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This may not come as a surprise, but it is not easy being a bartender. Whilst you enjoy a pint of beer at the pub, a bartender tends to everyone’s needs, even in the heat of the moment when customers lose themselves from flavored absolut.

What exactly do bartenders do?

  • Prepare both alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks for the bar and restaurant customers
  • Interact and tends to customers’ needs and orders
  • Take orders and serve snacks and drinks for customers
  • Plan and present bar menu, recommend drinks and food upon customers’ request
  • Prepare and mix cocktails
  • Check customers’ identification when needed
  • Restock and restore bar inventory and supplies
  • Comply with the ruling of all food and beverage

Is it your first bartending job? If so, don’t forget the importance of building an impressive resume for a bartender job. As highlighted in our previous article, having a suitable resume increases the chance of landing a job and building a killer bartender resume is no exception!

Usually, restaurant managers have a short time reviewing hundreds of hungry applicants. Therefore, we will go through a humble path of making a bartender resume in this article.

How to write a killer bartender resume

✅ Tip 1. Adopt an ATS friendly bartender resume format.

To keep your bartender resume in check with the ATS software, try to keep the resume format and style consistent. Additionally, make sure it is saved as a PDF file.

✅ Tip 2. Refer to online resume templates and examples.

Many who are clueless about how to build a resume, in general, can always refer to online bartender resume templates. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.   

✅ Tip 3. Tailor your resume for a bartender position and adopt keywords.

To quickly capture a restaurant manager’s attention, it is best to utilize keywords on your bartender resume. Make sure to keep it concise and short because it is different from writing a CV. A CV is for jobs in the academic and medical sector, usually with more details on work history and publications.

Two points to keep in mind are:

  • Adopt bullet points in the resume section to make it more readable.
  • Customize your bartender resume to relevant experience only.

✅ Tip 4. Quantify results on your resume.

Taking advantage of the achievements from your past and current work experience can make the bartender resume more explicit.

✅ Tip 5. Display your ability to work under pressure.

One of the highlights of being a bartender is being able to work under pressure, particularly on busy weekends and evenings. How to highlight such a key skill? Try to emphasize “problem-solving”, “communication”, and “conflict-resolution” skills on your bartender resume.

Good objective for a bar attendant resume

A resume objective is the goal or purpose of your career, usually written between 2-3 lines to a short paragraph.

To write a good career objective for bartenders, the following list of elements are crucial:  

  • Showcase your traits
    Add two to three positive characteristics which will help you stand out as a bartender.
  • Specify your experience
    Include details of your experience at the beginning of the bartender resume objective.
  • Highlight your career goals
    Include one main career goal in the objective of bartender resumes.
  • Personalize your statement
    Include interesting facts about your career or achievements to showcase yourself.
  • Includes the hiring company’s name
    Include the hiring company’s name in the last line of the bartender resume objective to provide a pleasant reading experience for the recruiters.

Fine dining bartender resume objective examples:

  • A motivated and customer-oriented individual with 5+ years of bartending experience. Served at a Michelin-starred restaurant with proven high-quality customer service skills. Seeking opportunities to bartend at X restaurant as a skilled bartender.
  • A highly experienced bar manager and a bartender with extensive knowledge in hard liquor and cocktails. I am highly stress-resistant and flexible, seeking opportunities to gain more knowledge in wine and spirits at the Y bar.
  • Personable and curious hospitality specialist with experience serving hundreds of customers during 10-hours shift. Adaptable and highly empathic bartender with an interest in learning new skills in cocktail making and fine dining etiquette. I am aiming to secure a bartending position at Z hotel.

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Professional resume summary for bartenders

A resume summary outlines your characteristics, experience, and most valuable skills in one or two sentences, usually located at the beginning of the document, right after personal information.

👍 Reminder: It is important to write a good bartender resume summary as it helps you get noticed quicker.

A good resume summary includes:

  • Your hard and soft skills
  • Your professional background 
  • Your achievements

Examples of nightclub bartender resumes:

  • Energetic and personable bartender with a proven track record of serving drinks and cocktails under pressure. Experienced at assisting service-related issues and able to train others in cocktail making.
  • Highly independent customer service and sales professional with attention to details. Exceptional in various POS systems and awareness of customers’ names and faces.
  • Talented bartender with 3+ years of experience in both bars and clubs. Highly driven individual with quick thinking and a team player with cash handling and management. 

Great skills to put on a resume for a bartender

The skill section of a bar attendant resume shows the restaurant manager whether you are a good fit for the job.

In general, there are 4 common formats for writing resume skills for bartenders:

  • 📝 Bullet lists
    It is relatively simple and easy to get attention, but it can be unclear and lacks details.
  • 📝 A list with expanded bullet
    In addition to the bullet lists, add more information and contexts so it is more impactful. However, an expanded bullet takes up a lot of space, so try to keep only 5 top bartender skills and qualities on your resume.
  • 📝 Integrated with work experience
    If you have an extensive amount of experience and bartending skills to put on the resume, this format can be impactful in explaining your professional expertise. However, it is not recommended for those without much experience.
  • 📝 Categorized skills section
    A distinct categorization on the bartender resume skills section can help if the position requires a broad skill set, which is often the case in bartending and hospitality businesses. However, it takes up more space on the resume and hence, requires combining segments into a single sentence.  

Some of the critical elements to include in the skills section of a bartender resume are:

1. Keep it short.

2. Stay relevant.

3. Increase readability.

4. Include both hard and soft skills.

5. Check job requirements thoroughly.

Examples of bartender qualifications & skills to put on a resume:

✅ Soft skills

  • Communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Time management
  • Complex problem solving
  • Excellent work ethic

✅ Hard skills

  • POS systems
  • Liquor, beer, and wine knowledge
  • Inventory
  • Changing beer kegs
  • Order and restock bar supplies

How to write a bartender resume with no experience

Just like many others, you have no clue how to write a creative and professional bartender resume without relevant experience.

Worry not, here are 5 pieces of advice for you.

👍 Advice 1: Choose the right bartender resume format.

Using an appropriate resume format for the bartending position can still help you stand out from other candidates; a standard chronological resume format would suffice.

👍 Advice 2: Adopt a career objective.

Write an effective career objective tailored towards the bartender job description.  

👍 Advice 3: Highlight your educational qualifications.

Since you are writing a bartender resume with no experience, highlighting your educational background can help the hiring manager see where you shine.

👍 Advice 4: Include your portfolio.

If you have worked a few other side events as a server with similar bartending responsibilities, this is what you can emphasize on the resume.  

👍 Advice 5: Write a sincere cover letter.

You can write a sincere bartender cover letter to compensate for a lack of experience in bartending, after all, your motivations for the job matter.

Bar Attendant Resume Sample 

Fulan Doe 

Enthusiastic Bar Attendant with 3+ Years’ Experience in the Hospitality Sector 

Address: 2105 N Delaware, Indianapolis, IN
Phone number: +1 317-327-2957
[email protected]

Professional Summary

Outgoing and a customer-oriented bartender with 3+ years of experience at various bars, hotels, and restaurants in the Wholesale District. Have extensive knowledge of at least 70 cocktail recipes and mixed beverages. Seeking a new challenge as a bartending manager at The Westin Bar.

Work Experience

The Wine Dine - Indianapolis, IN
02/2018 - present 

  • Mixed cocktails and beverages for hundreds of customers during 10+ hour shifts
  • Engaged with two different POS systems – Harbortouch and Rezku POS for customer orders  
  • Increased alcoholic revenue by 30% in the past 2 years

Milando Cocktail Bar - Indianapolis, IN
03/2015 - 12/2017

  • Performed daily inventory audits and weekly restocking on products
  • Trained 5 junior bartenders with cocktail mixing methods and formulas
  • Always engaged with customers, won “best bartender of the year” in 2016


B.A in Hospitality Management

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
2012 – 2015

GPA: 3.2/4.0


Soft skills

- Interpersonal communication
- Endurance (long hours)
- Team player
- Conflict resolution
- Empathy

Hard skills

- Liquor, beer, and wine knowledge
- Menu memorization
- POS & cash register
- Knowledge of health and hygiene protocols
- Wine & food pairing

--- Originally written by Diana Shih --- 

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