The Interviewed Taiwanese Racer

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The Interviewed Taiwanese Racer

Johor, Malaysia
FIST Team AAI—Chen Jun San (Chinese ver.only): •He had raced ATCS(Asia Touring Car Series ) with Honda FN2 who sponsored by BuddyClub. After that he moved to unfamiliar GT field.Once he was seriously injured with a crashed at Thailand circuit.BuddyClub advised him to retire but he was not convinced and bet on the sponsorship if he won the championship and keeping on his career.He did it and got a new engine for each race and best Japanese engineers assisting.For professional team,his greatest support is actually come from TRD team member who worked together in early years and sent the team AAI member for trained to ready for Le Mans 24H.Finally he got P8 in GTE category in 2015. Experience: •1989-1998: Macau Grand Prix, Zhuhai Touring Car championship, ATCC Championship, Japan Super N1 Endurance •1999-2011: ATCC championship,ATCS double champion •2012-2017:Blancpain Series Cup Italy Monza track,OTGP GP2 championship(Taiwan Option Cup),Asia Le Mans Series double champion,Le Mans 24H GTE category 8th place Roslyn Sports Team—Roslyn Shen (Chinese ver.only): •She was an actress in 2000 and race career was started from TV show with rally cross competition. Yokohama Japan to Taiwan for looking female drivers to training the rally race at Shizuoka and the champion can challenge AXCR(Asia Cross Country Rally) to Thailand.Finally she got the champion and with Japanese driver as partner to complete ACXR 2002.However, she was being thought as incapable by the Japan driver.So she was practicing hardly such as writing road book,report road condition,change tires and repair and won the women's champion unexpectedly.In 2015, she established the team behalf of Taiwan.Nobody believed she won the champion again without afford technicians. Experience: •2002-2016—AXCR she won 6 women's championships(behalf Japan) •2017—Established Roslyn Rally Sports Team(behalf Taiwan) and won AXCR women's championship PSA Sport Team—Jeff Lu(Chinese ver.only): •In 90s, once the Marlboro organised racing at Taiwan and who win the champion can get full benefits to racing acdemy in UK.Then he won it and was invited to UK for training to drive touring car and formula car.After back to Asia, he becomes as a France racing team driver until exited from Taiwan.He behalf of Lotus and Subaru Taiwan for racing until retired and help young drivers to challenge Blancpain GT Series Asia. Experience: •1995—Jim Russell Car Racing School Graturated •1996-2003—Behalf France racing team •2013-2014— behalf of Lotus and Subaru Taiwan for racing •2015-2017—Led the young drivers to challenge Blancpain GT Series Asia
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Published: Mar 17th 2019