefits of a well-written LinkedInaboutsection are numerous, and may include: Being a
Job Search Tips
Jan 30th 2023

A Comprehensive Guide On How To Network On LinkedIn

good first impression with future employers. Being neat and tidy. Infer your organization through your appearance. Still not sure how to improve your profile picture to make connections on LinkedIn? Here’s a few sample headshots that would make great LinkedIn profile pictures. Created by CakeResume 2. Write a captivating About section (summary). Regardless of what you choose to highlight in this section (current job, past work, key skills/interests, etc.), this is the place for you to brag about
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Apr 26th 2023

How to Write About Me Section in Resume (Resume Examples and Tips)

About Me” section comprises a few sentences that introduce a person. It can be seen on various places, such as, personal websites, social media accounts, and, of course, resumes and CVs. Here are some examples of places where you can post an "About Me": Job search website profiles: CakeResume , LinkedIn , Indeed Personal blogs and websites: Wix , Squarespace , WordPress Portfolios: Dribble , Behance , Adobe Portfolio Social media profiles: Facebook , Instagram , TikTok Despite its prevalence, “About Me” is not an easy section
Feb 25th 2022

UX Designer Portfolio: 10 Best Portfolio Examples and Why They Work

attracting your audience! So, make sure to craft a strong headline that describes your personality as a UX designer. About me section The “about me” section in your user experience design portfolio is where the reader expects to know more about your background. In this section, you can include: A summary of who you are, what you do, your accomplishments, and what you are interested in External links to LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Github, Dribbble, or other sites Your education and
Job Search Tips
Mar 6th 2024

How to Add LinkedIn To Your Resume

competition! Table of Contents: Step 1: Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Step 2: Personalize Your LinkedIn Profile URL Step 3: Include Your LinkedIn in Your Resume Header When to Not Put Your LinkedIn in Your Resume Conclusion Step 1: Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Before you can even think about adding your LinkedIn profile link to your resume, you should first ensure that your profile is up to scratch! This section will discuss everything you need to include in your LinkedIn profile
Resume & CV
Feb 24th 2022

Designer Resume Writing Guide with Examples and Tips

clear design career objective to leave a positive impression on the hiring manager or senior designer. ✅ Advice 3: Highlight education and awards section If you don’t have abundant experience to show off in the designer resume, make other sections shine. Highlight your design education and design awards so the hiring manager will have a concrete idea about your skills. The education section in an entry-level designer resume can include: Design workshop experiences Design-related events like organizing
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Jun 24th 2021

Elementary Teacher Resume: Best Examples & Templates

earliest in the primary teacher resume. If you are looking to craft a professional elementary teacher resume, there is no doubt you should choose this format. However, if you have a gap in your work history or you’re just about to craft an entry level elementary teacher resume, consider the functional (skill-based) resume format. This format highlights your skills and puts them above the work experience section in your elementary teacher resume. Still curious about other resume formats
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Mar 3rd 2021

Accounting Clerk Resume: Examples, Template & Writing Guide

proofread! Run your completed accounting clerk resume through a spell checker and be extra careful of any typos or errors. What to put on an accounting clerk resume? Your accounting clerk resume should include: 1. Resume Profile (Personal Information) This section gives the recruiter more information about you and helps them assess whether you’re well suited for the job or not. You should provide your: Full name Professional title Email Address Phone Number Location (country and city) It’s
Resume & CV
Sep 7th 2021

Music Resume: Examples, Key Sections, Cover Letter Tips

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: How to write an impressive music resume What to put on a musician resume Tips for writing the best musician resume How to write a musician cover letter Musician Resume Sample A musician holds recitals or performs along with the orchestra. Musicians include composers, singers, and pianists. A good music performance resume is powerful in helping fresher and experienced musicians landing a dream role in an orchestra or getting accepted to join a musical
Resume & CV
Sep 15th 2021

.NET Developer Resume Examples (Key Sections & Tips!)

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: What’s the best format for a .NET developer resume? 8 Key Sections in a Professional .NET Developer Resume 5 Tips to Beef Up the Resume for a .NET Developer How to build your own .NET developer resume template? .NET Developer Resume Sample .NET developers are employed by companies to work with internal teams regarding the designation, development, and maintenance of in-house software, applications, or webpages. Roles and responsibilities of a .NET developer

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