Honda Civic FD2 with Thai Wide Body

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Honda Civic FD2 with Thai Wide Body

Johor, Malaysia
This is a Thai wide body show car at Taipei AMPA exhibition 2017, which is designed by Thailand manufacturer called NKS-Design(Nekketsu) and cooperating with Taiwan manufacturer to develop.It is quite famous in Thailand. The designer was inspired from Lamborghini exterior and designed to match the wide body with FD2 streamlined style. It isn't cutting sheet metal and fender can be comparable to bolt version of adaption and very close to people in the package. In order to match the cool wide body, the R20A engine had bolted on TD05 turbo and plug in Hondata ECU, and transplant to FD1 5MT gearbox from Japan which is enhanced power to 250hp/35kgm.The chassis also made a series of modification, using wide tires by 215mm to cope mountain driving daily.Generally, this is a high completely modified street car(from exterior,engine,chassis) with a reference value for readers. Article link(Chinese ver. only):

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Published: Mar 17th 2019

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