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In the finance industry, you will find that underwriters play a significant part in many different sectors, such as in mortgages, insurance, loans, debt security, equity, etc. An underwriter is in charge of assessing the risks for companies. 

From credit reports to financial records, an underwriter will need to filter through many types of resources to source out if the risk outweighs the benefits. Similarly, an actuary will also factor in the risk analysis in the same work environment.

However, an actuary performs risk assessment and creates rating tools, tables, and various kinds of risk assessment documents while an underwriter evaluates risk based on the data an actuary produces.

Before you can start assessing risks for clients, you will need to develop a professional underwriter resume for the employer.

Whether you are looking to design a mortgage underwriter resume, an insurance underwriter resume, or a credit underwriter resume, the below tips and tricks will be able to help guide you through the path.

How to write an extraordinary underwriter resume?

Regardless of your experience level, there are six steps to creating a strong underwriter resume. 

Step 1: Understand the differences between an underwriter CV and a resume. 

An underwriter resume is customized for a specific job and often used for regular job search while an underwriter CV will contain a detailed list of all your work experience and credentials.

Typically, the more tailored your underwriter resume is for the underwriting position, the more likely the recruiter invites you for an interview.  

Step 2: Choose the right underwriter resume format

With their pros and cons, the resume formats that you can select from for your underwriter resume have a changing impact on how you present professional experience. 

  • the chronological resume format 
  • the functional resume format 
  • the combinational resume format 

Step 3: Look for underwriter resume examples or underwriter resume samples online. 

Underwriter resume examples, like the loan underwriter resume sample at the end of the article, allow you to assess and consider the parts you can potentially include in your underwriter resume. 

Step 4: Tailor your underwriter resume for the position. 

Check the job description when writing your resume for a specific underwriter job.  Show the recruiter you have the skills and work experience needed. 

Step 5: Compose a well-thought-out underwriter cover letter. 

Though not always required, a cover letter to go with your underwriter resume is highly recommended. In the cover letter, elaborate on the reason behind applying for this particular underwriter role and the qualifications mentioned on your resume.

Step 6: Proofread your underwriter resume. 

Avoid any risks of having a careless grammar mistake or typo in your underwriter resume by reviewing it one last time before your final submission. 

What to include in your underwriter resume?

1. Resume Profile (Personal Information)

At the top of your underwriter resume, include all the necessary contact information so that the employer can effortlessly get back to you for any opportunities. Make sure to have your full name, email address, cell number, and address listed. 

2. Underwriter Resume Headline 

Near the contact information is the headline for your underwriter resume, which grabs the employer’s interest and encourages them to read the rest of your underwriter resume. 

Underwriter Resume Headline Example: 

Loan Underwriter Proficient in FHA Guidelines and Mortgage Banking

3. Underwriter Resume Summary

If you have a strong work history or you are building an underwriting manager resume, you will want to incorporate an underwriter resume summary right after your headline. 

Underwriter Resume Summary Example: 

Underwriter with 4+ years of financial experience assessing mortgage and consumer loans while in compliance with lending policies and regulations.  

4. Underwriter Resume Objective

On the other hand, if you are writing an entry-level underwriter resume, such as an underwriting assistant resume, and have limited experience, you will find an objective statement to be more beneficial.  

Underwriter Resume Objective Example: 

Dedicated underwriting assistant with 2+ years of experience reviewing consumer and residential loan documentation. Eager to join Lionbridge as an underwriter to start thoroughly assessing financial risks for clients. 

5. Underwriter Skills on the Resume

Underwriter skills on your resume showcase your strengths and traits, which will allow the employer to assess and determine if you are fit for the underwriting role. 

Underwriting Skills Resume Examples: 

  • Credit Analysis
  • Underwriting Guidelines 
  • Stress Management 

6.  Underwriter Resume Work Experience

Ensure that every work, volunteer, or internship experience provided in your underwriter resume contains your title at the time, name of organization or company, and the duration of work. 

Underwriter Resume Work Experience Example: 

Loan Underwriter | SNI
Feb 2018 - Present

  • Discussing with 10+ prospective clients weekly.
  • Assessing through financial documents and helping determine appropriate mortgage loan plans.

7.  Underwriter Resume Education

Make sure that in the education section in your underwriter resume, you have included the type of education/degree, name of the school, duration of education, and any additional educational achievements. 

Underwriter Resume Education Example: 

B.S. in Statistics
University of Missouri
2012 - 2016

8. Additional Information for Your Underwriter Resume

With various certifications and requirements for different underwriter roles, you will want to check back in the job description of a particular underwriter role to decide what additional information you want to add to the resume. 

The types of information you can include in your underwriter resume are:

Additional Information for your Underwriter Resume Examples: 

  • Certificate: Certified Mortgage Underwriter (NAMU-CMU)
  • License: Mortgage Loan Originator License (MLO) 

Tips for writing the best underwriter resume

To write the best underwriter resume and win a job interview, use the following six tips when creating an underwriter resume for your next role. 

✨ 1. Customize your underwriter resume for the position.

For instance, if you are applying for a commercial underwriter role, you will want to include your strong customer service skills as well as your Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter certificate in your commercial underwriter resume. 

✨ 2. Quantify work experience examples in your underwriter resume.

Include any underwriting-related numerical details, such as the sales growth, the average debt-to-income ratio (DTI) you have managed, in your underwriter resume. 

✨ 3. Design an ATS-friendly underwriter resume format.

An ATS-friendly underwriter resume will include the keywords from the underwriting job posting and neatly listed headings and bullet points in a suitable resume format. 

✨ 4. Utilize action verbs in your underwriter resume.

With the addition of action verbs in your underwriter resume, you can guarantee that your resume will be remarkable. Some action verbs that are perfect for an underwriter resume include ensured, authorized, and leveraged. 

✨ 5. Computer knowledge is a plus, especially for an entry-level underwriter resume.

If you are building an underwriter resume with no experience, try to include the computer skills that you excel at, such as your proficiency with MS Excel or your experience in using statistical programs. 

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How to write an underwriter cover letter?

For the underwriter cover letter you write, remember to include the following five main sections: 

  • Contact Information
    • Full Legal Name
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number
    • Address or Location
  • Greeting
    • Greet the hiring manager at the beginning of your underwriter cover letter. Then, show who you are and how you found the underwriting position.
  • Intention
    • Provide the employer with reasons as to why you are interested in the underwriting position and what you are keen to accomplish. 
  • Qualification
    • Dive into what makes you special and what experience and skills you possess make you the ideal candidate for the underwriter role. 
  • Closing
    • Wrap up your underwriter cover letter by providing your contact information again and thanking the employer for the time. 

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Underwriter resume sample

Moya Bo  

Loan Underwriter Proficient in FHA Guidelines and Mortgage Banking

111 Hall Ln., Columbia, MO 65211
[email protected]


Underwriter with 4+ years of financial experience assessing mortgage and consumer loans. Knowledgeable in lending policies and regulations. Certified and licensed mortgage loan originator.  

Work Experience

Loan Underwriter | SNI
Feb 2018 - Dec 2021

  • Discussed with 10+ prospective clients weekly, assessed through financial documents, and helped determine appropriate mortgage loan plans. 
  • Approved 1k+ mortgages and 200+ prime mortgages, with an average client satisfaction rate of 98%. 
  • Maintained client loyalty. 

Mortgage Underwriting Assistant | Lionbridge
Jan 2017 - Jan 2018

  • Helped the underwriting team with assessing client credit scores, financial situations, and personal background to lead to the appropriate loan plan.  
  • Processed new loans and statements for a team of 20 underwriters to utilize during client appointments. 
  • Supported a team of 10 underwriters in preparing documents, confirming appointments, and proofreading financial paperwork.  


Hard skills
Soft skills
- Financial Analysis 
- Risk Assessment 
- Mortgage Banking 
- Underwriting Compliance 
- Underwriting Approval Process 
- Underwriting Calculations 
- Credit Reports Analysis 
- Titles & Appraisal 
- Lending Procedure 
- Cash Flow Analysis 
- Organized
- Analytical
- Problem Solving
- Decision Making 
- Attentive 
- Ethics
- Time Management 
- Stress Management 
- Communication 
- Logical 


  • Certified Mortgage Underwriter (NAMU-CMU)
  • Mortgage Loan Originator License (MLO)


B.S. in Statistics
University of Missouri
2012 - 2016

  • MU Honors College 
  • GPA: 3.95

--- Originally written by Jessica Sun ---

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