A Complete Writing Guide to LinkedIn Summaries [+ Examples and Writing Tips]

The LinkedIn summary, or the LinkedIn “About” section, is an easily digestible overview of your skills, work experience, and interests. A strong LinkedIn summary is an essential component of a well-rounded profile, and can greatly increase your networking prospects, number of profile visits, and chances of being recruited for a job!

Summarizing your professional life in a few short sentences in an impactful way can be challenging. After all, who knows what people are looking for in a potential employee or connection? That said, a good LinkedIn summary will cover as many bases as possible in order to attract a wider range of potential connections!

Are you struggling to condense your accomplishments and write a stunning LinkedIn summary that will impress and attract more people? In this article, we will do a deep dive into the logistics behind an eye-catching LinkedIn profile summary and explain in detail how you can take your LinkedIn summary to the next level!

linkedin summary sample for jobseekers
LinkedIn Summary Example for Job Seekers

What Is a LinkedIn Summary?

A LinkedIn summary, also known as a LinkedIn “about” section, acts much like a very condensed cover letter and carries similar benefits. The benefits of a well-written LinkedIn “about” section are numerous, and may include:

  • Being a highly readable snippet for interested parties to get a good grasp of your accomplishments and experience 
  • Bringing your personality across more than other sections of a LinkedIn profile
  • Draw readers into wanting to view your profile fully and connect with you!

The format of a LinkedIn summary is highly flexible and largely depends on your accomplishments, years of experience, and skill set. LinkedIn summaries are capped at 2,000 characters. That said, generally speaking, if you are less experienced your LinkedIn summary will be shorter. Similarly, if you are a senior professional with decades of experience and accomplishments under your belt, your LinkedIn “about” section will be proportionally longer.

The best LinkedIn summary will strike a balance between the following elements:

  • Skills: Briefly highlight your key hard and soft professional skills
  • Experience: Mention and briefly describe your professional experiences relevant to your career objectives
  • Interests: Include professional (and even personal) interests to add individuality to your profile
  • Accomplishments: Demonstrate the application of your skills in a professional setting by showing measurable metrics of your success

Why You Need a Good LinkedIn Summary

A good LinkedIn summary is an important part of your profile. Here are a few reasons why:

Your LinkedIn summary is a brief overview of your qualifications.

LinkedIn is one of the go-to platforms that recruiters use to source talent, and for students and professionals to network with each other. Having a strong LinkedIn summary makes your profile more interesting and can hook the reader’s attention into wanting to connect with you.

By condensing all your qualifications into an easily readable summary, your LinkedIn “about” section distinguishes you from other people and draws recruiters and networkers into your profile.

You can introduce yourself in your own way.

Your LinkedIn summary is highly personal and unique. In this way, a strong LinkedIn profile summary provides space for your personality to come through in your self-introduction as opposed to the listed format of the other sections in a LinkedIn profile. 

Using the right words helps you be found more easily. 

In the age of the Internet and algorithms, the way that sentences are phrased has never been more important. A LinkedIn summary can easily allow your profile to reach exponentially more users if it contains the right keywords

Keywords are an important element of a LinkedIn summary because they raise the ranking of your profile in the search results of recruiters and others searching for people with your skills and qualifications.

How to Write a Good LinkedIn Summary

A good LinkedIn summary is structured quite similarly to a cover letter. This section will break down the components of a strong LinkedIn summary and explain their overall purpose and value to your summary. 

✍🏻 Hook opening

Captivate the reader by including a strong hook at the beginning of your LinkedIn summary. The hook can be anything from a short anecdote to directly addressing the reader. 

Consider this hook example from a computer science student’s LinkedIn summary. 

Ever since I was young, I have had a burning passion for technology and its complexities, and knew that I wanted to spend my life inventing. When I received the opportunity to realize this dream into a reality at the University of Washington, I jumped at the opportunity. 

✍🏻 Your career objective

In many cases, the purpose of your LinkedIn summary is to attract recruiters to your profile. A good way to indicate your preference for work is to state your career objectives in your LinkedIn summary. In doing so, you save the recruiter time from trying to piece your career goals together from your profile and allow them to directly see whether or not you are a potential fit for the job.

To demonstrate including your career aspirations in your LinkedIn summary, here is an excerpt taken from a LinkedIn summary of an HR manager. 

As an aspiring Human Resources Manager, I have devoted my professional career to developing a strong skill set and technical know-how. 

✍🏻 A summary of your skills & expertise

Your LinkedIn “about” section must include the skills and expertise that you bring to the table. Recruiters favor profiles that present everything they need to know in their LinkedIn summaries, and perhaps the largest up-front indicator of a candidate’s potential is their experience and skill set! Here are a few examples of skills that you can include in your LinkedIn summary:

  • Marketing: Consumer data analysis 
  • Engineering: Knowledge of 
  • Computer science: Programming language proficiencies
  • HR: Competency in accounting and financial software
  • Banking: Highly analytical mind 

✍🏻 Your key accomplishments

Add credibility to your experiences and skill set by including some key accomplishments in your LinkedIn summary! Accomplishments are measures of your success and can increase your appeal by demonstrating the successful application of your skills.

💡 Pro tip: Include data and statistics when describing accomplishments in your LinkedIn summary. Quantifiable metrics are more easily visualized and are more eye-catching than plain words describing the same thing!

Here is a demonstration of how to include your accomplishments. This excerpt is taken from a LinkedIn summary of a data analyst. 

In my current position as a data analyst, I work closely with the finance department to discover new ways to increase efficiency and reduce overhead costs. My most recent project resulted in a 25% reduction in unnecessary company spending and a simultaneous 30% increase in revenue. 

✍🏻 Some profession-related interests

Remember that a strong LinkedIn “about” section goes beyond summarizing your Linkedin profile, and provides a glimpse into your personality and interests. Recruiters and others seeking similar minds to network with value a LinkedIn summary that mentions your professional (and even nonprofessional) interest because it adds a layer of personality to your profile!

✍🏻 A strong CTA

Your LinkedIn profile summary should close with a strong call-to-action, also called a CTA. A CTA is a proactive indication of what you would like the reader to do once they have finished reading your LinkedIn profile summary. This is a useful addition to your Linkedin summary as it shows your interest in connecting and being contacted, and demonstrates your initiative in pursuing the things you want!

Here is an example of a purpose-driven LinkedIn summary CTA and closing. 

I invite anyone who shares similar interests to connect with me! Similarly, I welcome recruiters to consider me as a viable candidate for your company. Thank you for reading and I look forward to connecting with you soon. 

LinkedIn Summary Examples

Now that we have reviewed the structure of a strong LinkedIn profile summary, here are some LinkedIn bio examples of specific jobs that you can refer to.

LinkedIn summary example for job seekers

I am a detail-focused, independently motivated, and forward-thinking marketing specialist with 5 years of experience in the industry. I hold a graduate degree in marketing and sales and have professionally worked in technology companies and large-scale businesses. 

I have a broad base of hard and soft skills that I have learned to effectively apply in up-to-date and current marketing strategies that can be adapted to any scenario. In my most recent project, I was tasked with revamping a technology startup’s marketing campaign. Leading a team of seven, I was able to rethink the way that their product was pitched and marketed to investors and other clients, resulting in $3 million in profits last fiscal year. 

If you need a dependable and hard-working marketing professional to take your products and services to the next level, please connect with me. I look forward to hearing from you!

💡 Tip: This LinkedIn summary format is beneficial for job seekers because it provides an example of how you solve problems and apply the skills you have! Recruiters can easily visualize your potential through the included metrics and their related skills. 

LinkedIn summary example for students

As a senior student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Relations, I wish to apply my studies in a professional setting. 

Throughout my studies, I have demonstrated a knack for academic writing and have taken up a keen interest in foreign policy. I have worked in the university research office as an assistant, where I have developed a meticulous attention to detail, a strong and results-driven work ethic, and impactful leadership skills. 

While my primary interest lies in foreign policy, I am knowledgeable about and actively keep abreast of international politics, the digital economy, and corporate finance. 

I am actively seeking an internship position to accelerate my career in international relations. Please feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or any of my socials. I look forward to speaking with you!

💡 Tip: This LinkedIn summary not only lists your strengths and interests but also describes in detail your work experience within your university years. Recruiters like to see candidates who go above and beyond in the pursuit of their academic and professional goals!

LinkedIn summary for recent graduates example

As a fresh graduate from a bachelor's program of computer science, I wish to enter the job market and apply my studies in a practical setting. Some of my technical skills include:

Programming languages: Javascript, SQL, Python, C++, Linux

Soft skills: teamwork, interpersonal communication, time management, prioritization, critical thinking

I have worked as a TA in my department, where I developed a strong critical mind from troubleshooting the programs of the freshmen and juniors in my department. I hope to work in fintech, as I have a keen interest in finance and banking systems. 

I am actively looking to expand my LinkedIn network and find an internship or entry-level position to get my foot in the door! If you share similar interests, let’s connect! I’m looking forward to it!

💡 Tip: This LinkedIn summary does a good job of categorizing hard and soft skills so that they can be easily read and understood. This form of summary is good for those who want something short and sweet, and straight to the point!

LinkedIn summary example for engineering students

I am a Chemical Engineering major currently in my junior year of university. I am a passionate, hard-working, and resourceful individual who takes on life’s challenges head-on!

For the past two years, I have worked closely with several professors in my department and have performed extensive research on new forms of semiconductor materials. My primary interests lie in material science, and I am actively seeking a part-time job or internship in a company that can help me realize my dreams!

If you are interested in Chemical Engineering and are looking for strong connections, message and connect with me! I look forward to connecting with you!

💡 Tip: This style of LinkedIn summary is best if you are seeking employment or other forms of work. Because this summary combines your academic experience and your personal and professional interests, recruiters are more likely to form a good first impression on recruiters of you!

Accounting LinkedIn summary example

With 20 years of accounting experience, I am a board-certified accountant that is looking to establish an online presence and community here on LinkedIn.

When I was starting as a budding accountant, my biggest wish was to be part of a group that could help me tackle challenges and give me advice when I most needed it. Sadly, this was not readily available. Now that I am in a position to make a difference, I am stepping up to the table.

Over my career, I have worked in corporate finance at the highest level where I have consistently driven high-profit margins and maintained an impeccable track record of professionalism and integrity. I wish to pass on what I have learned to interested parties and develop the next generation of accountants. 

If you are an aspiring accountant and wish to take your skills to the next level, please do not hesitate to drop me a message. Similarly, if you are a like-minded professional in the field, network with me and help me train the up-and-coming accountants of the future!

💡 Tip: This style of LinkedIn summary is targeted to a specific audience and tells the tale of a mission that needs to be accomplished. This style of summary is quite nifty because it attracts both experienced and inexperienced people to connect with you!

LinkedIn Summary Template

Now it’s your turn! You can use this LinkedIn summary template as a guide to crafting your own!

[Include a good hook to grab the attention of the reader]. As an [current position] with [years of experience], I am seeking [career objectives].

Throughout my career, I have maintained the highest [soft skills] and have developed a deep understanding of [technical knowledge]. In my current position, [a challenge that you have faced and how you have solved it]

If you are looking to expand your network with people that share similar interests, connect with me! I am actively seeking [type of employment], so I welcome recruiters to contact me as well! I look forward to connecting with you.


Creating a strong LinkedIn bio is no easy task, and perhaps the most challenging part is the LinkedIn “about” section. That said, writing one is an excellent exercise to hone your self-introduction skills! A thoughtful and purposefully-written LinkedIn profile summary can take your profile to the next level and truly make you stand out against all others!

Here are some key takeaways from what we have learned today:

  • Hook the attention of the reader by including a short anecdote or story detailing a recently overcome challenge
  • Keep your summary straight to the point. Unnecessarily including information dilutes the effect that your summary has and can easily bore the reader 
  • Incorporate both hard and soft skills into your summary. Any recruiter or potential connection needs to understand what you can offer when reading your LinkedIn summary! 

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— Originally written by Alexander Coye —

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