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会社規模: 11〜50人
Logo of 思量科技有限公司.
思量科技有限公司專注於軟體技術開發。我們專長於應用程式研發、系統建置以及平台與 WEB 開發。作為一個以技術為核心的科技公司,我們致力於培育專業人才,為客戶提供創新與可靠的軟體解
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Logo of 瑋恆科技有限公司.
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Logo of TONX.
TONX is the cornerstone that empowers builders to scale applications with Telegram and TON Blockchain . As the pioneering partner of TON, TONX offers an open platform that connects developers, investors, and users to shape the new economy. TONX acclaimed TON Hacker House in 2024 fueled a wave of innovative Web3 projects. TONX offers its own API services, providing developers with seamless tools to support the expansion of Telegram and TON applications. TON (The Open Network) is a fully decentralized Layer
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Logo of 版塊設計 Block Studio.
『版塊,專注於數位設計以網站立體化品牌體驗的探險者,從品牌識別到動態特效網站的全方位視覺數位形象設計公司』 ⭓ 企業願景 『成為數位設計領域先驅者,為品牌建構數位形象體驗。』 ⭓ 企業
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Logo of 風車科技有限公司.
「 在智能時代的前沿,引領創新。」 我們,一群對AI與大數據充滿熱情的科技人,共同創立了這家新創公司。我們致力於為客戶提供量身定制的線上軟體平台開發和維護服務。在這個科技迅速發展的
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Logo of Zeus Network.
Positioned as an infrastructure, Zeus Network is built on the Solana Virtual Machine (SVM) to push Solana’s boundaries by welcoming liquidity into Solana, achieving better asset utilization and a seamless user experience. Zeus Network comprises 2 major infrastructures: Zeus Node, a decentralized approach to verify transactions between Solana and other blockchains, and Zeus Program Library (ZPL), a pluggable and programmable developer interface for dApps to build on top. The first mission of Zeus Network is to introduce Bitcoin liquidity
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台灣台北市信義區基隆路一段 180 號 5 樓
Logo of MoonClub.
As a forward-looking and rapidly growing technology company, MoonClub, focuses on developing stunning products for the online gaming industry. Innovation, technology, and leadership drive us to bring our brand-new products, games, and leading technologies worldwide. We believe that a group of great people is the essence of success. We welcome candidates passionate about building a magnificent gaming platform with the same vision as our team. Join us to find a place where you can make the most of
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Zuikertuintjeweg Z/N (Zuikertuin Tower), Curacao, Netherlands
Logo of 雲訊科技有限公司.
加入我們充滿活力的新創團隊! 這裡沒有宮鬥劇,沒有繁複的政治角力,更不必搞那些逢迎拍馬的花招。只需您全心投入,發揮專業本領,展現實力獲得相對應的報酬! 目前加薪幅度最高記錄 20%! 如果
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Logo of 宸和數位科技有限公司.
宸和數位科技至今已成立滿6年,一直以來致力成為最大的軟體開發商。 優秀的團隊承接國際市場上的多國客戶的各種需求, 提供各式創新、極具競爭性商品及即時性服務,穩定的客戶量以及資
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Logo of Tracle 垃可.
服務( Service): Tracle 垃可,為解放生活股份有限公司旗下的到府收垃圾服務。會員只需要透過 LINE,就會有收取夥伴在指定時段,到府把家裡的垃圾收走,倒垃圾就像叫 Uber 一樣方便!另外,我們也為房東、包租代管
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