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The cafe immersed with the homey and dark aroma is the perfect place for an afternoon hangout. From steaming to latte art, the barista is who makes it all possible.  

As a coffeehouse employee, a barista owns profound knowledge of the coffee process and customer service and is responsible for preparing, creating, and serving beverages. 

A strong barista resume is crucial.Not only might it give one the ticket into the “CUP OF EXCELLENCE”, but it can also win the employer’s heart and mind. 

This article covers the secrets of writing a successful barista resume, reveals the tips and trips for those crafting a barista resume with no experience, and even includes a Starbucks resume example at the very end! Leave no stone unturned and continue reading.

How to write a professional barista resume?

Step 1: Start with a barista resume headline.

A resume headline serves as the personal #hashtag on one’s barista resume. Once presented successfully, a resume headline has the explicit power to grab attention.

  • One sentence / few words summary of a candidate’s professional capability and experience.
  • Locate just below the candidate’s full name (hence probably also at the very top of the barista resume).

Barista Resume Headline Samples:

  • Headline from Starbucks barista resume sample: Compassionate and fast-working barista with 3+ years of experience at Chicago Starbucks 
  • Barista resume headline with no experience: Customer-oriented graduate knowledgeable on 45+ coffee varieties 
  • Safe barista resume headline for everyone: Enthusiastic Barista expert in milk and latte art with 2+ hands-on experience in beverage preparation.

Step 2: Write a barista resume summary.

  • Definition of the barista resume summary: a few sentences highlight the candidate’s major professional accomplishment, skills, or knowledge. 
  • Choosing a resume adjective that matches you and is related to barista responsibilities on the resume is extremely helpful. While writing a barista resume summary, one should hold the explicit aim of making a distinguished yet qualified professional image. 
  • Use fragmented sentences in the barista resume summary as long as it’s concise and easily understandable. 

Barista Resume Summary Samples:

  • Starbucks resume summary sample: BGA Certified Starbucks barista with 4+ years of established experience in the specialty coffee industry. Managed a team of 3 and served 200+ customers daily. 
  • Entry-level barista resume sample: Attentive barista with 1+ years of training and experience in the beverage industry. Completed coffee sourcing and tasting program at XXX Coffee Association.  
  • Resume summary for Starbucks barista with no experience: Passionate and active barista knowledgeable in latte and fudge art. Able to bring dedication and exceptional customer service.  

Step 3: Skills for a barista resume are essential.

  • Skills for a barista resume is the greatest asset a candidate can have in the job application competition. The barista’s resume skills are, at its core,  everything a barista would do in one’s role. Presenting the candidates’ practical and machinery knowledge in their barista resume allowed them a notch above the rest. 
  • Highly recommend putting relatable skills on one’s barista resume and avoid including random, un-related Kung-Fu. When one looks at starbucks barista job descriptions for one’s resume, there’s no expectation for medical CPR knowledge, right? 
  • Those working on a barista resume no experience, relatable competition, program, interest, and portfolio. The project may all work in this section, too (remember to provide solid proof for the project or portfolio, though).

Barista Resume Skill Examples

  • Milk & Latte Art 
  • Knowledgeable in Espresso Bar Efficiency & Workflow 
  • Coffee Sensory Evaluation
  • Certificated or completed program in  in XXX Coffee Academy / Institution / Education / Association 
  • Coffee Brewing & Grinding 
  • Cupping 
  • Specialty Coffee Drinks
  • Coffee Tamp and Extraction
  • Stock / Inventory Management on Food & Beverages
  • Customer Care & Communication 
  • POS System Operation 
  • Team Building / Team Work 
  • Attentive to Detail
  • Time Management  / Work under Pressure 

Step 4: Show you are the perfect fit. 

Matches the candidate’s descriptions to barista resume samples and barista descriptions on resume examples or recruitment boards. 

Step 5: Proofreading is the foundation of all applications. 

It works with the explicit aim to provide an accurate description and profile for the candidate’s barista resume.

What is the best resume format for a barista?

There exist four significant types of format in all barista resumes. The article will uncover the secrets to writing the barista resume and the suitable format for each candidate type.

Chronological resume format:

  • It follows the time-sequence order. Introduce the candidate’s employment/experience from past to present
  • Most typical and safe choice for most, if not all, barista resumes. Main barista resume templates use the chronological format in their structuring.

Functional resume format:

  • Instead of focusing on the barista job description on its resume, this format focuses on presenting skills for the barista resume. 
  • Works well with those writing CVs for barista with no experience (a cover letter) (which shows determination and devotion). 
  • Standard formats in barista resume template for candidates without experience.

Hybrid resume format:

  • Combination of functional & chronological. 
  • Advantage: zooming in on barista resume skills with a focal lens on past experiences.
  • Recommended format for experienced candidates writing their barista resume (perfectly show their strengths!).

Targeted resume format:

  • Customized for a specific role/company. Barista resume examples that used the targeted format have a higher probability of showing determination.
  • Higher opportunity costs due to the time and effort needed. 
  • Many Starbucks resumes use targeted resume format to show their passion!

How to make a barista resume template?

A template’s greatest strength is its ability for customization (one can quickly transform the same resume for future applications, too!). Here the article offers the baby steps of creating a barista resume template.

1️⃣ Choice 1: Microsoft Word/MacOS Pages

  • Font size & Style: stay professional. 
    1. Font choice applicable for most barista resume—Arial/Helvetica/Calibri/Time News Roman 
    2. Font Size - 12 is the most suitable size for reading. One can also adjust the headlines or titles to 10-16 sizes in their barista resume for customized uses.
  • Sample barista resume will be the candidate’s good friend as they offered successful examples from the past. Their layout, design, content, and language will be thy reference point. 
    1. For those aiming for a Starbucks position, try finding out past Starbucks barista resume samples to check if there’s a specific company culture (the same rule works for any other big coffee company or industry!).
  • Sections that must be included in every barista resume are Contact/Barista Skills/Working History. 
  • Choose a clean & straightforward layout for one’s barista resume template (to show professionalism and avoid the non-ATS-friendly layouts). 
  • Concise language is the key. 

2️⃣ Choice 2: 

However, a customized barista resume may be a difficult task. Those battling out should try out online resume builders.  Most online resume builders provide numerous barista resume samples with blogs written with tips and tricks. 

Although Cake does not provide the candidate with perfect beans, glasses of milk, or machines, it does provide you with the best user-friendly resume builders. You can easily create a barista resume with a simple click and drag on the snippets, and check out some free resume templates when writing your own barista resume.

Top 8 barista resume dos and don'ts

✔️ Dos:

  1. Only Include information relatable to the role and industry. 
  2. Quantifiable results (data is vital) are more preferred to quantitative ones. Primarily provide these measurements in one’s barista resume summary to catch the eyes. 
  3. ATS-friendly layout avoids stupid HR communication issues and makes sure the employers read one’s resume. 
  4. Active verbs can show the candidate’s initiative and willingness to take on responsibilities. 

✖️ Don'ts:  

  1. Confused a barista resume with a barista CV. The former is a 1-page max synopsis used in job applications, while the latter is an extended autobiography-type resume in academia contexts. 
  2. Using an old-fashion barista resume objective only shows incompetence and out-of-date knowledge. 
  3. Sharing personal information that may easily provoke discrimination or credential information from past employment/company are highly discouraged. 
  4. Deliver the barista resume in word format. 

Cake helps barista build professional resumes! Start from choosing a suitable resume template & layout, you can learn from our step-by-step guide to make a perfect barista resume for free.

Barista resume sample

Timothy Chalam

Starbucks Barista with proven history in the specialty coffee industry

Mobile: (+3) 012-112212
Email: [email protected]


Experienced Starbucks lead barista with 5+ years of experience. Creative in gourmet coffee preparation and tea selections. SCA Certified and managed a team of 5.  Passionate about providing menu pairings and bread selection. 

Work Experience

Barista, Starbucks, Los Angeles, CA

May 2018 - Present

  • Prepared food & beverages, including espresso-based drinks, pour-over, drip coffee, and french press. Greeted and served 250+ customers daily.
  • Led a team of 5 and trained 15+ new baristas in workflow procedures and latte art programs. Managed store inventory and supplies. 

Barista, ABC Cafe, CA

Sep. 2015 - Jan. 2018

  • Assisted lead barista in a high volume orders environment and contribute to efficient beverage preparation. Delivered quality customer services, continuously scored 95%+ on satisfaction rating. 
  • Promoted beverages and seasonal-selection menu by creating attractive displays. Maintained a working environment and developed specialty coffee drinks on the monthly menu.


  • Milk & Latte Art 
  • Coffee Brewing & Grinding 
  • Specialty Coffee Drinks
  • Stock / Inventory Management on Food & Beverages
  • Customer Care & Communication 
  • POS System Operation 
  • Team Building / Team Work 
  • Bilingual (Mandarin, Chinese) 
  • Problem Solving


  • Bachelor of Arts, Marketing, Pomona College – Claremont, CA


--- Originally written by Julia Chu ---


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