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As a brand ambassador, you are commonly employed by a company or organization to help raise their brand awareness and increase sales. You will be a tastemaker in their communities, and utilize your networks and relationships to market the brand via word-of-mouth marketing tactics, including referring friends and posting about the brand online.

You will also take part in specific events of the company to perform product demonstrations or give away sample products.

With the increasing influence of social media and online communities, there are now more opportunities for brand ambassadors, also known as influencers or corporate ambassadors.

In this article, we will go over the basics of how to write a great brand representative resume and what a brand ambassador resume sample looks like.

5 steps to write a great brand ambassador resume

Step 1: Start with an on-point resume headline. 

A resume headline can be a short statement introducing yourself, as a title of your brand ambassador resume. An intriguing resume headline or title should include your desired role and core competencies so that hiring managers can feel attracted right from the beginning. 

💡 Tips: Make sure to write it briefly and on-point within one line! 

Examples of brand ambassador resume headline:

  • Brand Ambassador recognized for increasing brand awareness and sales in DW Watch
  • College Brand Ambassador with onsite campus experience promoting energy drinks

Step 2: Write a compelling brand ambassador resume summary. 

A resume summary, also known as a personal statement, highlights your skills, professional, and achievements in the field. For your brand representative resume to stand out, the summary statement should be tailored to the job description of the position you’re applying for. 

Examples of great brand ambassador resume summary:

  • Motivated Brand Ambassador with a Certificate in Branding and broad knowledge in social media and digital marketing. Key strengths include effectively implementing Branding - Marketing strategies and educating customers on product/service offerings.   
  • Seasoned and meticulous professional with 5 years of experience as a Brand Ambassador for SHEIN and Daniel Wellington Taiwan. Strategic, active, and enthusiastic with a strong passion for promoting brand awareness and driving product performance. 
  • Brand Ambassador with proven ability to successfully promote new products on social media channels and create compelling content to further boost brand awareness. Fluent in English, French, and Spanish with a Certificate In Corporate Branding and Marketing (GSU). 

Step 3: Highlight essential skills for a brand ambassador

Check below to learn how to effectively put skills on a brand ambassador resume

  1. List down key skills on your brand ambassador resume, including both soft and hard skills. 
  2. Review the brand ambassador job descriptions to identify what skills the employer is looking for. 
  3. Prioritize the skills that are on both lists and add them to your resume. Make sure you do possess them! 
  4. Format the brand ambassador skills on your resume wisely. Refer to this resume skills section writing guide for more details. 

Example of brand ambassador skills for resumes

Hard skills
Soft skills
Adobe Photoshop
Sales & Expense Reporting
Specific Target Accounts
Relationship Building
Key Performance Indicators
Analytical Skills
Time Management

Step 4: Tailor the brand ambassador resume to a specific job. 

It's important to research the company and its product/service before you start writing your resume. The average time recruiters spend on a resume is about 7 seconds, so they won’t be impressed by a generic resume. 

💡 Tips: Demonstrate your knowledge of the brand and industry on your document, adopt responsibilities and requirements from the brand ambassador job descriptions, and integrate them into your resume content - that's how you can tailor your resume to a specific job and impress the hiring manager.

Step 5: Showcase relevant certifications.

The regular tasks of a brand ambassador involve branding, marketing, sales, and social media.

Write an extra section to showcase your relevant certifications, such as: 

  • Graduate Certificate in Marketing & Brand Management
  • Certificate In Marketing and Branding
  • Social Media Marketing Certificate
  • Marketing Management Certification
  • Facebook Ads / Google Ads Certification

What is the best resume format for a brand ambassador? 

Depending on your professional level, you should pick a suitable format that best represents yourself. 

Below are the three most common types of resume format: 

1. Chronological resume format: 

This is the most common type preferred by both hiring managers and job applicants. The employment history and accomplishments are presented in timely-reversed order, beginning with the latest job and backward. This format is easy to read and compatible with ATS, a software that recruiters use to filter resumes. 

Consider this format if you have worked as a Brand Ambassador or in related fields such as marketing or branding, etc.

📝 Note: Refer to the brand ambassador sample in the end for a chronological resume. 

2. Functional resume format:

A functional brand ambassador resume focuses on your skills and abilities instead of work experience.

It is suitable for job seekers who have experience across multiple industries or don’t have relevant experiences, such as fresh graduates, entry-level candidates, and career changers.  

3. Hybrid/Combination resume format:

A brand ambassador resume with this format combines the key points of a chronological and functional resume. 

Opt for this format if you want to showcase both work experience and skillsets. This way, you are likely to present your career history while demonstrating your capabilities of getting the job done. 

📝 Note: Regardless of the brand ambassador resume format you choose, keep the document within 1 page and relevant to the opening position.

Create a professional brand ambassador resume template

A well-presented and flawless brand representative resume will increase your chances of being considered for the position. Just like your job, it's important to build an outstanding personal brand. 

One of the golden tips is using free resume templates available on Microsoft Word and online resume makers like CakeResume.

1. Microsoft Word

As the most common word processing software application, you can find dozens of free templates in the Resume Wizard. 

Click File, New, Template, and in the search box, type “Resume” or “Cover Letter” - and here you go! You can also find a lot of resume templates from Microsoft Office’s website for free. 

Note the following when creating your brand ambassador resume with Microsoft Word:

  • Follow the standard rules for a formal resume in terms of line spacing, letter font & size, margin, etc. 
  • Save your file as a PDF before sending it. 

2. Online Resume Maker

Online resume makers allow you to build a resume for free based on built-in resume templates. It means that you don’t have to worry about the layout or design. Some resume builders, like CakeResume, offers attractive pre-made resume templates. They can save you some extra time and effort compared to using Microsoft Word.

Before starting to create your brand ambassador resume, go over Resume/Cover Letter Tutorials to learn useful tips.

CakeResume provides the best brand ambassador resume templates & examples for talents to demonstrate your qualifications. Let us help you land the dream as a brand ambassador with a strong resume (free download)!

Top 10 Dos and Don'ts for a perfect brand ambassador resume

✅ Dos:

1. Refer to online brand ambassador resume examples. 

With samples, you can grab the idea of what a professional resume looks like. That can be either content, format, or structure.  

2. Add numbers to your brand ambassador resume. 

Hiring managers expect to see much more than a list of job responsibilities which they can easily read from any job description. Try to quantify your tasks and achievements to impress and convince them that you will bring value to the company.

Example: “Attracted 120 people who were interested in the new product and signed up for newsletters.”

3. Optimize the resume for ATS. 

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System, a software used by many companies to scan job applications. To beat the bot, you need to incorporate relevant keywords and phrases from the brand ambassador job description into your resume. Also, make sure the resume formatting is simple and neat. 

4. Adopt action/power verbs.

In addition to keywords from the job ad, you can give your resume a boost by using action verbs, such as: attract, perform, lead, provide, assist, commit, introduce, facilitate, etc. That will express your motivation for the opening job and show employers your understanding of the position.

5. Proofread your resume. 

As a critical step for writing a brand ambassador resume, running a final check can help you spot errors such as typos, grammatical mistakes, or inconsistencies in punctuation and capitalization. Don’t let them judge you as an unprofessional candidate. 

❌ Don’ts:

1. Mix up a resume with a CV.

Many of you mistake a resume with a CV. A resume presents job-related information within 1-2 pages whereas a brand ambassador CV lists out all details about the applicant, including professional and academic experience. Make sure you are working on the right document!

2. Draft an outdated resume objective.

An objective statement is sometimes seen as outdated by recruiters and takes up space on the resume, so you’d better brush it up as a strong career objective statement. 

State your career goals and show them what you’ve got to be the right fit - that’s the trick. 

Example of a strong brand ambassador resume objective: “Looking to utilize my strong social network on Instagram to bring more customers for ASOS.” 

3. Disclose confidential information about previous employers.

Some of the information related to the previous jobs that you must keep confidential are clients’ names, confidentiality agreements, business financial reports, etc. This not only breaks the Non-disclosure Agreement, causing you to face the threat of being sued but also implies that you lack professionalism and credibility.

4. Include personal details concerning discrimination.

In addition to confidential information, make sure you don't accidentally cause discrimination when writing a resume for a brand ambassador job. 

Personal details that should be avoided:

  • Identifying information (weight, height)
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Political affiliation
  • Age
  • Sexual orientation, etc.

5. Send the resume as a Word doc.

Hiring managers may find reading a Word file annoying due to a lot of issues regarding font, formatting, or presentation if they use an incompatible device. Thus, a brand ambassador resume PDF is a safer bet to go.

Brand Ambassador Resume Sample

Ronnie Bonnel

Cheerful Brand Ambassador with a proven track record for promoting Samsung products
[email protected]

Professional Summary

Result-oriented Brand Ambassador with extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of social media and digital marketing. Highly recognized for providing utmost customer service and increasing sales as a Brand Ambassador of Samsung.

Work Experience

Brand Ambassador
Samsung, NY
2/2019 - 2/2021

  • Analyzed the job performance and developed proper CRM strategies to increase sales metrics on a monthly basis.
  • Promoted new products on various channels, including social media and email outreach, increasing sales by 35% in two years.
  • Assisted in creating compelling content on social media platforms to boost the brand.  

Blog Editor
Ape To Gentleman, NY
10/2016 - 12/2018

  • Produced fashion and lifestyle articles for both online and offline magazines, ensuring 5 articles were submitted per week and adhered to style guide requirements. 
  • Worked closely with the blog owner and leadership team to research and develop new topics as well as setting up the blog style guide. 
  • Proofread and reviewed articles from freelancers and part-time content writers.
  • Promoted articles on various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email outreach.


Stony Brook University, NY
Bachelor's degree in Marketing
Year of graduation: 2016


Hard skills
Soft skills
Social media management
Graphic design 
Content writing 
SEO tools 
Product demonstrations
Interpersonal skills
Communication skills
Creative thinking
Cheerful and motivated 

--- Originally written by May Luong ---

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