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As an insurance agent, your role is to represent one insurance company and sell the company’s insurance packages. On the other hand, an insurance broker helps customers find suitable insurance offers from various insurance companies. 

While an insurance agent job and an insurance broker job require many similar skills, they are two completely different professions. The key difference being an insurance agent represents one insurance company while an insurance broker represents the individual customer. 

The first thing you want to do to land an interview for an insurance agent is to write a convincing insurance agent resume. Recruiters look at a resume to decide if a candidate has the potential. Even if you are creating just an entry-level insurance agent resume, you will want to research the best resume writing tips to stand out.

How to write a compelling insurance agent resume?

💁‍♀️ 1. Adopt an ATS-friendly insurance agent resume format.

Make your insurance agent resume shine with the information and layout instead of any fancy formatting. Recruiters spend only a few moments looking through each application, so you want to avoid any technical errors. To make things easier for them, make sure that your insurance agent resume is easy to follow.

💁‍♀️ 2. Refer to the insurance agent resume templates and examples.

When you start creating your insurance agent resume, you might hit writer’s block, especially if this is your first time writing a resume. Take the time to brainstorm some ideas and consult online insurance agent resume examples. 

💁‍♀️ 3. Tailor your insurance agent resume and insert keywords to your resume.

Include in your insurance agent resume what is needed by referring back to the application job description. Employers want candidates who fit the role, so make sure your resume contains key skills needed for the job.

Make sure not to confuse your insurance agent resume with an insurance agent CV. A CV differs from a resume in that it includes all of your past experience, which makes it an extensive version of your resume.

💁‍♀️ 4. Add numbers to the work history on your insurance agent your resume. 

Using numbers for descriptions of your past work experience in your insurance agent resume can help employers recognize your potential. For instance, instead of stating you increased health insurance sales, impress them with additional details, such as by how much.  

💁‍♀️ 5. Strengthen your network.

You will want to have strong networking skills to keep up as an insurance agent. Make sure to include contact information and social media accounts, such as your LinkedIn profile, on your insurance agent resume so that you have more chances to network with different people.

What is a good objective for an insurance agent resume?

A career objective aims to provide the recruiters with a quick background about your specialties.

In your objective statement, you will want to include a brief idea of what you are seeking in your career track. An insurance agent resume objective is significant in offering the employers a quick insight into who you are.

✅ Customize your insurance agent resume objective by featuring the company name. 

Tailor your insurance agent resume to the role by including the company name in the objective statement.

Add it to your career plans or state how you hope to apply your skills at the company and help them to achieve their goals. 

✅ Display enough qualities.  

Ensure that you stand out with enough fortes included in your insurance agent resume objective. While your concentration will be on the career goal, make sure to have at least two to three positive characteristics. 

✅ Conciseness is the key. 

Make sure your insurance agent resume objective is no more than a few lines. Keep it short and interesting for the recruiters to read and compact. Add other details in the rest of your insurance agent resume. 

Insurance Agent Resume Objective Examples:

  • Time-efficient health insurance agent knowledgeable with short-term medical, indemnity, and Medicaid policies. Looking for an insurance agent role at BlueCross, a top-valued healthcare company.
  • Cordial insurance sales agent experienced with providing businesses fitting insurance policies. Seeking a role at HealthCare to serve a wider variety of clients. 
  • Driven life insurance agent seeking to work with HealthCo to utilize my ability to keep up with multiple customers in a fast-paced environment.

How to write a professional insurance agent resume summary?

Often mistaken as an objective statement, a summary statement provides the recruiter just your abilities and achievements without a career goal.

The goal for a summary statement is to condense your proudest accomplishments from your insurance agent resume to make it compelling.

✅ Begin with your professional title or an adjective

Start your insurance agent resume summary with an attribute of yours or your professional title and slowly move on to adding impressive experiences and skills. 

✅ Specify your strengths.

Even though this is a summary of your insurance agent resume, avoid being too vague when going into detail about your talents. Feature your most remarkable strengths that relate to the job qualifications.   

✅ Trailer your insurance agent resume to the role.

Like your objective, keep your summary statement brief and easy to read. Your insurance agent resume summary should not be more than four lines. 

Insurance Agent Resume Summary Examples:

  • Steadfast insurance agent with 4+ years of experience adjusting insurance plans to meet the client's needs. Adept in exceptional customer communication, sales prospecting, and extensive product knowledge. 
  • Orderly senior insurance agent with an advanced understanding of insurance strategies for 7+ years. Proficient in risk management tactics, insurance-related issues, and marketing development strategies. 
  • Licensed insurance agent with 5+ years of experience providing life, health, and disability insurance plans. Possesses a Bachelor's degree in Risk Management and a Master’s degree in Risk Management and Insurance.

What are some superb insurance agent skills for your resume?

The skills section in your insurance agent resume provides the specifics about the talents that you possess.

The insurance agent skills on your resume help recruiters learn what qualities and attributes this candidate has. 

✅ Brainstorm a list of all your skills.

Start by listing off all of your knowledge and skillsets. Remember to include both hard skills and soft skills, such as your strong communication abilities or your strong concentration skills. 

✅ Choose the skills related to the desired insurance agent role. 

Refer back to the job description and study the qualities and characteristics the position requires. Then, you can start to filter out the ones you have that are most applicable to the specific role.

Make sure to include these skills in your insurance agent resume. For instance, if you are creating a health insurance agent resume, you will want to emphasize your expertise on health coverage plans and policies. 

✅ Use with bullet points. 

Using bullet points to organize and format your list of skills on your insurance agent resume.

4 ways to arrange your bullets of skills:

1. Simple bullets


  • Simple
  • Can include the most skills out of the four types
  • Suitable for those with some experiences 


  • Too vague 

2. Expanded bullets


  • A thorough explanation of your skills
  • Suitable for those with some experience or changing careers 


  • Taking up too much space

3. Skills integrated with work experience


  • A very thorough explanation of your skills
  • Suitable for those with extensive work experience


  • Not ideal for those with some experience or changing careers 

4. A categorized skill section 


  • A great way to showcase general and transferable skills
  • Organized 


  • Not suitable for those with little experience 

Example Skills for an Insurance Agent Resume: 

  • Soft Skills
    • Patience
    • Customer Service
    • Passion
    • Active Listening
    • Adaptive
  • Hard Skills
    • Scheduling Techniques
    • Underwriting
    • Insurance Products
    • Risk Calculation
    • Insurance Policy Analysis

How to write a resume for an insurance agent with no experience?

👍 Choose a fitting format.

There are four different ways to arrange your insurance agent resume:

  • chronological
  • functional 
  • combination

Similar to the skills section, your insurance agent resume will need to be properly organized. Figure out which of the three resume formats will best fit your insurance agent resume and highlight your strengths.

👍 Include a career objective for your insurance agent resume. 

A career objective is more suitable for those looking to create an insurance agent resume with no experience. An insurance agent resume objective provides the employers with an idea of what you are looking to fulfil in your career path, which helps make up for the lack of work experience. 

👍 Highlight your education for your insurance agent resume. 

Even though employers often want a candidate with many years of experience, your years of education can also help catch the recruiter’s eye. You can include within your insurance agent resume any related achievements during your education, such as awards and club successes.

👍 Include your portfolio or personal websites.

Employers love to look for candidates who are eager to put in more effort than others. If you have a portfolio or personal website that demonstrate your marketing skills and/or salesmanship, keep in mind to include them in your insurance agent resume. 

👍 Write a sincere insurance agent cover letter. 

Crafting a cover letter is the perfect opportunity for an insurance agent with no experience to prove your value.

A cover letter gives employers a brief background of how you found the role, why you applied for the position and a few detailed stories about how you used your insurance agent resume skills.

Make sure that you close off your insurance agent cover letter by thanking the employers for their time.

With CakeResume, you can easily create an insurance agent resume online, free download your resume’s PDF formats, and utilize ATS-compliant templates. Land your dream job, create your insurance agent resume online (free download) now!

Insurance agent resume sample

Wayne Green

Georgia Licensed Insurance Agent Fully Knowledgeable in Life Insurance Policies

395 Columbus St. | Athens, GA 30609
[email protected]


Young professional agent with 2+ years of experience developing knowledge in insurance marketing tactics and strengthening client relationships. Knowledgeable in life, health, and auto insurance guidelines.

Work Experience

Insurance Agent

Levi Strauss
Jan 2020 - Oct 2021

  • Processed insurance claims and prepared classified briefings for review. 
  • Maintained a strong client relationship.
  • Increased referral business by 34%.  
  • Reached monthly insurance sales quota of $30k consistently: increasing total company insurance sales by 17%.  

Insurance Agent Intern
Dec 2018 - Dec 2019

  • Prepared financial documents for prospective client. 
  • Processed applications for our insurance agent team.
  • Expanded client base by making 20+ warm lead calls per week.
  • Delivered sale presentations and proposals featuring new insurance sales tactics.


Hard Skills:

  • Insurance Regulations
  • Risk Management
  • Mathematical Acumen
  • Compiling Statistics
  • Advanced MS Excel
  • MS Word 
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Documentation
  • Auditing

Soft Skills:

  • Honest
  • Resilience
  • Passionate
  • Networking
  • Communication
  • Time Management
  • Decisiveness
  • Problem-solving
  • Organization
  • Persistence


  • Georgia State Agent License


MBA in Risk Management & Insurance
University of Georgia

2017 - 2019

  • GPA: 3.92 

BBA in Risk Management & Insurance
University of Georgia
2013 - 2017

  • Hickman Scholar Program
  • GPA: 3.90

--- Originally written by Jessica Sun ---

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