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Model, the dream job only a lucky few can do. You make us want to become you. However, where do you start before being seen by thousands at Paris Fashion Week for Louis Vuitton’s new season collection?

Before any real modeling experience, start with a good portfolio and resume for models. Your first model resume will help you find a great modeling agency and first photoshoot to use in a model portfolio.

A professional modeling resume presents your personal details, experience, skills, and background along with a model portfolio to bring you to the industry’s core. 

In this article, we will cover how to write a professional resume for a model, some valuable tips on making a modeling portfolio, and a complete fashion model resume sample. 

Format a Model Resume and Prepare for a Modeling Portfolio

You are a model. That means you work with aesthetics and have high standards for how you are presented. Your modeling resume has to look good, just like you.

  • How long should a resume or modeling portfolio be?
    A resume typically ends in one page.However, your modeling portfolio is a collection of your previous projects, cases, and model headshots. As a result, the pages of your portfolio may vary, depending on what you have and what you are allowed to present.
  • Where should I put my photos?
    Put your model headshots in the modeling portfolio, or a model comp, which is a photo collection separated from the resume. You can also create a portfolio website to build a long term archive. Whichever you choose, update them frequently.
  • How to find a photographer for a modeling portfolio?
    Before you get in touch with photographers to do a model headshot, you should see their works and decide if that’s the style you are seeking for. In addition, be careful of photographers even if they are quite famous.
    There are a lot of people who will take advantage of their position and power, and fame is not a guarantee for integrity. You can also work for smaller companies or local brands as a start before applying for cast calls from large agencies to gain experience and portfolio photoshoots.
  • What is the best font to use in a resume or modeling portfolio? 
    The secret to making a good-looking modeling resume is font. Take a look at all the well-known brands. Most of them use only an elegant font that glows with its simplicity. So now you know what to do with your resume. 
    Take some time to pick a font. Avoid handwriting, gothic, or exaggerating display fonts. You want your resume to be exquisite rather than distracting.
  • What is the standard margin for a resume?
    If you use A4 size, set your margin around 0.8-1 inch (2-2.54 cm).
  • What spacing should a resume be in?
    Line spacing is usually around 1.0 to 1.2 to make your information easy to read. Double the line spacing for headings.
  • What format should a resume be in, Word or PDF?
    In this industry, export all your modeling resume, comp card, or modeling portfolio in PDFs. When you receive a casting call, they likely won’t require your resume to be in MS word since the formatting can easily be messed up. 
    The only thing you need to keep in mind when saving your PDF fashion model resume is the file size can sometimes be too big due to the pictures in the file. When encountering such problems, you can compress the PDF portfolio or the photos’ size.

Choose the Proper Format for Your Model Resume

Here are the 3 basic resume formats. Select one to use as your resume or CV for a modeling job.

Chronological resume format

Using a chronological format means to emphasize the work history in your modeling resume. This is the most frequently used and accepted format by all.Start with the most recent project. Add descriptions to the details that you’re proud of. Perhaps you are photographed by famous photographers or collaborated with a renowned stylist.

Functional resume format

A functional format, or “skill-based” format, presents skills as the main categories to prove your talent and expertise. There are tons of special skills for modeling resumes, including dancing, acting, sports, fitness, or language skills. Soft skills like interpretation, communication, or time management are also highly valued.

Every fashion model has to work with photographers, other models, video directors, stylists, designers, and tons of other people from the fashion industry. The skills section might come in handy when the director had a flash of inspiration or just an essential part of a fashion models’ daily work agenda.

📝 Note: Resume for modeling and acting should be separated and targeted for each purpose.

Combinational resume format 

A combinational resume format fuses your work experience and skills section. It treats the two-sections with equal importance.

💡 Tips: For a resume format for modeling freshers, focus on your skills with a functional resume format.

For example, a resume of a young model with no experience could underline special skills and talents. As for modeling resume of a more experienced individual, highlighting accomplishments and work experience with a chronological resume is ideal.

Start with Contact Information and Basic Details

Start your resume by giving contact information, the agent’s name and email, and essential details to reach you.


  • Full Name
  • Email Address (or agent’s)
  • Phone Number (or agent’s)
  • Address and Location


  • Personal Website or Online Model Portfolio
  • Social Media Account
  • Physical Attributes (Height, Weight, Eye and Hair color, etc.)


  • Date of Birth
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Religion or Belief
  • Marital Status and Dependency
  • Expected/Current Salary

Write an Impressive Model Resume Headline

A headline is the starting sentence that dazzles your audiences with your talent. It states your identity, characteristics, achievements, or future prospects in the resume or CV for modelling. 

The key to craft a good headline is to use catchy words, markdown key accomplishments, and be concise.


Versatile new model with 30 commercial photoshoot experiences and graduation fashion runways

Craft a Professional Modeling Bio Summary Statement

In a model resume, a short modeling bio functions like the summary section in a resume. It provides insight into your actual modeling work experience to grab attention. However, unlike an Instagram bio where you can add ambiguous quotes, a modeling bio is usually 2-4 sentences that recap your whole resume. 

How to write a short model bio? To write a modeling bio, select the three most crucial achievements or aspects that define your career and ideal position. You can include your physical attributes or types of modeling work you feel confident to do.


Unique and stylish swimsuit and lingerie model with 3 years of experience in modeling for Speedo, Agent Provocateur, and Chantelle. Easy to communicate and punctual team player. Appeared in 20+ global commercials and web advertisements.

Include Essential Skills for Your Modeling Resume

In the fashion industry, interpersonal relationships matter maybe more than your stunning look. Agents value your personality to make their work smoother, and even if you are writing a freelance modeling resume, you still have to work with all sorts of people in the future. 

An easy-going model who understands instructions, willing to cooperate or express ideas rationally makes the work scene easier and establishes a pleasant environment. Besides, you have to establish your network and know other models, photographers, directors, and designers.


  • Acting and Emotion Expressing
  • Trained Dancer
  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Photography
  • Make-up and Cosmetic
  • Fitness License or Certificate
  • Language
  • Collaboration
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Confidence
  • Relationship Development
  • Self-motivation
  • Product Promotion

Showcase Your Modeling Experience in a Resume

The experience section is where you really seize their attention. List down significant achievements, agency name, or important cases with huge clients (choose one of the formats) from the most recent to the least. Add bullet points below the achievements to mark special events or highlights. Be precise or use quantifiable results if you can. 

If you are writing a modeling resume with no experience, there’s no need to worry. Perhaps you have been managing your social media for quite a while and established your own follower segments. You can write an experience in the modeling resume about sponsored posts or work with other micro-influencers.


New Balance   

  • Modeled for the new season run shoe magazine and outdoor commercial
  • Promoted new product on a personal website, Instagram, and Snapchat

Future Model Agency

  • Modeled for I de F seasonal product catalog
  • Appeared in 15+ local commercials 
  • Traveled to Madrid, Honolulu, and New York for photo shoots

List Educational Qualifications and Background

Being a model does not exactly require a masters’ degree or 4.0 GPA. However, the point of including your education in a modeling resume is to give an idea about your background. Perhaps you are active in organizing school events or joined a theater club, and this can show you are comfortable working with others.


Ramón C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts     

  • School newspaper editor and photographer

Extra Section to Highlight Personal Traits or Achievements

Besides your experience, if you need some extra color for a modeling resume, here are some ideas to include.

  • Hobbies and Interests
    If you have amateur hobbies like photo editing, yoga license, or hair braiding, include these in hobbies or skills to add value.
  • Volunteer Work
  • Certifications and Awards
    There aren’t many awards in this industry, but if you catwalk for a fashion design graduation show, have a makeup certificate, or received modeling training, be sure to list it here.

Craft a Convincing Cover Letter for Your Modeling Resume

Besides a model portfolio and resume, adding a cover letter can help. Spend some time on your targeted model agency or model work to write a sincere and passionate cover letter for a modeling agency to express your talent.

Use this structure above to write a personal cover letter.

  • Contact Details
    List the same contact information in your resume for the modeling job, so they can check your social media or get in touch with you quickly.
  • Introduction
    Briefly introduce yourself, your work experience and key highlights, your targeted model type, and physical attributes (optional).
  • Motivation (Intention to apply)
    Express your passion and reason for reaching out to this modeling agency/job. Give touching details instead of just seeing their job posting on a backstage website.
  • Qualification
    Explain your qualifications and what value you can bring, or why you have the potential to become the next IT model.
  • Closing
    Thank them for reading and offer how you can elaborate more in a model casting chance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Prepare a modeling portfolio along with your resume 
  • Write a modeling bio to present modeling experience fast and forward
  • Follow the tips to write experience, skills, and education section
  • Deliver a cover letter for model agency to catch agents’ and scouts’ attention

CakeResume not only has a free online resume builder. Try out our portfolio builder to build a or model comp.

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Model Resume Sample

Radhika Djwala

Adaptable and talented runway model with 3 years experience in commercial, fashion, and editorial projects.

Email: [email protected]
Location: Pittsburgh, U.S
Phone number: +1-202-555-0118
IG: _@RadDjw
Appearance: 5’9″(bare feet), dress size 4, dark hair, clear skin

Professional Summary

Exclusive editorial model who worked with independent magazines including i-D and 1 Granary. Extensive photoshoot experience with designer and luxury brands. Versatile Instagram influencer with 31K followers.

Work Experience

YOU Model Management
L.A., California

2016 - 2018

  • Collaborated with photographer Nadine Ijewere for Loewe seasonal collection promotion.
  • Selected as one of 20 next models on i-D magazine No.349. Issue.
  • Editorial model for 15+ major clients, including North Face and Uniqlo.

Fame Model Agency
New York
2018 - 2020

  • Runway model for Tadashi Shoji in New York Fashion Week 2019.
  • Promoted commercials and fashion week using Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat influence.


UCLA School of Theater
Film and Television     

  • Majoring in performance arts.
  • Acting club associate and held threethree modern theatre.
  • Photography club member and submitted works to the local newspaper.


  • Time-Management/Punctuality: Comfortable working with tight schedules.
  • Instruction Interpretation: Understands and Communicates well with art directors on posing.
  • Interpersonal Relationship: Easy going and lights up the room with everyone.
  • Photography: Familiar with photography equipment and theories to assist posing.
  • Language: Speaks fluently in Italian and Japanese.
  • Acting: 3 years experience in the university theater club.

--- Originally written by Wu Chao Min ---

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