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An architect plays a huge part in creating an accommodating yet harmonious environment. Not to mention the unending process of getting a single building built, from a single line sketch to groundbreaking, the continuous design development process following the client’s needs and so on. The architecture journey mostly reminds one to work both effectively and efficiently, and so does an architect resume need to be.

No matter where in the architecture stage you are now, you need a strong architect resume to get to your dream architecture position.

How to write a professional resume for architect jobs?

Any architecture job requires an architect resume along with a portfolio for hiring managers to review one’s qualifications. That being said, note that your architect resume is not to list every skill, achievement, or project you’ve worked on.

Instead, keep it brief and relevant in order to convince recruiters to take the next step: review your portfolio. Worry not, you will have the opportunity to expand your points to details during the interview. But first, let’s focus on how to build an architecture resume that will land you an interview!

Step 1 : Understand the differences between an architect CV and an architect resume

While a CV is a detailed chronological experience of one’s academia journey, a resume only highlights relevant information for the specific position in the job-hunting industry. This is why a CV is allowed to be more than two pages length whilst a resume is strictly a one-page catalog with varieties of layout depending on the context. 

Still curious? Check out The Key Differences between Resume and CV to better understand the differences between CV and Resume!

Step 2 : Choose the right architect resume format.

As strong as a Vierendeel truss, a successful architect resume design is constructed upon the right structure.

There are at least four resume formats for architecture jobs : 

  • Reverse chronological
    This format presents your work history from the most recent to the earliest. This is very suitable for senior architect resumes or architecture student resumes with extensive internship experience.
  • Functional
    Also known as a “skill-based” resume, this format highlights your skills and qualifications. If you are an architecture student or a recent graduate with few experiences or even if you are an architect with a job hiatus, this architect skills resume format will be favorable for you.
  • Combination
    This resume format includes both your skills and your chronological work history.
  • Targeted 
    This highly-customized resume can direct you closer to your dream architecture job as every section of it is tailored based on the job requirements.

Check out “4 Popular Types of Architecture Resume Formats” to find out which architecture resume format works best for you!

Step 3 : Look up architecture resume templates & architecture resume examples online as references.

Don’t hesitate to go online to broaden your knowledge about architect resume design, be it for freshers or even for senior architects.

Step 4 :  Tailor your architecture resume for the job position.

Each industry requires certain skills and prefers a candidate who checks most of their preferred and/or required ones.

Step 5 : Craft an architect cover letter.

Prioritize integrity in writing your architecture cover letter and express your passion towards this field in a structural way as this is your preliminary step to catch the recruiter’s interest.

Step 6 : Proofread.

Like dirt on a clear glass, that is how a typo can affect your whole architecture resume. Always triple check and even have someone to look over if necessary.

What to include in an architect resume?

To create a job-winning architecture resume, make sure you emphasize your expertise in specific architectural areas before you break down to discussing types of projects you have managed to the project quantitative details - such as requirements and budgets.

1. Resume Profile/ Personal Information

Simply include information like:

  • Full name (first step to authenticity)
  • The professional title gives a hint on one’s specialized field in the architecture industry.
  • Email Address and Phone Number
  • Address Information (city, state, country)

2. Architecture Resume Headline

A professional title under your name can let managers know instantly what fields you’ve specialized in.

Architecture Resume Headline Examples

  • Senior Architect - Residential Multistory Buildings
  • Enthusiastic Architecture Student interested in renewable energy
  • Project Lead Senior Architect who reduced cost up to 20% on client specs

3. Architect Resume Summary & Objective

Mind the limited time every hiring manager spends turning thousands of resumes, the key to having your architect resume read thoroughly is to put the most relevant and important information first. Your 2-3 sentences architect resume summary & objective underneath the resume headline provides a chance to restate your whole qualification since the beginning.

These are some examples of ideal career objectives for architects on resumes:

  • A creative and innovative Architect with 3 years professional experience in implementing innovative high-creativity solutions for over 15 clients a year. Designed multi million dollar projects at 15% less cost from competitors.
  • Vigorous architecture student, mastered both 2D drafting software (CAD) and BIM (Revit, ArchiCAD). Won first place in the Cities of 2050 Architecture Competition for innovative design. Created 3D models for a port terminal.

💡 Tips: A good architect resume summary includes some quantitative elements because hiring managers are interested to know the details of your qualifications.

4. Work Experience on Architect Resume

After scanning through your architecture profile summary, the next thing recruiters will read thoroughly before making a decision to call you is indeed the work experience section.

Note that you only need to put relevant work experiences with specific examples and details. Since architecture field mostly highlights the synergy of teamwork, recruiters will be interested in how you contribute to the organization:

  • How you demonstrate leadership and problem-solving.
  • How you negotiate the investors budget preferences or other engineering limitations.
  • How you implement innovation in the projects you worked on.

Architecture work experience sample for resume:

Junior Architect, June 2014 - June 2018
MVRDV Architects

  • Consistently delivered projects 15% below budget.
  • Performed research on building codes, materials, and specifications.
  • Brought in an average of two jobs every year.

🔍 Tips: Use bullet points to tell readers what and how you solve the problem (tool/software used) and showcase the value of your work with quantitative data.

5.  Education

Education section is one of the most reviewed parts in one’s resume. However, many applicants do not provide comprehensive information regarding the details of their education background; they only put the basic education information like College Name(s), Location (s), and Years in School.

As an alternative, candidates should describe the relevant experience that matches the job requirements. Consider the following education section for someone who is applying for a job that requires 3D modeling skills and sustainability knowledge:

Architect Education Examples

M. Arch., Connecticut College of the Arts 2012 - 2014

  • Pursued a passion for 3D modeling
  • Master’s thesis on sustainable materials was published in “Desheen”

B. Arch., Connecticut College of the Arts 2008 - 2012

  • Excelled in architectural design and modeling
  • Created content for monthly school architecture publication board

💡 Tips when writing an architecture student resume for an internship: 

Notice that the section contains the relevant skills that are required for the job. This way you are not just another graduate from any college, but a passionate architecture graduate who had developed useful skills in accordance with the industry ✨

6. Additional Information: Architecture License and Certification

Like engineers, architects need licenses to practice independently. Because this is as important as your skills and work experiences, you can actually create an independent section for “Licenses” like this:


  • Registered Architect, American Institute of Architects (AIA) 
  • Certified Professional Building Designer, NCBDC
    After licenses, you can go showcase the certifications you have in another section:


  • CLARB Certified Landscape Architect

Tips for creating the best architecture resume

    Tip 1 : Customise the resume for the architecture job.

    After a lot of research about the architect resume templates, remember to always look at the job offer as the starting point of drafting your best architecture resume. Catch keywords, highlight skills and requirements.

    Tip 2 : Use keywords from the architecture job description.

    Use keywords from the architecture job description to customize your resume. Match the bullet points to the highlighted skills to make it a strong architecture resume.

    Tip 3 : Incorporate numbers in your architect resume.

    Demonstrate your achievements, work efficiency, and cost-saving skills in concrete and quantitative data to explain your qualitative skills.

    Tip 4 :  Choose an ATS-friendly resume format/layout.

    It can make sure your architecture resume passes the scanning process and can be seen by recruiters.

    Tip 5 :  Adopt resume action words in describing your roles in past experiences. 

    Be selective in picking the right action verbs (here’s a list).

    Tip 6 :  Put unique information in the “Other” Section of your architect resume.

    There are some differences between writing a junior architect resume and a senior architect resume, and even an architecture student resume.

    🔍  Tips: 

    For each career level, it is beneficial to add “Other” Section to strengthen up the whole architect resume game by showcasing the competitions you’ve won, conferences attended, and even publications.

    These all catch attention like streams of water in Fallingwater House yet make excellent detail on a customized architecture resume.

    How to write an architecture cover letter?

    Finally, to win your dream architecture job, a cover letter that matches your architecture resume will give you advantage over other candidates.

    Here’s the outline for a strong architecture cover letter:

    1. Contact information is definitely a must; get recruiters to know you. Start by introducing your name, email, and phone number.
    2. Make a proper yet personal greeting. Use the hiring manager’s name.
    3. State briefly your intention in joining the company. You can mention some facts that make you interested in the company.
    4. Convince the recruiters why you are a great fit for the role. You can describe 2 most important experiences or achievements that correlate with the company’s needs. 

    Feel free to browse through architect cover letter examples online for more references!

    Architect Resume Sample [Text]

    Assane Braun

    Project Lead Senior Architect who reduced cost up to 20% on client specs
    Mobile; (+1)000-1717
    Email : [email protected]


    Multi-disciplined IAI registered architect with 6+ years experience. BS. in Architecture from Yale School of Architecture. Designed 15+ million dollar jobs for ABC, at 25% less cost than competitors.


    Hard Skills

    • Civil Engineering: Statics, Material Science, Energy efficiency
    • 2D & 3D Software: AutoCAD, Sketchup, Rhinoceros, Revit, Maya
    • Graphic design: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
    • Other: Hand sketching, technical drawing, 3D printing and prototyping

    Soft Skills

    • Presentation & public speaking
    • Negotiating
    • Team player
    • Proactive worker

    Work Experience

    Senior Architect,  July 2018 - Present
    Hassel Architect & Associates

    • Accomplished 3 Master-plans: Sustainable Building 2030, Co-Working Space Challenges 2030, Emergency Medical Unit
    • Worked on commercial building projects valued over $20 million
    • Coordinated building layouts with the MEP department and on site contractors

    Junior Architect, June 2014 - June 2018
    MVRDV Architects

    • Created 120 blueprints for clients
    • Directed team of 10+ technicians to produce specification documents
    • Consistently delivered projects 10% below budget


    2015– 2017, M. Arch., 
    Connecticut College of the Arts

    • Pursued a passion for Maya 3D modeling
    • Master’s thesis on sustainable materials was published in “Desheen”

    2008– 2012, B. Arch., 
    Connecticut College of the Arts

    • Excelled in architectural design and modeling
    • Created content for monthly school architecture publication board


    • Registered Architect, American Institute of Architects (AIA) 
    • Certified Professional Building Designer, NCBDC


    • CLARB Certified Landscape Architect



    • 2nd Place, Sustainable Architecture for Urban Villages, 2015


    • IAI Conference 2017
    • WIDA 2019


    • “Green and Sustainable”, Desheen, 2018

    CakeResume provides the right architect resume templates & formats for architect talents to showcase their skills and experiences. Sign up to create the best architect resume Now!

    --- Originally written by Elonike Verina ---

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