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The vast growth of online businesses and shops means more and more services and products delivered to people's doorsteps. Started off with mailing letters and packages, nowadays, anything can be delivered to you. 

Hence, delivery driver jobs are spreading like wildfire. Anyone with a car or motorcycle can easily register through an app, without submitting a delivery driver resume, and work as a delivery driver as a side hustle.

In this delivery driver resume article (with samples), we will be focusing on how to get you a permanent and fair-paying delivery driver job.

Delivery drivers are responsible for picking up, transporting, and dropping off items from production sectors to either customers or business entities. Much like other customer-oriented job roles, delivery drivers are expected to put the customer's needs upon other things. 

Aside from driving the vehicle and getting the goods to the destination, they might also need to do some heavy-lifting work during unpleasant weather, and handle the delivery paperwork.

To be a trusty delivery driver, it is crucial to have a clean driving record, meaning no speeding tickets, let alone a DUI track record. Other equally important qualities are being punctual, having patience, and being detail-oriented.

A delivery driver resume has to be written specifically to the target employer. This article and our sample sentences will show you how to:

  • feature key qualities and skills to set one apart from other candidates.
  • express a deep interest in the job role effectively.
  • write a customized cover letter and resume for a delivery driver job.
  • implement our resume sample for delivery drivers to create your own.

How to make a delivery driver resume

#1 Understanding the difference between a CV and a resume

Start on the right foot and learn that a delivery driver resume is not the same as a delivery driver CV.

Generally speaking, a delivery driver CV comprises more details about a candidate's experience, be it professionally or academically. On the other hand, a resume for a delivery driver has more specific information that checks the employer's requirements.

These terms are often used correspondingly because, in one part of the world, a delivery driver CV is used for job applications mainly in the UK and Europe. Meanwhile in the US and Canada, the term "delivery driver resume" is more commonly used for job hunting.

#2 Displaying skills and qualifications with a right delivery driver resume format

If this is your first time writing a resume for a delivery driver position and unsure what resume formats available out there in the recruiting world, get familiar with each resume format from 10+ Resume Format for Job Application.

A great delivery driver resume doesn't have a strict rule as long as it is systematically organized. The hybrid resume format could be a top contender as it not only highlights relevant skills but also documents one's work history. Shall one lack professional experience, opt for the functional resume format to focus on the skills for delivery driver resume writing.

💡 Tips: The hybrid resume format could be a top contender as it not only highlights relevant skills but also documents one's work history.

#3 Looking for some delivery driver resume templates and examples online

Invest some time to research the different delivery driver resumes examples. You'll be surprised that amazon delivery driver resume, pizza delivery driver resume, furniture delivery driver resume, warehouse delivery driver resume, UPS delivery driver resume, and other companies or industries’ delivery driver resumes all have different demands and requirements.

In addition to envisioning the outcome, online sources could also assist in breaking down the job entailment and particular sections of a resume. For example, job experience & responsibilities resume section, resume objective section, and others.

🔍  Doing online research and review will help in visualizing the end result. The key is to look for the examples that resonate most with the delivery driver position you want.

#4 Make the extra effort to customize your delivery driver resume

Incorporate research results to create a unique ensemble for the delivery driver resume. It can refer to the company's name and/or its values, specifically mentioned responsibilities, and required skills.

#5 Write an application letter for delivery drivers

An application letter or cover letter could set a candidate apart from those who don't submit one. From a delivery driver cover letter, recruiters can make sense of an applicant's resume and it's an opportunity for applicants to elaborate on their accomplishments.

#6 Submit a mistake-free delivery driver resume

Don't want your resume to be on the rejected pile because of a simple spelling mistake? Double-check, and even triple-check your work. Share it with your friends and let them read your delivery driver resume, as they might notice mistakes that you overlook.

Things to include in an ideal delivery driver resume

Believe it or not, it isn't just about how many years you’ve spent being a delivery driver. Every winning delivery driver resume covers more than just the applicant’s delivery driver experience. 

CakeResume is here to guide you on everything you need to know to build a structured, informative, and appealing delivery driver resume.

1. Resume header

Needless to say, the applicant's identity has to be on the top of any delivery driver resume they're working on. 

Keep it simple and clean by only including these:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Location
    (optional, but recommended for intercity or interstate application)

2. Resume title

This is the headline of a resume for a delivery driver. Whether a job seeker is a fresh graduate or a professional, it is a great way to first showcase one's expertise.

Example of a resume title for delivery driver resume with no experience:

High-school graduate with exceptional time-management skills

A delivery driver resume title with sufficient experience can look like:

5+ years FedEx Delivery Driver

🔥  Pro tip: Mentioning the current employer is a minuscule trick to make one's resume eye-catching and prompt the recruiter's curiosity.

3. Resume summary

This is where one starts portraying that one is a dependable delivery driver. The delivery driver resume summary is like a personal statement and unlike other sections of a delivery driver resume, it is presented in a paragraph form. Recruiters should be able to gauge one's professional characteristics, skills, and noteworthy accomplishments within 3-4 sentences.

Sample of a veteran route delivery driver resume summary:

Discipline, punctual, and experienced route driver with over 8 years of outstanding service. Adept at transporting goods ranging from food, furniture, textiles, etc., safely and timely. Managed to increase 30% of the company's sales among local businesses. Able to adjust work shifts flexibly.

4. Resume objective

Use one sentence to express the goal that one wants to achieve in the new role. 

A delivery driver resume objective should be uncomplicated and straightforward, for example:

Eager to implement my excellent work ethic, customer service, and discipline as a FedEx delivery driver.

5. Skills

Compile the necessary skills to be a competent delivery driver and match with the ones you have. Ticking all the boxes is great, but all job seekers should always stay truthful in mentioning their skills on a delivery driver resume.

Example of a pizza delivery driver resume skills section:

  • Customer service
  • Multitasking
  • Delivery route planning
  • Basic math
  • Cash handling

6. Work experience

There's no doubt that having sufficient work experience will get one ahead of the other candidates. But the key is to format one's work history to look appealing and easy to read.

Some tips on writing a delivery driver resume experience section:

  1. Start with the most recent ones
  2. Use bullet points to elaborate duties, achievements, milestones, etc.
  3. Keep each sentence relatively simple
  4. Quantify daily workload and/or accomplishments

Example of an Amazon delivery driver resume’s work experience:

    Delivery Driver
    Amazon, WA, USA
    2012 - Present 
  • Oversaw weekly 10 delivery vehicles maintenance and produced reports to schedule any repair and/or replacements.
  • Delivered up to 80 packages daily to residential and office buildings
  • Handled paperwork and package uploading and dropping off

📝 Notes: As for someone who just graduated, a delivery driver resume with no experience should mention any experience that showcases the qualities of a reliable delivery driver.

7. Education

Just because there is no particular educational degree one has to obtain in order to become a delivery driver, doesn't mean it should be overlooked when crafting a delivery driver resume. 

Some companies have on-the-job training for employees on the specific knowledge to complete the job tasks. With that said, listing education information is never a disadvantage. 

You can write it like so:

Greenfields High School | 1999-2003

  • Soccer team goalie (2000 - 2003) 

Huntingborough University  | 2002 - Present

  • Business Administration (expected to graduate in 2005)

8. Additional information

A Commercial Driver's License (CDL) is a form of endorsement. Include your driver's license and other driving-related certifications to show your future employer that you have a clean and dependable track record. 

Since there are different types of delivery driver jobs, there is a specialized driver's license that one has to acquire depending on the requirement.

A basic example of listing certifications on a delivery driver resume certification:

  • Class A and Class B CDL
  • Active regular driver's license

Tips for the best delivery driver resume

  1. A furniture delivery driver resume, warehouse delivery driver resume, and medical equipment delivery driver resume, might require different licenses and certifications. Always customize the resume according to the type of delivery driver job and its job description.
  2. Your previous responsibilities, achievements, and duties should be presented in a quantifiable format.
  3. Make sure the delivery driver resume you submit has a plain design and format for easy scan and review.
    Job seekers should pay attention to the file format they apply with as well, for instance, a delivery driver resume pdf is preferred to an editable file format.
  4. Select strong action verbs to write a delivery driver resume summary, previous job responsibilities, and successes to display one's initiatives.
  5. Include as many relevant certifications and provide honest information on your delivery driver resume.

CakeResume provides the best delivery driver resume templates & examples for talents to demonstrate qualifications. Let us help you land the dream as a delivery driver with a strong resume (free download)!

Writing a decent delivery driver cover letter

A well-composed application letter for delivery drivers advocates that the applicant is the best candidate for the position. It serves as a medium for job seekers to present more of their professional characteristics.

Here is the must-be-included list to craft an effective delivery driver cover letter:

  • Personal information consistent with the ones mentioned on the delivery driver resume
  • A polite greeting addressing the hiring manager
  • Motivation to apply for the job role at the specific company
  • Personal statement on one's qualification and skills
  • A persuasive and respectful closing paragraph

With the above guidelines laid out, writing a delivery driver cover letter should not be a hassle anymore.

For more details on cover letter writing tips and tricks, check out 5 Paragraphs & 10 Tips for Crafting a Cover Letter to Land Your Dream Job.

Delivery driver resume example

Bobby Geller

Medical Equipment Delivery Driver for Pfiza Tech

[email protected]
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Resume Summary

Meticulous and punctual delivery driver with 4+ years experience. Adept at transporting heavy equipment, able to work long hours, and discipline in meeting deadlines. Possesses valid HAZMAT Endorsement, CDL Class A license, and a clean driving record.

Work Experience

Medical Equipment Delivery Driver
Pfiza Tech, Arizona, USA

July 2001 - Present

  • Pick up and drop off medical equipment and tools from manufacturing storage facilities to clients' storage.
  • Confirm orders and complete paperwork for weekly and monthly reports.
  • Plan delivery routes and deliver goods in a timely and safe manner.

Furniture Delivery Driver
Potterybarn, Arizona, USA

March 2000 - July 2001

  • Delivered orders to customers' locations punctually with a friendly and respectful attitude.
  • Assisted in packing, uploading, unloading, and unpacking packages for customers.
  • Conducted inspection on merchandise prior to packaging and delivery.


  • Time management
  • Communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Traffic law knowledge
  • Road safety knowledge
  • Basic math
  • Proficient in navigation and GPS apps
  • Customer service
  • Organizational skills
  • Vehicle repair knowledge
  • Physical strength


High School Diploma
Mayland Public High School, Phoenix, AZ, USA


  • Passed Class A CDL test
  • HAZMAT license
  • PTDI (Professional Truck Driver Institute) certification

--- Originally written by Teresa Edria---

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