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Many times, people might take things for granted, enjoying various gadgets, programs, and applications. We fail to recognize the efforts of user experience (UX) professionals as we marvel at the wow experiences. These professionals include UX (User Experience) designers, UX researchers, and UI (User Interface) designers. 

UX researchers find out what consumers/users may desire in a specific product through research, surveys, interviews, experiments, and observation. In this way, they obtain data on likely user behavior, possible design desires, and customers' motivations of using the product in the future. 

UX designers take data from UX researchers on users’ insights, market behavior, and product lifecycle to make applications, programs, and products usable in an optimized manner by exploring different approaches. UX designers enhance customer satisfaction, product accessibility, and user convenience, sometimes using various digital and web media. 

UI designers, on the other hand, work in tandem with UX designers and other design specialists. They comb every face and page that a user will interact with when using the product or service. Where will the user touch? Is the button, knob, and switch smooth all the way?

Does the product realize the vision of UX designers, and does it use the information availed by UX researchers?

It is important to note that small companies often employ only one role to perform the duties of  optimizing users’ experience. It’s therefore beneficial for aspiring UX designers to familiarize themselves with all the relevant  research and design duties when applying for UX designer jobs.

📝 Note: This guide is for both UX designers and UX researchers. 

To get the dream UX designer job, you need a professional UX designer resume to stand any chance of emerging among the top candidates. Your UX designer resume should clearly sell your experiences, announce your skills, and education to outplay other candidates. 

If you want to write a UX designer resume, look no further. Here is the route to your outstanding UX designer resume, for you to get your dream job.

For a start, here are some key UX designer job duties and responsibilities to place on a resume:

  • Evaluate applications and their UX (user experience) effectiveness.
  • Build storyboards to show designs that convey project plans to executive managers and clients.
  • Use different media and surveys to get user feedback on the product, satisfaction levels, accessibility, and ease of use.
  • Create and maintain design wireframes and requirements.
  • Produce a visual identity into the end product in conjunction with other designers and creative directors. 
  • Convey hypothetical customer scenarios, end-to-end experiences, interface models, and visual designs to other product designers.
  • Apply recent data from various studies for better user experiences.
  • Explaining the user interface models, task flows, specifications, and projections.
  • Boost the user experience by developing smooth navigation through different digital codes and interfaces within the production process.
  • Test sample applications, websites, software, programs, and codes to evaluate the user experience and ease of design.

How to write a great UX designer resume?

Writing a good UX designer resume is not rocket science. Simply use the following tips.

Tip 1: Make the UX designer resume format ATS-friendly.
An ATS software scans a resume before the recruiters see it. For your UX designer resume to pass through the ATS, use job-relevant keywords, qualifications, and skills. Apply 10-12 font-size without fancy fonts, tables, images, and graphics.

Tip 2: Look up online UX designer resume templates and examples.
Several templates exist online where you simply fill in your data to the defined UX designer resume sections. You simply type “UX designer resume examples” on any search engine. Then pick your match, fill in your best details, run it, and the magic UX designer resume is done.

Tip 3: Adapt your UX designer resume for the job by adopting keywords.
Evaluate your qualifications vis-à-vis the UX designer job requirements advertised to match them when crafting your resume. Enrich the resume with tangible facts and figures on your skills and experiences and format it appropriately.

Should recruiters demand a resume, make a summary of your attributes, education, and skills in a 1-2 pages document. Or did they ask for a Curriculum Vitae (CV)? Outline your whole ‘course of life’ like education, achievements, work history, skills, awards, and hobbies in detail.

Tip 4: Give quantified information on the UX designer resume.
As a dutiful UX designer, you followed and did your duties to the letter like many other UX designers. To position yourself better, provide facts and figures using percentages, range, amounts, and related quantities. The action verbs and the quantities will be a measure of your value to the recruiters. 
Saying “trained 6 intern UX researchers on 5 user interface methods which increased sales by 30%” shows value, unlike saying “trained UX researchers on new user interface methods”

Tip 5: Customize your resume for the UX designer job position.
 Different companies have specific requirements per a job opening. Digest your qualifications and match them to the particular UX designer job advertised.

What is a good objective for a UX designer resume?

Where do you want to go if you get this specific UX designer job? How will you help the company? State your motivation and intent in 2-3 sentences just below the contact section on the UX designer resume. 

Writing a UX designer resume objective is beneficial since:

  • It mentions keywords allowing the ATS to scan them easily.
  • It reveals your professional career focus.
  • It implores interviewers to read your UX designer resume to discover more about your abilities and achievements.

✅ Now that you know why an objective is essential, here are crucial features to spice up your UX designer resume objective.

  1. Be specific.
    Write a new UX designer resume objective for each particular job application. Using a general career objective statement is a no-no as some parts may not connect. Align your qualifications to the UX designer job specifications to stress how you will advance with the company.
  2. Use related keywords only. 
    Study the job description and adopt keywords on the UX designer resume objective. 
  3. Concentrate on your proposed value. 
    Will your qualities benefit the company if they give the job to you? Convince them quickly in the career objective for your UX designer resume.

UX designer resume objective examples:

  1. A focused UX designer and developer, skilled in wireframes and applications development. Completed 20+ projects in process design and web apps invention. Developed a mobile music app that got over 32000 downloads in 4 months.
  2. A dedicated self-motivated UX designer assistant with 4 years experience in a busy product design environment. Seeking to use my technical and UX research skills to optimize  user experience of the company’s products.
  3. An interactive senior UX researcher experienced in product, customer, and market research for high-end organizations. Seeking to use the  UX researcher skills and experience in customer insights and product lifecycle at Motivite Co. Ltd to improve its projected growth through perfect product designs.

How to craft a UX designer resume summary

If you’re writing a senior UX designer resume or a UX lead resume, you may find the babble in a resume objective unsuitable since you have extensive experience in user experience optimization and a wide range of UX skills to showcase. 

You can follow the resume summary route to pronounce achievements and qualities better using relevant keywords for the UX designer resume summary.

⚠️ To avoid being lost in the field of resume writing, here are some critical essentials for a good UX designer resume summary.

  1. Keep it concise.
    Confine your UX designer profile summary to30 - 50 words (not above 100 words), highlight your best qualities instead of revealing everything.
  2. Create a smooth flow.
    Use a seamless logical framework to show your attributes from the title, experience, skills, to education.
  3. Amplify your experience with prominent companies.
    Did you work for a reputable organization? Mentioning it adds more weight to your UX designer resume summary.
  4. Pick strategic adjectives that define you. 
    Use professional adjectives like industrious, imaginative, team-oriented, innovative, etc. However, shun bragging adjectives like an ambitious, proactive, go-getter, etc.
  5. Eliminate spelling mistakes and typos.
    Who wants misspelled words and broken language on a resume? Do yourself a favor by proofreading your user experience resume, or ask for help from someone else.

Profile summary examples for a UX designer resume:

1.  Highly skilled UX designer with over 10 years’ experience in user experience prototyping. Adept at deploying new design programs with 20% higher performance than previous UX designers. A computer science university graduate specialized in software design. Improved user interface for 12 products which raised sales by 33% in 2 years.

2.  A team-oriented UX designer with over 7 years of experience collaborating with UX researchers, UX designers, and UI designers to produce seamless products and web designs. Created and launched a robust design framework with measurable project estimates, information architecture, milestones, heuristic evaluations, and program evaluation interfaces.

3. A self-driven UX researcher proficient in iterative sketches, storyboards, and task analysis. Excellent troubleshooting skills on various website menus and usability. Generated design ideas using wireframe on surveys, interviews, and focus groups. Provide valuable data that led to excellent product designs, increasing sales by 42% in 3 years.

Which specific skills should you provide on a UX designer resume?

Skills refer to what you possess in terms of competencies, abilities, and expertise. Skills are derived from personality traits, learning, experience, and education. 

Different roles call for certain skill sets. It's important to filter your skills and list the best ones suiting a specific job. Those who are writing a junior UX designer resume, entry-level UX designer resume, or have resume gaps will find this section their best-selling point, allowing them to blow their trumpets for recruiters to notice them.

There are four UX design resume skills listing formats for you to choose from.

🏷  Basic bullet list

Just list skills in bullet form. Skills you might include in your UX designer resume include: 

  • Interactive Design
  • Prototyping 
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Empathy

Recruiters will easily pick the skills from the list.

🏷  The expanded bullets list

Expanding the points reveals more information on your skills. For your UX designer resume, consider the following.

  • Customer insights research on the user interface
    Effectively performed customer survey on 5 products user interface which yielded valuable data leading to 4 products' perfection and release to the market successfully.
  • Prototyping
    Created over 20 product stereotypes in 1 year, 15 of which led to the release of several desirable products.
  • Coordinating UX designer teams
    Organized a team of 14 entry-level UX designers for 4 years, raising the client base by 70% due to the utter seamlessness of product user experiences. 

This format amplifies your skills by evidently shouting the value you will bring to the company.

Those with a battery of skills to pronounce will find the format limiting since the space on a resume is limited.

🏷  Work experience & skills integrated

For those who possess a lengthy work history, you will be at home with this format where you list experiences in reverse chronology accompanied with a shorter skills list.

As you might have learned by now, every competency you outline should be professional and quantified. 

🏷  Categorized skills section

For those who have a wide range of different skills. They need to list particular skills assumed in each broad category.

Examples of categorized skills format for a UX designer resume:

UX designer prototyping skills:

  • Website maintenance
  • Testing website applications
  • Experimental product designs

Image creation skills:

  • Organized UX designer teams
  • Image inventory management
  • Uploading and integrating images to web content

💡 Tips: If the UX designer job you’re applying for requires a broad skill set, this format should be the bridge to take you there.

To crown it all, here are the top ingredients of a good UX designer resume skills section.

  1. Keep it brief.
    Recruiters have little time to skim your skills, so be brief and to the point.
  2. Pertinence is key.
    Irrelevancies distract recruiters away from your core job suitable skills, so drop them even if they are attractive to you.
  3. Use a clear format.
    Use the skills formats given above to write an organized and professional UX designer resume that is distinct from others.
  4. Outline hard and soft skills.
    Are your skills equal to the ones listed in the UX designer job description? Pluck the most relevant technical and soft ones from your skills’ bank.
  5. Scrutinize the job requirements closely.
    Hover over the “qualification & requirements" section in the job description to ensure you match your skills to the specified keywords to increase your chances of earning an interview.

Examples of UX designer skills for a resume:

Hard Skills

  • Visual communication
  • Software development
  • Customer insights
  • Interface design

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Creativity
  • Problem-solving

How to create a UX designer resume with no experience?

For those who are writing an entry-level UX designer resume or a junior UX designer resume, it might be hard in the beginning since relevant experience is lacking.

However, every UX design professional  can gain immensely from the following 5 bits of advice.

📎 Advice 1: Choose a suitable resume format for the UX designer resume.
An entry-level UX designer resume without relevant work experience should adopt a functional resume format that emphasizes the candidate’s skills first since there is no work history to display. 

📎 Advice 2: Adopt a career objective for the UX designer resume.
For those who are switching careers into the UX designer field, a career objective can state their aim of applying for the job. 

📎 Advice 3: State your educational qualifications.
Is your education level equal to the task for the UX designer job? Education details will allow employers to assess your suitability for the UX designer job. 

📎 Advice 4: Incorporate your website, portfolio, or work sample.
Do you have a portfolio or a personal website? Any work sample or side project? If they are relevant to the UX researcher job, include them. 

📎Advice 5: Create an honest UX designer cover letter.
Before dipping into the UX designer resume, recruiters peruse the cover letter to decide whether to proceed or not. Let the cover letter give hints on your best skills, education, and work experience.

CakeResume provides the right UX Designer resume templates & formats for UX Designers to showcase their skills and experiences. Sign up to create the best UX Designer resume Now!

UX designer resume sample

Pradjit Nehru

A methodical graduate UX designer holding 8+ years’ experience in successful product and web design environments. Able to conduct research, design, and perfect various products' interfaces.

Mobile: (42105) 452854-780845
Email: [email protected]


An articulate UX designer with 8+ years experience in creating valuable customer experience apps in a busy fast-moving environment. Excellent skills in research, prototyping, information dissemination, and user testing. Improve business turnover by over 50% in 2 years. Holder of bachelor's degree in design and information technology.

Work Experience

Senior UX Designer, Motiplet Designs, Swansea, Wales

Apr 2016 - Nov 2021

  • Coordinated a focus group consisting of 5 UX designers and 4 UX researchers that introduced well-designed products.
  • Increased UX scores 25% for 5 wildlife conservation websites.
  • Trained over 100 junior UX designer and increased productivity by 45% in all the Motiplet websites and user interfaces they designed.

UX Researcher, Sandhrawl Enterprises, Mumbai, India

Oct 2012 - Nov 2015

  • Exceeded the yearly 30 product testing jobs target by 30% on average.
  • Supervised a team of 20 highly skilled UX designers in overhaul and repair of over 30 websites, which increased revenue by 35%. 
  • Troubleshooted and compiled a list of 21 UX designer issues that led to a restructuring of the 5 company sites and raising the number of clients by 40%.


Hard Skills:

  • Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Wire-framing
  • Prototyping
  • Web design

Soft Skills:

  • Communication
  • Empathy
  • Persuasiveness
  • Teamwork
  • Organization


  • Ribbon College, Newcastle, England
    • Bachelor's Degree in Design and Information Technology

June 2012 - May 2014

--- Originally written by Kariuki Samuel ---

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