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Firemen possess lots of qualities and abilities not everyone has in this world, and it is vital to communicate relevant skills in your firefighter resume. This may remind you of having to communicate with other emergency departments, civilians, and the press.

Firefighters help protect the community by advising and informing citizens about fire safety and prevention. They are called upon to fight fires and also in the face of other emergencies, such as road accidents and floods.

The job involves the use of a wide range of equipment. They also work on operational prevention, both to minimize the risk of an accident and to be more prepared in the event that it occurs.

Similar to that, you should also be well-prepared for crafting a resume. A poor firefighter resume will not land you that position in the fire department, so this thorough article will help you enhance your firefighter resume at its peak form.

Tips for Crafting a Firefighter Resume

Before stepping into details, we got some tips for you for making a strong firefighter resume.

#Tip 1: Adjust your firefighter resume for the job position and adopt keywords.

A strong firefighter resume includes relevant skills for the job description. Make sure to list relevant skills in your firefighter resume and use keywords you find in the description.

#Tip 2: Look up online firefighter resume examples and templates.

Get inspired by searching existing resume examples for a firefighter. Then, adjust your firefighter resume accordingly.

#Tip 3: Quantify performances as a firefighter in your resume.

Evidence of your abilities can be better demonstrated by relevant and measurable results as a firefighter, so try to include them in your resume.

#Tip 4: Include your medical training.

It is a common norm that firefighters shall include their relevant medical training in their resume. As you may know, firefighters are generally EMTs too, so this cannot be left out in your firefighter resume.

#Tip 5: Use an ATS-friendly resume format.

Applicant Tracking System is a tool many recruiters use to filter out unqualified or irrelevant resumes. It is important to make an ATS-friendly firefighter resume to make sure it reaches the recruiter.

Adopt an easy-to-read style, text-based format, and follow keywords used in the job description to optimize your firefighter resume format.

How to craft a resume objective as a firefighter

A resume objective or a career objective is the aim or purpose of your career. A career objective is generally a brief opening paragraph for a firefighter resume.

Here are three important elements when crafting an objective for a  firefighter resume:

👍 List your positive attributes.
Think of relevant attributes you think a fire department personnel shall possess and include these in your resume objective section.

👍 State your career goals.
A firefighter resume objective outlines your career’s purpose and aspirations. Mentioning your firefighting goals will let recruiters know you can contribute during emergency situations. Including this in your object statement bolsters your chances to be hired as a firefighter.

👍 Customize your statement.
Personalizing your objective statement as a firefighter will catch the recruiter’s attention and be shortlisted, so include interesting facts about your background or a particular accomplishment that shows you are the ideal candidate for the fire department.

🔎 Now it’s time to take a look at these firefighter resume objective examples:

  • Firefighter resume objective example #1
    Dedicated firefighter with 7+ years of experience in fire suppression and emergency care services. Skilled in fire evacuations and providing exposure protection and ventilation towards individuals at risk. Looking for a position to aid the community during fire emergency situations with my skills and firefighting experience.
  • Firefighter resume objective example #2
    Organized and Red Cross certified firefighter with 15 years of experience in firefighting and emergency care. Deeply devoted to assisting members of the team in regular station duties, exercises, and fire alarms. Possess a Paramedic License and HAZMAT certification.
  • Volunteer firefighter resume objective example #3
    An exceptional and quick-thinking firefighter with 10 years of volunteering experience in fire emergency situations. Looking to protect lives and property by committed work in firefighting through the use of first aid, medical emergency procedures, and fire prevention.

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How to craft a firefighter resume summary

If your professional career is extensive and you have years of experience, it’s recommended to include a resume summary. A firefighter resume summary/summary statement aims to illustrate the job seeker's competitive advantages by highlighting their talents and achievements.

The following elements are to be considered for crafting a firefighter resume summary:

👍 Mention your most representative past roles.
If you have solid hands-on performance, highlight the best duties and responsibilities in your firefighter resume summary.

👍 Years of experience.
State how many years of experience you have putting out fires and saving lives in your fireman resume summary. You can also briefly mention the outcomes.

👍 Expertise in fire suppression.
There are many specialties and abilities a firefighter can include in their resume. List the ones that you are most experienced in.

  • Firefighter resume summary example #1
    Firefighter with 20 years of experience in emergency care and firefighting. Quick-thinker and calm during high-pressure situations. Proven track record of cooperating with colleagues to suppress an array of fire levels to minimize escalations.
  • Firefighter resume summary example #2
    Firefighter with 4 years of experience, counting with hands-on experience in fire suppression duties. Possess in-depth knowledge of suppressing different kinds of fires using corresponding extinguishing agents. Skilled in operating fire control equipment and executing rescue operations.
  • Firefighter resume summary example #3
    Devoted Firefighter with 7 years of experience, successful in coordinating with other emergency departments to respond to wildfires and structure fires. Possess a valid driving license and EMT. Exceptional abilities in decision-making, leadership, and problem-solving.

What are some ways to list your skills in a firefighter resume?

There are four different templates for listing skills, but three of these formats will do for your firefighter resume. You can choose between a plain bullet list, a list of extended bullets, or a categorized skills section for a firefighter resume. 

These three list formats will suffice for your firefighter resume skills.

🏷️  Simple Bullet List

This is the most direct way to list your qualifications in your firefighter resume. Take a look at this example:

  • CPR and First Aid Certified
  • Valid Class B Exempt Drivers License
  • Incident Command System

The disadvantage of a simple bullet list lies in the lack of details, and you may have to further explain in your work experience section or cover letter.

🏷️  List with Expanded Bullets

This list mentions the skill along with a short description below as shown below:

  • Fire Regulation Codes
    Possessing extensive knowledge for carrying out fire emergency procedures correctly, efficiently, and in a safe manner.
  • Volunteer CPR Trainer
    Successfully trained over 40 volunteer firefighters in administering CPR and other first aid techniques during emergency situations.

This format is more detailed than the previous example, but it can take up more space in your firefighter resume.

🏷️  Categorized Skills Section

Resume skills for a firefighter resume go beyond routine fire suppression. It is not far-fetched to opt for this format. Do keep in mind that this only works if you have enough space in your firefighter resume.

Categorized Skills Section example for a firefighter resume:

Training & Certifications

  • HAZMAT Training
  • EMT Certified
  • CPR and First Aid

Rescue Skills

  • Dispatch Operations
  • Firefighter Assist & Search Team (FAST)
  • Crowd Control

Fire Suppression

  • Structural Fire
  • Wildland Fire
  • Rural Fire

Now, let’s take a look at some skill examples for your firefighter resume, including hard skills and soft skills:

Hard Skills

  • CPR and First Aid Certified
  • Incident Command System
  • Valid Class B Exempt Drivers License
  • Hostile Situation Management
  • Dispatch Operations

Soft Skills

  • Calm Under Pressure
  • Team Leadership
  • Attention to Detail
  • Self-driven
  • Quick Learner

Here are some elements to consider when writing your skills in a firefighter resume:

❌ Don't be extensive.
Avoid irrelevant skills or details and stay on point with your skills by being brief and concise.

✅ Match skills relevant to the job posting.
Having the corresponding skills from the job description when writing your firefighter resume will give you the edge over other applicants as you actually paid attention to what the employer(s) asked for.

✅ Include hard skills and soft skills.
Including both sets of skills shows you are a skillful firefighter in all areas.

How to make a firefighter resume with no experience

Making a firefighter resume without ever putting out a fire can look frustrating towards a large number of aspiring firefighters when preparing their first resume. We got you covered with some advice for you!

#Advice 1: Highlight your academic success.

Fire departments seek personnel who have a decent educational background, not to mention relevant training. Include these to show you have what it takes in your aspiring firefighter resume.

#Advice 2: Select an appropriate resume format.

The second piece of advice introduces the 4 types of professional resume formats for your firefighter resume: chronological, functional, hybrid/combination, and targeted resumes.

If you are new to this career, we strongly recommend following a functional or hybrid format to highlight your skills in your entry-level fireman resume.

#Advice 3: Choose a career objective over a summary.

Why an objective for your firefighter resume? It shows your desire and intentions to become a forefront for saving lives and surroundings, unlike a firefighter resume summary that focuses on the experience.

#Advice 4: Write an application letter for the firefighter position.

Your firefighter cover letter can provide more of your personality and motivation to persuade the reader to give you an interview opportunity. Make sure to describe your qualifications and intention to apply in your firefighter cover letter.

#Advice 5: Present a personal website/blog.

Lastly, our final piece of advice is to be on the web. Having something on the web can further show employers who you are and why you are the right candidate in ways a standard firefighter resume cannot.

Firefighter Resume Sample (Text Format)

Resume ProfileIsmael Zavala

Seasoned firefighter who has trained over 100 volunteers

Mobile: (+32) 000-6935
Email: [email protected]

Resume Summary

Reliable and well-rounded firefighter with 10+ years of experience in emergency response. Always prioritizing safe and efficient rescue during operations while managing Fire Department routine maintenance. Strong skills in leadership, always calm under pressure, and compassionate with individuals in distress while suppressing fires.

Work Experience

Station No. 43 | San Diego, California
Firefighter - Paramedic

Jun 2015 - Present

  • Administered medical care to injured people by providing first aid and CPR, as well as other emergency responses.
  • Trained over 100 volunteer firefighters, providing leadership during fire prevention and evacuations.
  • Inspected fire fighting equipment and hydrants, which minimized malfunctions by 25%.

Station No. 17 | San Bruno, California
Firefighter - EMT
Mar 2010 - Apr 2015

  • Responded quickly to over 40 structural and vehicle fires.
  • Performed search and rescue missions, 911 response, fire prevention, and medical services including intubation and drug administration.
  • Trained an average of 10 recruits each year in all department regulations and procedures.


Miami Dade Community College | Miami, Florida
Paramedic Certification


CAL FIRE Academy | Ione, CA
California State Certification


Miami Dade Community College | Miami, Florida
EMT Certification


  • First Aid and CPR
  • Emergency Response
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Medical Terminology
  • Hostile Situation Management
  • Team Leadership
  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Calm Under Pressure
  • Interpersonal Skills


  • English
  • Spanish

--- Originally written by José J. Rosales ---

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