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AI 提示工程師(Prompt Engineer)正夯!破解 5 大核心能力、面試技巧與職缺薪水

AI 提示工程師的相關職缺! 本文大綱 一、什麼是 AI 提示工程(Prompt Engineering)?為什麼變得熱門? 二、AI 提示工程師(prompt Engineer)必備 5 大核心技能 三、Prompt Engineer 面試技巧 四、Prompt Engineer 工作&薪水到 CakeResume 找! 一、什麼是 AI 提示工程(Prompt Engineering)?為什
Job Search Tips
Mar 8th 2024

Prompt là gì? Hướng dẫn cách tự viết prompt ChatGPT hiệu quả

với yêu cầu công việc của một chuyên viên marketing như sau: [Copy-paste mô tả công việc (JD)]” 🔖 Viết prompt rõ ràng và cụ thể Hãy truyền đạt rõ ràng yêu cầu hoặc câu hỏi của bạn qua prompt để “hướng dẫn” ChatGPT. Những gợi ý cụ thể sẽ mang lại câu trả lời chi tiết, đúng trọng tâm. 📍 Ví dụ cho prompt tối ưu: “I am applying for the System Engineer position at VTECH NETWORK TECHNOLOGY
Cover Letter
Mar 6th 2024

A Guide to Writing Motivation Letters for Scholarships [Format, Tips, Templates]

background has led you to apply to this scholarship. Here are examples of introductions for scholarship motivation letters: Sample motivation letter for undergraduate scholarship: My name is Jane Johnson and I am excited to apply to the Department of Computer Engineering at Jamestown University. As my ultimate career goal is to work as a software engineer, I believe the opportunity and support offered by the Jamestown Women in Engineering Scholarship will allow me to flourish both academically and professionally. Scholarship
Resume & CV
Mar 6th 2024

300+ CV Adjectives to Make Your CV Stand Out

Skills punctual prompt swift effective focused timely expeditious productive quick agile strict efficient economical practical dedicated Strong CV Adjectives for Different Roles Now, the following positive adjectives for CV can be used specifically for a certain role or if you are looking to improve your CV. Teacher CV Adjectives Customer Service CV Adjectives Sales CV Adjectives Project Manager CV Adjectives Graphic Designer CV Adjectives Marketing CV Adjectives Administrative Assistant CV Adjectives Engineering CV Adjectives Recent Graduate CV Adjectives High Schoo...

邊緣運算是什麼?邊緣運算結合生成式 AI 的最新趨勢、職缺機會

越多企業開始大力徵求相關職缺,包含邊緣運算工程師、韌體工程師、數據架構師(Data Architect)、提示工程師(Prompt Engineer)等。 值得一提的是提示工程師(Prompt Engineer)這個人工智慧領域的新興職缺,這個角色做的工作並非開

什麼是 LLM 大型語言模型?6 大履歷加分技能、新職缺需求

端 API 服務提供功能調用 2.與團隊協作演算法套件開發 3.評估人工智慧最新技術的可行性 1.有 Prompt Engineer 以及 RAG 增進 LLM 答覆能力等相關經驗。 2.有LangChain 架構,連接外部工具以及語言模型等相關經驗。 3

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