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Providing immediate lifesaving care, cooperation, and responsiveness are some important skills an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and a paramedic shall have.

Paramedics are those who respond to calls made to ambulances in order to provide medical care to victims of accidents, violence, sudden illnesses, heart attacks, strokes, among others. 

Besides saving lives and caretaking patients in an emergency situation, a paramedic resume shall clearly display your abilities to cooperate not only with ambulance dispatch centers and hospital personnel, but also with the police, firefighters, and family members to guarantee that the relevant information is collected and that the appropriate treatment can be administered to critical patients. 

Just like the ability to adapt to any type of accident to reach the patient, your paramedic resume shall be able to do the same during the application process. Luckily, this helpful guide will give you the guidance you are looking for in order to craft that great paramedic resume.

How to develop a great EMT/paramedic resume

1. Search for paramedic resume templates and examples.

Searching for other paramedic or EMT resume samples can give you ideas on crafting your resume. Feel free to adopt elements you like as an EMT or paramedic.

2. Tailor your paramedic resume for the job description. 

A great EMT/paramedic resume meets the job description’s demands. In your paramedic resume, make sure to list specific abilities and include keywords that you find in the job posting.

3. Use an ATS-friendly resume format.

Recruiters often use automated Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to scan through job applications. If your paramedic resume is not ATS-friendly, it will be discarded. Use an easy-to-read layout and adopt keywords used in the job description and keep your paramedic resume formatting simple.

4. Quantify results and performances in your resume.

Significant and calculable performances in your paramedic resume, such as the number of lives saved, demonstrate evidence of your skills and capabilities, so include these if you have.

5. Add references and/or EMT certifications to your resume.

Whether you are experienced or a recent graduate, you can list references from previous employers or mentors you had during your medical training in your paramedic resume. This comes in handy for entry-level individuals doing an EMT resume who just got their EMT certificate or any relevant training.

Writing a resume objective for a paramedic resume

As a paramedic, you shall decide if you will use a resume objective or a resume summary.

A resume objective or a career objective is a short paragraph that describes your career purpose. A well-written paramedic resume objective is a brief but concise section in your resume. 

For a paramedic resume, here are 4 essential elements:

1. Showcasing your qualities

List two, three, or even four qualities you have that are essential to every medical personnel in your paramedic resume objective.

2. Indicating your experience

A paramedic resume is not complete without details of experience, so do mention this in your objective.  

3. Highlighting your career goals

Your paramedic resume objective statement should show your ambitions in order to provide a recruiter with a specific career direction.

4. Showing that you prioritize patient’s well-being

A very obvious element, but an objective contains desire, and this shall explicitly mention your intentions to save lives in your paramedic resume.

Examples of a paramedic resume objective:

  • Committed and resourceful paramedic with comprehensive medical emergency response experience. Along with other emergency first responders, seeking to successfully work to exceed patient care expectations. Aiming as a paramedic to save lives and show humanity.
  • Driven and competent registered EMT-Paramedic with 8 years of experience in medical emergencies and treatment maintenance of patients under risk. Calm under pressure, hard-working, and law-abiding medical expert, seeking to save more lives and be a valuable member of the town.
  • Friendly and enthusiastic paramedic with 9 years of experience in medical services, skilled in time management, operating systems, and medical procedures. Looking to contribute and comfort hospital’s patients by providing the best medical attention from the hospital.

Writing a resume summary for a paramedic position

A resume summary, also known as a profile summary, is an alternative to a resume objective, especially if you have vast paramedic experience.

Why? Well, it is a brief summary of your professional career reflecting your best experience, training, competencies, and strengths at the start of your paramedic resume, which can better grab recruiters’ attention.

Your profile summary in a paramedic resume should:

1. Mention your experience.

If you have years of experience, it is advised to mention this in your first sentence for your paramedic resume.

2. List your medical expertise.

Responsibilities and duties you carried out during your career such as preparing treatment rooms, recording patient medical history, clinical diagnosis, among others, are important expertise you need to mention so recruiters deem you as a competent paramedic.

Include these paramedic abilities in your resume.

3. Show your strengths.

Based on your medical experience, there should be a few aspects you specialize in, so make sure you emphasize these qualities.

4. Combine your skills and previous elements

Once your details of experience, medical expertise, along personal skills are added, try to link them within your sentences in your paramedic resume summary paragraph.

Examples of a paramedic resume summary:

  • Medical expert with 5 years of experience in clinical diagnosis and emergency procedures for better emergency treatment towards patients. Familiar with working under pressure and with colleagues, always committed to bring the best medical attention to people.
  • Experienced and self-driven paramedic with an innate talent for leadership with strong organizational skills. Familiar with clinical diagnoses and interpersonal relationships with patients and family members.

Example of an emergency medical technician resume summary:

Emergency medical technician with 6+ years of experience working at clinics and hospitals. Skilled in carrying out quality care in emergency situations. Good knowledge in anatomy physiology and pharmacology, and an asset to any hospital team.

Listing your skills in your EMT/paramedic resume

Skills can make or break your EMT/paramedic resume.

Analytical capacity, identifying problems in a timely manner with critical thinking, and good judgment are some examples to consider as a paramedic, besides the medical training. What skills to include and what format you use to display your skills in the EMT/paramedic resume can also make a big difference in landing the job.

✅ Here is a quick list of common skills to put on an EMT resume, including hard skills and soft skills. In your paramedic resume, having both types is beneficial.

Hard skills:

  • Emergency Medicine
  • Preventive Care
  • Patient Stabilization
  • Rescue and Med Equipment
  • Medical Terminology

Soft skills:

  • Detail Oriented
  • Responsible
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Quick Learner
  • Compassionate

✅ To write your resume skills section as a paramedic, you can choose between a simple bullet list or an expanded bullet list.

Simple Bullet List

This is just listing your paramedic skills in your resume it looks like this:

  • Patient Care
  • Rescue & Medical Equipment
  • Pre-hospital Emergency Care

This format is pretty straightforward. Nonetheless, it does not go in-depth as it does not further describe key skills in your paramedic resume.

Despite lacking details, this is the format most paramedics use in order to provide several relevant skills in an efficient way.

Expanded Bullet List

This is a similar format to the previous one, except in your paramedic resume, this one contains more detail and background about your skills, for examples:

  • Patient Stabilization: Able to stop an ill or wounded patient’s medical condition from deteriorating too rapidly until they reach designated medical centers for proper treatment.
  • Rescue & Medical Equipment: Familiar with hands-on experience for the use and procedures of using medical equipment and administrating proper doses of medicine towards patients in emergency situations.

While this one gives more details, it takes up more space. Assessing which format works best for you is crucial.

💁‍♀️ Pro Tip: If the job requires a paramedic skill you have but most don’t, use the expanded list format for your resume. If you are a new or an entry-level EMT, stick to the simple bullet list format for your resume.

✅  Some suggestions for listing your paramedic resume skills:

  • Keep it concise:
    Be brief while you are listing your paramedic skills resume.
  • Include specialized medical skills:
    There must be an emphasis on your medical expertise rather than technical skills that may be essential, but not as essential as medical-related skills for a paramedic resume.
  • Tailor your skills section to the job requirements:
    Identify the key skills from the job description, and then insert the ones you possess into your paramedic resume.

Guidance for writing a paramedic resume without experience

👍 Opt for a career objective.

A paramedic resume summary is generally used by experts who have solid experience and can summarize it based on previous experience and relevant performance.

On the other hand, a career objective is more suitable since it shows your intentions and drives for your career goals in your paramedic resume.

👍 Choose the suitable resume format.

3 main types of paramedic resumes are:

  • Chronological
  • Functional 
  • Combination

A functional format works best in your EMT resume if you lack experience. Unlike traditional resumes, a functional format emphasizes your current skills rather than listing your work history in chronological order. This is a useful type of a paramedic resume if you are a new college graduate with little work experience, or if your job history lacks paramedic experience.

👍 Highlight your academic accomplishments.

Our third recommendation is crucial as an educational background is the backbone of applicants with no relevant work experience. Include your degrees and relevant training in your EMT resume.

👍 Link a personal website or blog.

Having an online presence through a website is a great way to display your talents and demonstrate why you should be hired when you lack professional experience.

👍 Write a cover letter.

Last but not least, write a paramedic cover letter to the clinic or entity you want to be employed at. This will help recruiters learn more about you.  A paramedic cover letter serves to tell recruiters your interests, motivation, and how you qualify for the position.

EMT/paramedic resume sample

Caesar Zeledon

Mobile: (+62) 000-6748
Email: [email protected]

Resume Summary

Friendly and compassionate paramedic with 8 years of experience in Emergency Medical Services. Always complying with the safety regulations and taking measures to avoid infection and contamination during patient treatment. Familiar with safely operating specialized vehicles and medical equipment.

Work Experience

Bowie Southern Hospital
Nov. 2016 - Present

  • Handled medical and traumatic emergencies and provided basic life support in the case of seriously ill patients.
  • Administered appropriate treatment, medication, and direct care and provide on-scene counseling.
  • Logged medical records and documented the nature of the injuries and the treatment administered.

Umbra Clinic
Oct. 2012 - Oct. 2016

  • Ensured that special vehicles and medical equipment were in excellent condition by carrying out maintenance and inventory activities.
  • Provided assistance in the emergency room when required by assisting hospital staff with providing medical treatment.
  • Collaborated in the emergency triage of patients.


Hard skills:

  • Emergency Vehicle Operation
  • Patient Care
  • Rescue & Medical Equipment
  • Pre-hospital Emergency Care
  • First Aid and CPR

Soft skills:

  • Quick Learner
  • Attention to Detail
  • Self-Driven
  • Responsible
  • Organized

Languages: English (native), Spanish (limited working proficiency)


  • EMT-Paramedic (EMT-P)
    Monmouth College New Jersey, New Jersey
    class of 2010
  • EMT-Basic
    National College of Technical Instruction Portland, Oregon
    class of 2007

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--- Originally written by José J. Rosales ---

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