備審資料 簡歷/自傳/讀書計畫 - 5 個步驟教你寫出致勝的備審資料

自傳 - 備審資料 讀書計畫 - 備審資料 相關證明 - 備審資料 作品集/小論文 一、備審資料 備審資料(英文:Application Materials for College/Graduate Admission)是在高中生透過 個人申請 的方式進入大學,以及大學生透過 推甄 的方式進入研究所... Read more


“Haves and “Have Nots” for Resumes – 11 New Rules

If the company has a website, check out the colors they use, and use the same ones – it’s a psychological thing, but it does help you stand out. Appendices It is considered a good idea to attach additional applicant materials that is relevant to the position as appendices to your resume. This is more convenient for the reader than accessing those materials online. Keywords as Close to the top as Possible Get those keywords in toward the top of... Read more


The Key Differences between Resume and CV

of a prospective employer or client. A resume is a summary of your skills and experiences. When you’re looking for a job, you need to present yourself in the best possible way to impress the employers and also to materialize your inherent qualifications on paper. With just a few tips and tricks, it is possible to produce the perfect resume to seize that once-in-a-lifetime shot at your dream job! Further Reading: Looking for guidelines to write... Read more


設計業新星「UI設計師」,如何煉成?— UI設計自學資源與求職管道整理

體制內的學習路線,是沒辦法勝任這樣的新興工作的。而關於自學,Samuel推薦除了最基本的iOS Human Interface Guideline、Materia Design Guideline以外,還有網站像是 優設 、 Little Big Details 。例外,Medium上值得追蹤的有 UX Pin 、 Muzli 、 Sketch 、 Figma Design 、 AAPD ,線上課程他則推... Read more


DevOps 介紹 》建立 DevOps 文化,消除開發、營運、品保斷層

寫能良好因應需求變化的程式碼等方法,組織出靈活的跨功能團隊。相對傳統的瀑布式軟體開發 (Waterfall Software Development) 則是如同瀑布一般由上而下,從產品需求設計到維護更新的開發程序,由於各階段劃分嚴... Read more

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