Intake System Modification

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Intake System Modification

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This chapter we first understand the theory of intake system and describe how to strengthen but also instill air filter different kinds of applications, materials and maintenance concept. The theory of intake system chapter(Chinese ver. only): Strengthen intake system are usually 'increase the intake fill rate', 'strengthen intake pipe of insulation material' , 'control intake pipe diameter' of 3 way direction. 'Increase the intake fill rate' is to increase the flow of air filter and allowing to achieve at high pressure to pour in the air forcibly.In order to do this, it could be installed in air intake try to hit the wind side(away from engine heat). 'Strengthen intake pipe of insulation material' emphasize that maintain the temperature of cold air pipe insulation material must have the ability.The OEM steel material have good effect but can't afford much of turbo boost value, so carbon fiber and aluminum alloy intake pipe can improve insulation and capabilities. 'Control intake pipe diameter' emphasize that increasing influence of diameter of engine power which to enhance performance at high RPM.But too thick diameter will let intake flow rate to slow down at low RPM and the power haven't enough.So balancing it is important. Strengthen intake system chapter(Chinese ver.only): Air filter has intake air and filter impurities only, we recommend the replacement of up to 10,000 km. In addition to OEM filter by paper material, the modified air filter usually have non-woven fabric, polyurethane, metal, wet and dry type corresponding to the different needs of modification and also determine the type of air filter applications(e.g. the original exhange type, package, racing type). Air filter type,material and maintenance chapter(Chinese ver. only):

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Published: Mar 16th 2019

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