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Awareness, attention to detail, and being able to work in a team are some elements every lifeguard shall possess. Moreover, as a lifeguard, these shall be used when making your resume. 

A lifeguard’s main responsibility is the anticipation and prevention of risk behaviors or conditions that may lead to incidents within their surveillance area, with constant scanning and calls for attention, as well as carrying out relief maneuvers when necessary.

✍🏻 Reminder:

Employers seek personnel who not only are physically fit but also highly motivated and capable of responding to dangerous and emergency situations. Therefore, relevant training and certifications on your lifeguard resume are essential.

As a lifeguard, you play a crucial role in peoples’ lives when they face danger. Your lifeguard resume shall display your qualifications and capacity to undertake such a role. But, don't worry there are guidelines for making a perfect lifeguard resume. This article will help you in all aspects of crafting a lifeguard resume.

How to write a great lifeguard resume?

Here are some tips for writing a great lifeguard resume:

#Tip 1: Adopt an ATS-friendly resume format.
ATS, Applicant Tracking System, is a software that helps recruiters screen resumes. If your lifeguard resume is not ATS-friendly, it will be discarded by the system. An ATS-friendly resume format matches the job description with an easy-to-read layout, so try to adopt keywords used in the job description and keep the lifeguard resume formatting simple.

#Tip 2: Refer to online resume templates and examples.
Search and observe lifeguard resume samples online. Then, add any elements you deem useful to your lifeguard resume.

#Tip 3: Tailor your resume for the job position.
 A strong lifeguard resume includes relevant skills and outstanding work for the job position. Such positions contain certain keywords, so make sure to list relevant skills in your lifeguard resume. It is also important to distinguish between a resume and a CV. Your lifeguard resume only highlights your qualifications relevant to the job position on one page. On the other hand, a lifeguard CV can be composed of several pages, including every detail of your professional experience. Make sure you’re working on the document that employers ask for.

#Tip 4: Quantify results on resumes.
Significant measurable performances demonstrate your skills. For your lifeguard resume, you can add how many lives you saved or how you managed an emergency with zero casualties with a certain number of people.

#Tip 5: Add relevant certificates or training.
Employers seek personnel with credentials. If you have a certificate or you were trained by the Red Cross, do list the certificate(s) you obtained.

💡 Reminder:

If the job description specifies the setting you are expected to work at, such as a pool, a beach, or inland water bodies (rivers, lakes, etc.), insert those keywords in your lifeguard resume.

What is a good objective for a lifeguard resume?

A resume objective or a career objective is the aim or purpose of your career. A well-written career objective is generally a not-so-extensive opening paragraph for a lifeguard resume.

Here are three important elements when crafting an objective for a lifeguard resume.

👍 Use positive traits
Describe yourself in your lifeguard resume with two or three positive attributes at the beginning of your resume objective.

👍 Include Experience Details
If you count on plenty of experience and this factor is part of the job description’s requirements, it would be helpful to have these details in the objective statement on your lifeguard resume.

👍 Include the organization’s name
Having the hiring organization’s name shows you did not send a generic resume, and that your resume has been written for that specific lifeguard job description. This shows your effort and enthusiasm for that vacancy.

Lifeguard resume objective examples:

  • Lifeguard and swimming instructor with a true passion for swimming and very aware of the safety of children in their practice. Skilled in achieving friendly environments within classes. Trained to help AquaFish Swimming School’s students achieve better marks.
  • Professional lifeguard with 8 years of experience in pool activities and skilled in identifying any security or inconveniences during shift.  Familiar in guiding swimmers in case of danger or unforeseen events. Eager to be part of the Quintano hotel’s recreational management and ensuring to provide safety towards guests.
  • Beach lifeguard with 7 years of experience in overseeing the activities performed by users in designated coastal areas and staying alert to possible security risks and violations. Skilled in attention to detail, especially towards weather conditions and the level of the tide to avoid any risks. Looking to be part of Indica Beach Resort to further the hotel's image and contribute to customers’ experience.

✍🏻 Tip: 

Mention in your resume that you are passionate for or familiar with working in a pool or beach and demonstrate that safety is of paramount importance in your career.

Online resume builders, like Cake, provide service in building a professional lifeguard CV.

How to write a resume summary for a lifeguard job?

A resume summary, or summary statement, is a paragraph that tells why you are a good candidate based on qualifications from past job experiences. This is ideal if you can show you have a lot of experience in your lifeguard resume. 

To write a professional summary for your lifeguard resume, consider the following:

  • Emphasize safety and customer satisfaction
    A good lifeguard resume summary displays an interest in keeping individuals happy and safe in an aquatic environment and shows your commitment to the job.
  • Emphasize your experience
    Highlight the length and details regarding your relevant work experience on your lifeguard resume summary.
  • Put together your qualifications
    Based on your skills and experience, list some aspects you are capable of doing in your lifesaving job which you consider important towards employers.

Lifeguard resume summary examples:

  • Swimming pool lifeguard with 10 years of experience keeping guests safe and happy. Capable of preserving the chemical composition and using all sorts of pool cleaning instruments. Responsible for saving lives in more than 10 accidents, with considerable first-hand experience in the administration of CPR and other protocols for first aid.
  • Dynamic and detailed-oriented lifeguard with more than 8 years of experience serving the highest degree of safety education and adherence to public and private organizations. Strives to protect swimmers and tourists. Works well with kids by embracing a friendly approach to behavioral change and rules compliance.
  • A physically fit, attentive beach lifeguard certified in basic support and water rescue training. Eager to provide safety excellence at Fonolu Public Pool. Spotted and prevented 3 drownings and treated 10 hypothermia cases.

What are some great skills to put on a resume for a lifeguard job?

Skills are fundamental in your lifeguard resume. There are four common formats to list skills in a resume. However, for a lifeguard resume, a simple bullet list and a list with expanded bullets are more effective.

🏷 A Simple Bullet List
This is the most direct way to list your skills in your lifeguard resume. This format is concise and easy to understand. However, this skills listing format in your lifeguard resume may not be detailed enough, so you shall explain further your skills in your work experience section and cover letter.


  • Attention to detail
  • Swimming instruction
  • Physical Fitness

🏷 A Bullet List with Details
This format provides more information and context than a simple bullet list regarding your skills in your lifeguard resume. Nonetheless, keep in mind that it takes more space in your lifeguard resume.


  • Routine Inspection
    Daily equipment maintenance, both safety and recreational objects, such as ropes, floats, trampolines, among other objects, for optimal performance.
  • Emergency Response
    Respond to emergencies efficiently, such as rescuing people in danger and administering first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) if necessary.

Here are 3 tips for your lifeguard resume skills section:

  • Keep it short.
    Be brief while you are listing your lifeguard skills in the resume.
  • Keep it relevant to the job position.
    Identify the key skills specified in the job description. Then, select the skills you possess to display in your lifeguard resume.
  • Include hard skills and soft skills in your lifeguard resume.
    Having both sets of skills shows you are a versatile lifeguard.

Soft skills

  • Attention to detail
  • Physically fit
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Problem-solving

Hard skills

  • Safety procedures
  • Forecasting
  • First aid 
  • Risk assessment

  • Swimming instruction 

📝 Reminder:

For a lifeguard resume, depending on the setting you will be working in (beach,  pool, or inland water bodies), you need to determine what types of skills to emphasize in your resume.

How to write a lifeguard resume with no experience?

If you have no relevant experience, here are five recommendations for writing a lifeguard resume:

#Advice 1: Choose the right resume format.
There are 4 types of professional resume formats you can use for your lifeguard resume, and these formats are: chronological, functional, hybrid/combination, and targeted resumes.When it comes to an entry-level lifeguard resume, the functional or targeted format is the most suitable one as it emphasizes your skills rather than work experience.

#Advice 2: Adopt a career objective.
A resume summary is mostly made by experiences and abilities obtained through the years. If you lack experience, use a career objective for your lifeguard resume.

#Advice 3: Highlight your education.
Employers prefer lifeguards with education. You can also list training schools and certificates of completion you possess in your lifeguard resume.

#Advice 4: Include your personal website/social media.
Having a personalized website shows you have put real effort into the job hunting and can give help in ways a lifeguard resume is not able to, such as pictures and additional media.

#Advice 5: Write a sincere cover letter.
Writing a lifeguard cover letter with no experience is your opportunity to show yourself as a good candidate with a personal touch towards employers. You can take a look at this helpful guide for writing a cover letter for making a lifeguard cover letter.

Lifeguard resume sample

Natasha Kimmich 

Certified lifeguard with experience in beaches and pools emergency management.

Mobile: (+49) 000-6578 
Email: [email protected]

Professional Summary

Certified Beach lifeguard in mint physical condition with excellent knowledge of wave dynamics, tide schedules and rip currents. Previously taught children of all ages and also available in offering casual lessons in swimming pools. Advanced awareness of first aid procedures and certified by the Red Cross.

Work Experience

Luveau City Hotel, Lausanne
Pool Lifeguard
Nov. 2018 - Nov. 2021

  • Monitored and patrolled pool areas by supervising swimmers and staying alert.
  • Maintained the pool's water in the best condition by removing objects, testing pool’s chemicals, and regulating chemical levels following hotel’s procedures and regulations.
  • Wrote weekly reports regarding pool area’s conditions and incidents or emergencies that arose during shift hours.

Chesil Public Beach
Beach Lifeguard
March 2010 - July 2018

  • Monitored weather conditions and the tide levels on the beach.
  • Responded to emergencies in a timely and rapid manner, resulting in 0 casualties.
  • Administered first aid and CPR if necessary.


June 2009, BS in Marine Biology
Oregon University


Hard Skills:

  • First Aid Procedure
  • CPR
  • Weather Monitoring
  • Surveillance Practice
  • Emergency Evacuation

Soft Skills:

  • Communication
  • Self Starter
  • Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Quick Learner


Certified Lifeguard - Oregon State
CPR Certification - Oregon State
First Aid Certification - American Red Cross


English (native)
German (conversational)

--- Originally written by José J. Rosales ---

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