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Apr 26th 2022

A Guide to Google Interview Questions: 20 Examples and Tips

Created by CakeResume In this article, we'll cover: Google Coding and Technical Interview Questions Common Google Interview Questions Google Behavioral Interview Questions Tips for Cracking Google Interviews Do you want to work at Google? It's a dream for many people, and with good reason. Google is well known for being one of the most difficult places to interview. They're looking for the top 1% of candidates, which means that they're extremely selective. Google looks for candidates
Interview Skills
May 13th 2022

How to Prepare for a Google Interview

in addition to having specific skills. Google interview prep is a marathon and the interview itself can be stressful. The best way to prepare for the Google interview is to have a good plan and lots of practice. What Is Google Looking for in a Candidate? Before you dive into your Google interview prep, it helps to know which qualities the company looks for. Software engineers need to demonstrate advanced technical skills in coding. For this reason, Google technical interview
Interview Skills
Jul 6th 2022

What Is Googleyness & How to Show It in Interviews

Created by CakeResume In this article, we'll cover: What Is Googleyness? How to Display Googleyness in Interviews Googleyness Interview Questions Working for Google is the dream of many as the tech-giant company is famous for being a great place to develop one’s career. But to get in, you first need to learn about “Googleyness” (also spelled Googlyness or Googliness). If you want to work at Google, you've probably already heard of this word. You also need
Interview Skills
Oct 11th 2022

Tips On Preparing for a Phone Screening Interview

companies which are likely to conduct phone screens and their phone screen processes: 📞 Google phone screen : Google’s phone screening interview process is conducted after the application stage, where you will receive an invitation to schedule a phone screening interview. Google’s phone screening process will have a behavioral component just like any other interview, asking about your experiences and desire to work at Google. However, the technical component of the phone screen will explicitly test your knowledge related
Job Search Tips
Apr 8th 2019

How to Stand Out in the Crowd as a Perfect Candidate

is giving an unusual and intriguing detail about your pursuits, interests, and hobbies. If you think that there is something the interviewer is going to connect with, use the search engine to Google the interviewer before reaching the place of interview. You can also go to the company’s social media page and find out more about its interests and personality. 4. Send a Letter of Thanks A lot of candidates often forget about this aspect. After an interview, you
Hiring Tips
Feb 23rd 2024

20 Best Exit Interview Questions to Ask for Valuable Employee Insights

based companies may choose instead to hold virtual interviews or use online surveys like Typeform, SurveyMonkey, or Google forms to ask exit interview questions. Why are Exit Interviews Important? Now that we’ve established the what and when about exit interview questions, it’s time to share the four most significant reasons why it’s so important to have exit interview questions to ask: Insights for Continuous Improvement Exit interview questions offer the perfect opportunity for employers to gather information
Career Development
Oct 19th 2023

CV Online adalah Kunci Sukses Professional Branding di Era Digital | CakeResume Can Help

elemen multimedia seperti gambar, video, atau slide. 3. Sertakan link website/sosial media Di era yang sudah serba digital ini, tentunya HRD ingin melihat karya-karya kamu di dunia digital. 80% HRD mencari nama kamu dan melakukan background check di Google sebelum mengundang kamu untuk interview. Berkat CV online, kamu bisa langsung menyematkan link yang menuju ke website, sosial media, atau bahkan portofolio online kamu. 💡 Pro tip: bagikan link CV online kamu di sosial media, website, dan portofolio kamu
Interview Skills
Apr 15th 2022

15 Tips on How to Answer Interview Questions Confidently

interview confidence. 💡 Arrive earlier. The ideal time to arrive for an interview is approximately 10-15 minutes before the arranged time. Arriving earlier gives you the advantage of looking effortless, which is beneficial to showing your confidence for an interview. Make sure you check your google map and plan your route. To show up to the job interview with confidence and avoid unforeseen accidents, give yourself an extra 30 minutes to travel. 💡 Stay positive. Preparing for an interview
Interview Skills
Mar 25th 2022

Interview Question: Why do you want to work here? Sample Answers & Tips

to Work for Us?” How to Answer “Why Do You Want to Work Here?” Tips on How to Answer “Why Do You Want to Work with Us?” “Why Do You Want to Work Here” – Answer Samples When preparing for an interview, most candidates don’t miss out on the question “why do you want to work here?”. Since “why do you want to work here” is almost certainly asked in a job interview, interviewees might want to answer it right

【Google PM】前進矽谷:產品經理面試 3 流程 4 策略成功拿下 offer!

邀請 Glen 分享 Google 產品經理的面試流程 「什麼?非技術背景的土生土長台灣人也能進美國本土科技業?」 近幾年由於網路業在矽谷的大爆發,讓許多前往美國就讀商管碩士(MBA)的留學生開始將目光從傳

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