5 Tips to Build a Strong Machine Learning Resume

better than we do ourselves, and this is made possible by machine learning and AI. According to Linkedin’s 2019 report , job openings for machine learning have grown 96% with $18,200 being the median base salary per year —meaning, machine learning engineers are highly sought after. Another study conducted by Analytics India Magazine reveals that there are more than 78,000 job vacancies in the Machine Learning and Data Science fields in India. Further Reading: 5 Useful Resume Tips... Read more


Software Engineer Resume : Do's & Don'ts of a Perfect Engineering Resume

Sample Page and refer to other engineering resumes created by users. Further reading : 5 Tips to Build a Strong Machine Learning Resume Dos Fresh graduates 1. Prepare portfolios As there is not much work experience to write for a software engineer fresher, hence it is common to not know what to write on resumes. In fact, the best way is to write about some small projects or works that can be displayed. If you are interviewing for a web engineer... Read more



界! 【2018夏季資深工程師快速面試】參展企業 公司名稱:Vpon威朋大數據股份有限公司 成立時間:2008 產業:行動數據 團隊成員:90 徵求職缺: Machine Learning Scientist 、 DevOps Engineer(Ad Network) 、 Ad tech Engineer 、 Sr. Android & Team Lead 粉絲專頁 前往報名CakeResume快速面試... Read more



率、是否有Gap 每一項職務所需的穩定度有些不同,Recruiter並不會一概而論,例如技術性較新的職務(ex:AI、Machine Learning),Recruiter對任職期間較短的接受度會比較大。或例如工作年資在3年以下,或是之前的經歷是新創... Read more


那些新創教我的事 VII「 與公司一起快速成長,是最棒的人生經驗 」- 鄭淙勻 (Fugle 全棧工程師)

服務自主、有想法的投資人。Fugle 開發一站式的股票研究平台,用戶可以自行建置投資組合,機器學習 (Machine Learning) 的資訊系統亦能預測用戶需要的資訊,從新聞、研究報告、產業上下游相關性、籌碼面、技術面等... Read more

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