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A logo design portfolio is like a resume for logo graphic designers. It is a place for logo designers to assemble their best work and exhibit their creative style and skills. A logo portfolio is used for showcasing the designer’s abilities, thought processes, and real-world applications (case studies). Common types of logo portfolio presentations include online websites, social media, or (printed) slides.

What Is a Logo Design Portfolio?

A logo design portfolio is a collection of logo design work that showcases a graphic designer’s experience and ability. Like any graphic design portfolio, it exhibits the best works made by the artist – except they consist of logo designs only. 

The purpose of having a portfolio for logo design is to attract clients that are searching specifically for logo designers to help with their brand establishment or renewal. If you are a graphic designer with specialized talent and experience creating commercial or personalized logos, creating a dedicated logo portfolio would open doors for opportunities.

How to Make a Logo Design Portfolio - What to Include

Whether you are making a sophisticated print logo portfolio or establishing your own website or social media, there are a few elements that you should include:

1. About me/Biography

An “About Me” page is crucial for your logo portfolio as it sets the tone and tells the story of who you are – your interests, your inspirations, and how you started your career. Show your personality in your biography to give the clients a glimpse of who you are to work with. It might distinguish you from other designers with similar abilities and styles.

Check out this “About Me” page by Ellen Skye Riley. A simple, minimalistic design with an approachable profile photo will do the trick. The self-introduction doesn’t have to follow a strict format. More importantly, show your good qualities and make them relatable at the same time.

Logo design portfolio by Ellen Skye Riley
Logo design portfolio by Ellen Skye Riley

2. Resume or CV

Include your resume or CV that details your experience, skills, education, and any relevant information you would want a potential employer to know. Add a downloadable link to your resume or CV on your logo portfolio website, social media, or presentation so your potential employer or client could save your information for future reference.

3. Quality images of the logo designs.

Your logo portfolio is all about your logo creations. The images should be high quality over quantity. Keep the website design clean and simple, and emphasize your 10-20 best logo designs.

Place your utmost best project on the top of the page to attract the viewers to keep scrolling. You don’t want distractions that would prevent your website visitors from viewing the work itself, so avoid any unnecessary pop-up screens or animations that would take time to load.

Check out this logo collection by Jesse Clayton Conte. This logo portfolio design displays the images effortlessly. Each high-resolution image is centered and shown full screen.

Logo design portfolio by Jesse Clayton Conte
Logo design portfolio by Jesse Clayton Conte

Best Websites for Logo Design Portfolio

If you are wondering where to start, don’t worry. There are many free website builders and social media nowadays that would assist you in creating and sharing your first online logo portfolio. Here are 5 common websites to make a logo design portfolio:

1. CakeResume

CakeResume is a free portfolio and resume builder with an easy-to-navigate interface and community-sharing platform. You can either choose pictures wider than 1400 pixels to show full-width images or create combos of grid images to show the logos side-by-side. Either way, there are many features you can try out to create a simple yet unique logo portfolio presentation. 

Afterward, you can share the result with other job seekers or potential clients on the “Portfolio Ideas” page, or apply for jobs in the job portal with your portfolio and resume linked together.

Create your online presence and personal branding by creating your very own online logo design portfolio. Check out these creative logo design portfolio designs and portfolio examples, and create your very own online logo design portfolio for free on CakeResume!

2. Behance

Behance is Adobe’s free portfolio service where designers inspire each other by sharing their work. It is best for sharing case studies and documenting the process behind the scenes. Unlike Instagram where viewers focus more on beautiful pictures and spend less time reading captions; on Behance, you can expect to get more client inquiries who care about both the process and result of your work. 

If you are looking to build a logo portfolio website, you can also check out Adobe Portfolio, which is available through a paid subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.

3. Pixpa

Pixpa is another all-in-one platform where you can build an online presence by creating your logo portfolio website while growing a business with e-commerce features. One can also integrate client-proofing and blogging tools in their portfolio website with no coding needed.

4. Wix

Wix is a relatively well-known website builder among all professions. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop tools have helped many beginners to build their first website. There are also many portfolio templates for logo design on Wix to give you a quick start. The only downside is the limitations of the free version, including the Wix ad banner and web address that might make your website appear less unique or professional.

5. Dribbble

Dribbble is a go-to creative community where logo designers share, grow, and get exposed to job opportunities. Unlike the previous examples, you can’t build a portfolio or website directly from Dribbble. Instead, you can upload files called “shots” with a maximum size of 10MB, and in PNG, JPG, or GIF format.

The portfolio would be the social media profile you maintain on Dribbble to communicate with other designers and get exposed to freelance or contract work.

Tips on How to Make a Logo Design Portfolio

To make a great logo design portfolio, here are five tips you should follow:

✅ Check for broken links or images periodically.

Sign in periodically to check if any links or images are not functioning properly. Sometimes an image or animation may fail to load (or load too slow), or a link may lose access due to changed permission or address. So always make sure to inspect the UX of your logo portfolio to maintain a professional online presence.

✅ Update your logo portfolio with your newest works frequently.

Regularly updating your portfolio for logo design would help you build a steady following and gain more exposure as you make richer content. It is also a sign to potential employers or clients that you are still working in this field and are open up for opportunities or connections.

✅ Use a consistent layout and design for your logo design portfolio.

While you may want to showcase your design skills when making your portfolio, it is advised to keep the layout simple and consistent. You may already have a great logo design collection to display, so don’t overshadow it or distract the viewer's focus to the portfolio design itself. 

✅ Include case studies to present the process behind your work.

Besides a clean gallery of logo designs that you made, you should include some case studies to spice things up. Potential clients and other logo designers may be interested in learning about the behind-the-scenes.

Presenting your thought process and the actions you took could also make a stronger impression on the audience. Mention the following for your case studies: the client’s problem, the problem-solving process, and the impact you made.

✅ Promote your online logo design portfolio.

After you create your logo portfolio, take an important next step to promote it online. Your online logo portfolio won’t get the exposure it deserves unless you share it on multiple platforms first.

An easy way to start is to add your portfolio link to whatever social media you already have, like LinkedIn, Instagram, or Pinterest. In addition, share it on creative communities like Behance or Dribbble to gain more connections with people in the industry.

Logo Design Portfolio Examples

For reference, here are 7 logo design portfolio examples that might inspire you:

1. Marcus Artis

Logo portfolio website by Marcus Artis
Logo portfolio website by Marcus Artis

Marcus Artis's online portfolio website is minimalistic and fairly straightforward. The full image galleries are a great way to display logos and fancy designs that may be hard to view. Visitors can even click on the images for enlarged versions.

Note that the designer created a logo design for the portfolio as well, which makes a strong first impression when viewers first land on the homepage.

2. Chris Tammar

Portfolio website by Chris Tammar 
Portfolio website by Chris Tammar 

Chris Tammar’s website portfolio is even more simplistic, with only two tabs to categorize his pages. The home page showcases different cover photos of brand logos to distinguish each project. When you click on each grid, the website takes you to a wall of full-screen images that contains all the graphics designed for the specific client.

3. Obladee

Design agency website by Obladee
Design agency website by Obladee

This design agency website is built directly toward potential clientele audiences. The home page focuses more on branding themselves and getting people to contact them with inquiries. One thing that we can learn from them is how they included short descriptions at the top to explain their deliverables with high-quality full-screen images below.

4. Brendan Dowling

Portfolio website by Brendan Dowling
Portfolio website by Brendan Dowling

Brendan’s approach is different yet simple as well. Instead of categorizing different projects under one tab on the home page, Brendan chose to list out his best projects in the vertical menu. If you want a cleaner interface, try using drop-down menus to hide various tabs.

5. Blesson Varghese

Logo portfolio profile by Blesson Varghese
Logo portfolio profile by Blesson Varghese

With over 23K of project views, Blesson’s profile provides a lot of inspiration for logo designs. Check out his projects if you want to build a logo portfolio. He posted many logofolios and case studies, which are both popular formats that get higher exposure on Behance. For logofolios, the logos shown in the collection are similar in style and color scheme, which makes it more consistent overall.

6. Benjamin Oberemok

Online logo portfolio by Benjamin Oberemok
Online logo portfolio by Benjamin Oberemok

If your logo collection is more colorful with various logotypes and marks, in which turning them into aesthetic monochrome logofolios is a bit tricky, just combine them into one image instead.

Like what Benjamin did here, these single image collections can attract many viewers as well since they don’t need to search further for other work you did in the same period. People also like to save those all-in-one images for quick design inspiration. A good tip that is shown here: share your social media link in the caption to better direct your followers to different platforms.

7. Shiuan Lin

Logo portfolio on CakeResume by Shuian Lin
Logo portfolio by Shuian Lin on CakeResume

If you don’t have many images for each project, try out portfolio websites like CakeResume. One can simply add a few images or animated files for each project/portfolio and organize them under one profile.

🔑 Key Takeaways:

As you can see, there are no definite rules or a step-by-step guide on how you can create your logo portfolio. In the end, you can design however you want as a creator.

But, keep in mind that where you start will likely influence the client type, quantity, and quality you will get connected with. Research and choose the media platforms that best suit your needs, and avoid over-spending time on opening up multiple accounts to build your logo design portfolio.

--- Originally written by Sandy Tuo ---

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