Young Engineer who Reform Electric Go-Kart

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Young Engineer who Reform Electric Go-Kart

Johor, Malaysia
A Xing Mobility engineer graduated from Dep. of Mehanical Engineering at Virginia Tech University in U.S. developed electric racing technology which can output large power instantly.In order to touch the limits of new technology,he used retired 125c.c. karting transformed into electric go-kart and called'Rovilus Falcon 3.0'. By using DC brushless motor of high performance 18KW(about 25HP),inside the three-phase inverter is adjusted that a wider range of RPM and let the voltage and RPM as a direct ratio to make a linear performance on electric go-kart. It has a large torque instantly while getting started and maintaining stable speed from low RPM to high RPM and also has strong load capacity at low RPM.Furthermore, using lithium-ion battery of pieces who inexplosive through shooting or firing and combined with hybrid cooling.It has 6000 cycles of charging and 12 times longer life compare to general battery life and to full charge just half hour only.Through designed BMS battery management system himself, it can output 700A variable phase current and a stable motor power of 25hp/3.26kgm and better used for go-kart,motorbike,golf cart and other light vehicles. To prove how fast can electric go-kart Falcon3.0 do,I invited Kart Circuit send their IAME X30 125c.c. of 30hp/2kgm to race together.While Falcon 3.0 has 120kg, but the weight properly to get more tires grip and with strong motor torque can make up for the disadvantage overweight especially almost overtaking X30 in continous corner but pulled distance of the straight line(The top speed of electric car lower than petrol car). I had driving Falcon 3.0 on circuit personally and feeling not too much vibration and become easier to drive.Although the terrible acceleration to top speed quickly, but given the high stability let the racer are more confident of corners, so it is very fun kart. The article link(Chinese ver. only): Youtube video: Option Magazine Interviewed(Chinese ver. only):

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Published: Mar 17th 2019

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