Writing a Thank You Letter for a Job Offer: Template, Samples, Guide, and Tips

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You’ve made it through all stages of the recruitment process and finally received the job offer. Congratulations! But it’s not done yet. To end it on a perfect note, you still need to write a thank you letter for the job offer you accepted. This shows that you know how to conduct yourself as a professional. 

In the cases that you want to reject the offer or consider it for a bit longer, a thank you letter for the job offer can also benefit you. Through a thank you email after the job offer, you can help make the recruiter's job easier and, thus, leave a good impression and and build professional relationships.

In this article, we break down how to write a thank you email for a job offer and provide examples and tips for you. Read on to learn how to reply to a job offer letter with a thank you mail for various situations and expand your professional network.

How to Write a Thank You Email for a Job Offer

Writing a thank you mail for a job offer, or any formal email, can be stressful. Getting anything wrong might result in misunderstanding, a bad impression, or, worse, losing a great opportunity. But as long as you follow the steps below, your thank you email for a job offer would help your career develop.

Step 1: Write a clear subject line. 

If you choose to send an email to thank for the job offer, keep in mind to write a good subject line. It should be simple, brief and includes your first and last name along with a few words about why you are sending this letter, such as "thank you" or "job offer acceptance letter".

Job offer thank you letter: sample subject line

[First Name Last Name] – Thank you for the opportunity”

Step 2: Greet the recruiter.

A personalized greeting shows that you put efforts into writing this thank you letter for the job offer. Before you get the job offer, you are likely to have been corresponding with HR or managers from the company and know their names. So instead of writing a generic "Hi All", start your thank you letter with their names. On the other hand, you might want to choose a less formal salutation to start your job offer thank you email as it is the preferred way of communication nowadays.

Email greeting examples:

  • Dear/Hi/Hello + [First Name] or [Full Name]:
  • Hello [Company Name] HR Team:

Step 3: Include a thank you message for the job offer.

Express your gratitude in the first paragraph of a thank you letter for the job offer and write the job title and the company name in the sentence to remind the recruiter of the offer.

In your thank you letter after the job offer, express your appreciation for their time and consideration, as well as the precious opportunity they have offered you. But be sincere and don't go over the top. Don’t write more than 1-2 sentences as hiring managers don't necessarily have time to read that much.

Step 4: Let them know your decision.

Normally when writing a thank you email after the job offer, you also need to let the recruiter and employer know your decision. Thus, they can move forward to the next steps in the hiring process. 

The following is what you can consider to include in the job offer thank you letter in various situations.

  • Accepting the job offer: 
    If you are accepting the job offer, be sure to include the written acceptance of the job offer, the employment terms and conditions, including job title, salary, benefits, etc., as well as your employment starting date.
  • Considering the job offer: 
    If you need to further consider the job offer, you could consider explaining the reason why you need more time (this is optional), but make sure to let the recruiter know the exact date that you will let them know your final answer. You don’t want to waste people’s time.
  • Negotiating the offer:
    If you want to negotiate the offer further, after saying thank you in the email, state your interest and enthusiasm for the job. Then, elaborate on the terms or conditions you want to discuss and provide reasons why it'd benefit both the company and you if they agree to your terms. Lastly, clarify that you are open to further negotiation.
  • Rejecting the offer:
    If, after consideration, you decide to reject the offer, you could tell the recruiter the reason why you will not be accepting the position. Make sure to emphasize again how much you appreciate their time and consideration.

Step 5: Ask HR any questions about the position.

Upon receiving an offer letter from HR, you first need to review the offer details, such as, perks, benefits, time off, and sign-on bonus. If you are not sure whether to accept the offer nor not, you can bring up any questions you have in the thank you letter that might help you to make a more informed decision. If you decide to accept the offer, but there's something you find unclear in the offer letter, you can also use the chance of writing a thank you email to ask for clarification.

Use the expressions below to address your concerns properly and professionally:

  • Could you please clarify what you meant by…?
  • Could you please give me some more details about...?
  • Please let me know if I misunderstood. Did you mean…?

Step 6: Sign off with a professional and polite closing.

As with all formal letters, a thank you letter should also be signed off with an appropriate closing. Though there are countless letter sign-offs and closing greetings that you can use, you want to opt for the email sign-offs that shows your professionalism.

✅  Best ways to close an email to recruiters and employers: 

  • Best regards, 
  • Warm regards,
  • Kind regards,
  • Sincerely,

❌  Worst email sign-offs to recruiters and employers:

  • Yours truly,
  • Lots of love,
  • Warm hugs,
  • Thanks bye,

Step 7: Provide your contact details.

For all documents related to job application, including job acceptance thank you emails, you should include your contact details. Hence, the hiring manager can easily contact you for further steps. Make sure all the personal information you provide is up-to-date and accurate, including email address and phone number, not to mention social media accounts. 

Tips for Writing Thank You for the Offer Mail

💡 1. Proofread your thank you for the offer email.

Although you are at the very end of the hiring process, you still want to show professionalism. It’s important to double-check your job offer thank you letter and make sure you get all the details correct, especially important information such as: 

  • Job title 
  • Working hours 
  • Starting date of employment 
  • Starting salary

💡 2. Keep it concise.

Hiring managers are busy and only have a few minutes to read messages from prospective candidates. Thus, get to the point quickly and keep your thank you mail for the offer letter short. 

💡 3. Be professional and polite.

We know that you're very excited to be starting your new job and to be working with the team. Nevertheless, keep in mind to maintain professionalism and politeness when writing a thank you for the offer letter. 

Some of the elements you need to pay attention to are: 

  • Your email address
  • Greeting
  • Formal language
  • Expression 
  • Sign-off and closing

💡 4. Tailor your email for different positions.

Let's say you’ve received multiple offers and you want to recycle your job offer thank you letter. It's fine, but make sure you make changes to each thank you letter for job offer and write the correct company name and the correct job title when using a template. By doing so, both you and the recipient won't be confused by any of the info you included in the letter. 

💡 5. Exclude any irrelevant details.

Your thank you letter after a job offer should focus on how appreciated and excited you are. Don't contain any information unrelated to the position, and even something that you should speak with the HR representative or manager directly.

Thank You Email for a Job Offer Samples

As mentioned earlier, your thank you email after a job offer also depends on the decision you will make. Read on to learn about 4 examples of how to say thanks for an offer in different scenarios.

Thank you letter for a job offer – Accept

Dear Hiring Manager:

I’m writing this email to express my sincere appreciation for how much time, energy, and thought you have put behind my interview sessions and, ultimately, my job offer.

I’m more than happy to accept the Android Developer position. I’m sure it will be an absolute pleasure to learn and work with the team.

I truly look forward to starting the journey with Podim TechLab soon.

Thank you!


Eunice Chen
[email protected]

Thank you letter for a job offer – Reject

Dear Mr. Pullman:

First of all, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for you considering me as a candidate for the Content Specialist position at SAMO. It was truly my pleasure to have met the team and gotten to know more about the company. 

However, I was offered another position that more closely aligns with my expertise and career goals. I’m writing this email to respectfully withdraw myself from consideration. 

I wish the best for everyone at SAMO and hope that we have another chance to work together in the future. 

Thank you again for this precious opportunity.

Kind regards, 

Leslie Garcia
[email protected]

Thank you letter for a job offer – You’re still considering

Hi Lawrence:

Thank you for sharing the details of the offer for the Graphic Designer position at Rehgic Corp.

I would like to request for a few more days as I am still considering the terms of employment. Could I get back to you by next Friday?

I do apologize for any inconvenience caused due to the delayed response. 

Warm regards, 

Steve Le
[email protected]

Thank you letter for a job offer – Proposing a counter offer

Dear Team:

Thank you very much for offering me the position of Sr. Customer Service Executive at IVY Moda. I am sure that I would find the position rewarding.

However, I am hoping that we can discuss the possibility of increasing my base salary by 5%. This would bring my salary in line with the national average, and beat another job offer with a higher base salary of $4,500.

Please let me know if we can discuss this before I can make a final decision on whether to accept your offer.

I appreciate your time and consideration regarding my concern. 


Jennifer Kim
[email protected]

Thank You Email for a Job Offer Template

Still worried about crafting your own thank you email for a job offer? Or in a rush? You can never go wrong with a template – that makes it much easier for you to write your letter or email. Check out a job offer thank you letter template below:

Dear [Recipient's Name],

Thank you for offering me an opportunity to work at [Company Name]. I very much appreciate the time and effort your team has spent to review my application and interview me for the position of [Job Title].

I’m happy to inform you that I accept the offer and can’t wait to start the journey with the team.  

Once again, thank you for the great opportunity. 


[Your name]
[Your email address]
[Your phone number]
[Your portfolio, personal website, or professional profile link]

🔑  Key Takeaways:

To respond to an offer letter, a thank you email seems to be the quickest and most common way nowadays. In some cases, you can also choose to send a thank you letter for the job offer accepted.

Regardless of the form, make sure to express your deep gratitude and use a business letter format so you will appear professional and polished. 

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