Is it Bad to Have a Two Page Resume? [Tips + Examples]

How many pages should a resume be? The one-page resume standard is often recommended to job applicants because recruiters read through applicants' resumes in seconds. According to resume and recruitment expert Jennifer Johnson, limiting applicants’ resume length to one page can result in omitting important keywords. Two-page resume is suitable for applicants with years of experience and would like to demonstrate career progression to recruiters or employers. 

So, when is a one-page resume preferred?

A one-page resume is suitable for you if:

  • You’re a student.
  • You’re a recent graduate.
  • A potential employer or recruiter demands a one-page resume. 

A one-page resume is preferred if you prioritize content over length. Recruiters generally have seconds to go through a candidate’s resume. A one-page resume has the advantage of obtaining concise content.

However, a two-page resume has an exception. A two-page resume is not suitable for freshly-graduated students who simply do not possess the experience for a two-page resume or CV. Therefore, whether a resume should be one page or two depends on your situation. Ideally, a one-page resume is suitable for students and recent graduates; a two-page resume is better for professionals with years of experience and skills.

Can a Resume Be Two Pages?

Under certain circumstances, a two-page resume can give you some advantages as well.

Read on to know when a resume can be two pages long.

1. When you have a long working history.

No one will blame you for having a long working history. It is more than reasonable that you would have more content on a two-page resume as you move up to the senior level. 

2. When the job needs an extensive amount of experience.

When your profession demands expertise in particular skills and experience, the two-page resume format is preferred. 

3. When all the contents of your resume are important and relevant to the job application.

As your work experience begins to stack up, you want to increase the number of keywords in the content. It is an essential step to get your two-page resume noticed by the recruiters. 

4. When the job application has more requirements so you need more resume sections.

Sometimes job applications demand more resume content. For example, recruiters may want to see your past project examples if you were a designer. 

When Is It Bad to Have a Two-Page Resume?

1. When you are a fresh graduate or have less than 10 years of working experience.

As a fresh graduate, you do not have the experience to fill up a two-page resume. Therefore, having a two-page resume can be redundant. 

2. When you are applying for an entry-level position.

As you are applying for an entry-level position, you may not have plenty of work experience in the past. Hence, having a one-page resume can show precision and concise content. 

3. When your resume is less than 1.5 pages long. 

When your resume is less than 1.5 pages long, you would have plenty of white space on the second page, which is not a good look and can make your resume seem empty. You can try to cut it down to a one-page resume for concise content.

Two-Page Resume Template & Format

Two-page resume template and format for two-page resumes are identical to a typical one-page resume, just with more content.

A two-page resume should contain:

  • Personal information 
  • Resume objectives or summary 
  • Skills
  • Work experience 
  • Education
  • Awards and accomplishments 

A two-page resume and CV format should be consistent with the following styles:

Chronological Format

A chronological format lists your work experience in reverse order. For example, place your latest work experience first, then work your way back. It is the most popular format and is often preferred by recruiters or hiring managers.  

Functional Format

A functional format categorizes your experience into different skills. It highlights your expertise and is often preferred when you desire to show transferable skills or transition into a different career. 

Combination Format

A combination format combines both the chronological and functional formats. It is an ideal resume format for experienced job applicants or career changers. 

Tips on How to Write a Two-Page Resume

💡 Put crucial information on the resume first page.

Just like the one-page resume, place crucial information such as work experience, skills list, resume summary, and achievements on the first page of the two-page resume.

💡 Use page numbers.

Adding page numbers on your two-page resume can help recruiters and hiring managers see the pages clearly. You can number them as 1/2 and 2/2. 

💡 Submit two sheets instead of a double-sided resume.

Most resumes are submitted digitally nowadays, but if you submit your two-page resume in printed papers, make sure to print two sheets. A double-sided resume may save some trees, but hiring managers may not notice the second page.  

💡 Use a paperclip to keep your resume together.

As you submit a multi-page resume, make sure to use the paperclip to keep the two-page resume together. This step can make it easier for the hiring manager who may want to scan your documents.  

💡 Try to change the layout or fonts when you have remaining space on your page.

If your two-page resume has 1.5 pages or a little more, but not enough to make it a two-page resume, you can try to change your 2 page resume or CV format. Change the spacing to increase space on your resume, or adjust the font size. 

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The DOs and DON’Ts when Writing a Two-Page Resume

✅ Do include a lot of keywords.

Optimizing your two-page resume with keywords and helping you get noticed by recruiters quickly. Moreover, if your two-page resume is published online, recruiters can find you easily with keywords search. 

✅ Do focus on the most relevant experience.

Even though a two-page resume allows you to increase the content in the resume, prioritizing relevant experience can help recruiters identify whether you are a suitable candidate. 

✅ Do read through the job descriptions .

Show the recruiters and hiring managers that you have read the job descriptions carefully before applying with your two-page resume and CVs. 

❌ Don’t repeat your skills on the second page.

Repeating core information such as the skills on the second page can make it difficult for recruiters to prioritize important information from your two-page resume. 

❌ Don’t show your resume summary on the second page.

Your resume summary provides a first impression for the recruiters. Placing it on the second page of your two-page resume shows poor resume etiquette. 

❌ Don’t include redundant information.

Even though you chose to include more content for your two-page resume, try to avoid including redundant information.

2-Page Resume - Frequently Asked Questions

💭 Is a 2-page resume OK?

A two-page resume is a good choice for experienced job seekers and when the job itself demands levels of expertise. 

💭 Can a resume be more than one page?

Yes. You can submit multi-page resumes like a three-page resume. A three-page resume is more suitable for applicants who need to show a comprehensive profile. It is a good idea to use multi-page resumes on job sites such as CakeResume or LinkedIn.

💭 Is it bad to have a two page resume?

It depends. Before deciding whether you want your resume to be one page or two, ask yourself, “what is the purpose of writing this resume?”. Consider your current position as well. Are you looking for an entry-level position? Or are you applying for a senior-level position? 

💭 What is a two-page resume format like?

A two-page resume format is no different from a one-page resume format. Keep in mind to place key information such as skills, work experience, and a summary statement on the first page. 

💭 Is a 1 or 2 page resume better?

Recruiters prefer a one-page resume because it is more concise and easy to read. A two-page resume is preferred if you are an experienced candidate. 

💭 Should a resume be more than one page?

A multi-page resume or three-page resume can be a good choice if you want to showcase a comprehensive profile on CakeResume or  LinkedIn. A two-page resume can help experienced applicants increase the richness of the content.

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