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Mar 6th 2024

A Complete Writing Guide to LinkedIn Summaries [+ Examples and Writing Tips]

you! The format of a LinkedIn summary is highly flexible and largely depends on your accomplishments, years of experience, and skill set. LinkedIn summaries are capped at 2,000 characters. That said, generally speaking, if you are less experienced your LinkedIn summary will be shorter. Similarly, if you are a senior professional with decades of experience and accomplishments under your belt, your LinkedIn “about” section will be proportionally longer. The best LinkedIn summary will strike a balance between the following
Job Search Tips
Apr 16th 2021

How to use LinkedIn? 5 tips to boost your career with LinkedIn

join groups or follow certain hashtags to expose yourself to more professionals and knowledge. If you’re looking for a more systematic approach, LinkedIn Learning contains a rich list of online courses with certifications for you to add to your LinkedIn profile. 5 tips to create the best LinkedIn profile 1. Keep your LinkedIn profile updated. Unlike a resume document which you can update before sending it to someone, you don’t know when your LinkedIn profile is being seen
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Aug 27th 2020

Project Managers: Resume Examples, Formats & Tips

Here are some key infos: Full name Phone number Email address LinkedIn profile 2. Resume summary / Career objective When HRs receive tons of resumes, they often scan only the top of the document. That’s why you need a resume summary or objective. You want HRs to quickly get a picture of who you are and why you’re a good fit. A resume summary is usually for experienced people to summarize their achievements, while a resume objective or a
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Jan 10th 2022

Best Resume Layouts and How to Format Them [Examples, Guide & Tips]

contact number, email address, linked in, and personal website if available. Here’s a resume header example: Marl Kass Professional Architecture Designer 111 Buffalo Road, Middletown, NY 14216 | Cell: (212) 222-0022 | linkedin.com/in/Marlkass Resume Summary A resume summary is a short paragraph of 2-3 sentences at the top of the resume which describes your qualifications, and whether you have the relevant experience and skills for the position you are applying for. Here’s a resume summary
Job Search Tips
Jan 30th 2023

A Comprehensive Guide On How To Network On LinkedIn

number of connections a user can have on LinkedIn is 30,000 connections? Since complete profiles are 40 times more likely to get noticed, this is a must if you want to increase your shot at expanding your network through LinkedIn. Let’s check out some of the best tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Have a professional-looking profile picture. Write a captivating About section (summary). Include your experience and education history. List your most relevant skills & get skill
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Jan 18th 2022

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Resume Models & Formats [+ Examples]

and email. A LinkedIn URL is optional. Here is a quick example - in this accountant resume model example, a resume headline was included. Nelson Chedrani  Sales Accountant with 10 Years of Experience Mobile: (+21) 001-9281 Email: [email protected] LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/nchedrani 2. Resume Summary A resume summary is a paragraph that appears at the start of your resume model and aims to catch the employer's interest in learning more about your experience. In other words
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Jan 10th 2022

A Guide to Different Types of Resume Formats [+ Examples]

those who have a gap in their working history It will be obvious if you have a rough career progress Chronological (reverse-chronological) resume format should include: Contact Information Basic information such as: Name Email address Contact number Address (optional) LinkedIn (optional) Personal website (optional) Objective/Summary Statement  The objective/summary statement will give a professional touch on the resume. It often includes brief information that states out your qualifications and suitability for that specific job. Work Experience Here is
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May 29th 2022

A Comprehensive CV Format Guideline for Freshers [+Examples]

Your fresher CV will consist of the following sections: Full name Professional title [A short title describing your job position] Contact details [Primary phone number] [Email address] [Country and city you’re currently in] [LinkedIn, Github, or personal website] CV summary or CV objective [A CV summary or CV objective for a fresher is 3-5 sentences that summarize the fresher’s experience]. It should be short, strong, but relevant to the job posting. Your fresher CV summary will explain
Resume & CV
Dec 21st 2021

Functional Resume Format: What It Is And How To Write One [Examples & Templates]

In this article, you'll read about: What Is a Functional Resume? Functional Resume Template How to Write a Functional Resume Functional Resume Examples A functional resume, also known as a skill-based resume, is a type of resume format that emphasizes skills rather than experience. Instead of concentrating on a chronological review of your work experience, the goal of a functional resume is to highlight transferable skills. This resume style is good for individuals who are looking for
Industry & Job Overview
Aug 30th 2022

How to Become a Journalist: Step-by-step Guide & Career Advice

Created by CakeResume In this article, we'll cover: What does a journalist do? How to become a journalist Tips for becoming a journalist with and without a degree FAQs about being a journalist The news plays a significant role in the lives of people. It informs, educates, entertains and guides the audience. Because of the news, we can make the best possible decisions about all aspects of our lives. Becoming a journalist means that you are committed to finding

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