Operations Specialist/Assistant (Finance, HR, Administration)

Job Description

📍This position offers a two-day weekend, but the days off are not fixed on Saturdays and Sundays. As an Operations Specialist, you will need to choose three weekdays to come to the office and handle internal affairs. On weekends, this position will assist with the "Blue Path Program" a public welfare mentoring program aimed at connecting experienced industry mentors with newcomers to the workforce. Through monthly in-depth exchange meetings, we help newcomers address workplace or career issues and promote their professional growth.

Blue Path Program:https://www.facebook.com/bluepathprogram

- Basic Tasks We Expect You to Contribute -

  • Internal Company Responsibilities
    • Daily administrative tasks
    • Handling human resources-related matters
    • Monthly financial reconciliation and liaison with the accountant
    • Preparing government-required documents and audit materials
    • Assisting with other tasks assigned by supervisors
  • Blue Path Program
    • Accounting
    • Assisting with daily class administrative tasks
    • Supporting other Project Managers in ensuring the progress of various activities

- Skills You Can Learn and Future Development Opportunities -

  • Advanced Path 1 - Potential Future Consultant Talent
    • Serve as a Researcher, learning about the relevant positions and searching for suitable talent.
    • Complete recruitment/human resources consultant projects.
  • Advanced Path 2 - Human Resources Specialist
    • We offer a solid training knowledge framework and practical opportunities to help you become an excellent HR professional.
  • Advanced Path 3 -Marketing Talent
    • Marketing and Social Media Promotion: Official Website, Linkedin, E-Newsletters...etc.
    • Special Project Management: Organize workshops, seminars,  forums..etc.


- We Expect You to Have at Least -

  • Good communication and writing skills with logical structuring.
  • Sufficient positive energy: The work pressure of a consultant is high, and bringing positive energy to each other is crucial for us.
  • Strong ambition: If you join us, you should aim to take something valuable from this experience.
  • A sense of accountability: Viewing yourself as part of the team and striving to complete tasks that will make the team better.
  • Attention to detail: The information provided to clients must be accurate.
  • Proficient English reading and writing skills: Able to understand English job descriptions and resumes, and write business English emails.
  • Adequate skills in using Office software for editing purposes.

- After Joining the Team, You Will Gain -


  • Annual Salary
    • Default Monthly Salary: NT$35,000, but we encourage you to negotiate a salary that you feel reflects your value.
    • Year-End Profit Sharing: Additional bonuses based on company performance and the predefined bonus pool ratio.
  • Labor and Health Insurance and Paid Leave
    • Labor and Health Insurance: Handled according to relevant labor and health insurance regulations.
    • Flexible Working and Vacation System: There is no fixed vacation system. If all work is completed and the team cooperates well, team members can freely choose to work from anywhere in the world or schedule personal vacations. Other statutory vacation matters are handled in accordance with labor laws.

🍹Work-Life Balance and Team Cohesion

  • Monthly Sports Subsidy: Provides a monthly subsidy of NTD 1,000 for fitness or sports.
  • Monthly Reading Subsidy: Provides a monthly subsidy of NTD 1,000 for purchasing books.
  • Recharge Your Energy: Irregular team dinners/team building/team movie days/team massage days.

👩‍💻Support for Growth and Knowledge Sharing

  • Internal Education Training: Offers a variety of internal training courses (Training Plan List: https://reurl.cc/QebAa5)
  • Professional Resume and LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  • Industry Knowledge Learning
  • Job Search Skills and Knowledge
  • Career Planning and Counseling
  • Taiwan Employment Services Examination Coaching

Interview process

- Interview Process and Other Relevant Information -

    • Interview Process:
      • 1st. Team Lead(Online, Zoom)
      • 2nd. Current Operations Specialist (In-person, Office Interview): Approximately 30 min
      • 3rd.Managing Director(In-person, Office Interview)
    • If you do not receive a response within two weeks of submitting your resume, we will not be moving forward with your application, and no additional notification will be sent. If you are invited for an interview, feel free to email us to inquire about the interview results.
    No requirement for relevant working experience
    35,000 TWD / month
    Optional Remote Work
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    Entry level
    35K ~ 60K TWD / month

    200 TWD / hour