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Akohub 是由 AI 技術與電商品牌創業等背景的團隊於 2015 年創辦的新創公司,專注為全球品牌電商打造精準行銷 SaaS 產品,幫助電商品牌更方便地自動運用 AI 行銷科技提升廣告報酬率與轉單率。

Akohub 為全球電商平台龍頭 Shopify 第一家台灣合作夥伴,我們的產品 Ako Retargeting 連續兩年受到 Shopify 官方精選推薦給全球電商,為 Shopify App Store 搜尋排名第一的 Retargeting 再行銷 App。目前我們的客戶全球已有數千家,涵蓋範圍包含 50% 北美、30% 亞洲、20% 歐洲與紐澳市場,且每年持續快速成長。我們在 2019 年也成為全台第三家廣告科技類別之 Facebook Marketing Partner - Ad Tech,與 Facebook 密切合作,幫助品牌客戶提升銷售轉換率與銷售量。


Akohub is dedicated to providing the leading precision marketing SaaS product for global e-commerce brands. We help e-commerce merchants target their potential customers with greater ROI by leveraging our advertising technology.

Akohub is the First Taiwan Partner with Shopify, the #1 e-commerce builder platform all over the world. Our product, Ako Retargeting, has been featured as the best “Staff Picks” app on the front page of Shopify App Store by Shopify and recommended to global e-commerce brands. Currently we have thousands of clients globally, including 50% in North America, 30% in Asia, and 20% in Europe and Australia. Also, Akohub is certified as the Facebook Marketing Partner - Ad Tech since 2019. We work with Facebook and help e-commerce brands increase conversion rates and gain more sales.

If you’re passionate about startup environment and marketing technology, would love to promote the next generation SaaS product to the world with us, please do not hesitate to let us know and talk more with us!


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