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Nov 18th 2022

How to Classify Types of Employees (Definitions & Examples)

consultants. Identifying the different employee categories is paramount to understanding the types of staff you need, managing understaffed areas, and fueling organizational growth. Additionally, understanding how to differentiate the types of employees you onboard is crucial for accuracy in tax filing and legal compliance. In this guide, we will first compare the main employee categories to understand what each entails. Next, we will explore the different types of employees and contingent workers, with examples. Lastly, we will highlight what to
Career Development
Jan 13th 2021

Resignation Letter Writing Guide [+Templates, Samples, Tips]

your future network. The more the merrier and that applies to friends in the workplace. You never know what the quirk of fate will bring you. Second, the resignation letter or resignation email will stick with you in the employment file, and future employers might factor this in when considering you’re a viable candidate or not. Once the resignation letter is sealed and sent to both the HR department and your employer, a couple of weeks more before you

Secretary Resume Examples [+ Cover Letter Tips]

between a secretary and a receptionist. To put it simply, the duties of a secretary are much broader than those of a receptionist. A secretary is responsible for the company’s whole clerical process, such as arranging meetings, typing documents, filing and answering the phone, etc. As for a receptionist, the primary duty is to greet people when they come to the office and answer the phone. Now, is it time to write a resume of a personal assistant? Yes
Hiring Tips
Oct 26th 2022

Your Guide to Internal Recruitment: Why, How, When + Tips

for your company. If you recruit internally, you can save yourself from going through all the hassle other methods require. What is internal recruitment Let us start by learning the definition of internal recruitment. By saying internal recruitment, we mean filling job vacancies from the existing talent pool within a company. One of the benefits of internal recruitment is that it is usually a fast and convenient way to fill a position. However, internal and external recruitment are more similar

Translator Resume (Resume Example & Tips)

a fresh graduate crafting your first entry-level translator resume? Maybe you want to create a specific language translator resume, such as a Spanish translator resume or an Arabic translator resume? You and your career can benefit from having a firm grasp on the essence of a good translator resume. How to write a translator resume? As a professional translator, there is no doubt you would want to impress prospective employers with your translator resume. One might think, surely, I

Best Claims Adjuster Resume Examples & Template

claims have been paid out to policyholders. 🔎 Two major types of claims adjuster include: Staff adjusters who are salaried employees of an insurance company/agency or health insurance carrier. Independent claims adjusters who are independent contractors working for adjusting firms or government organizations. Being a claims adjuster seems to be the most challenging job in the insurance industry but can be a highly rewarding role for the right person. But first, you need to get it with a convincing
Interview Skills
Nov 24th 2020

What Your Interview Body Language Says About You

and Don'ts Your Handshake An interview almost always begins with a handshake, and will be your interviewer’s first impression. Your handshake is likely to be the only moment of physical contact you have with the interviewer, so a firm, confident shake is likely to make you more memorable. A hand grip that is perceived as too light can send a message that you’re not assertive enough and not confident in yourself. A study from the Journal of

System Administrator Resume: Examples and Tips

It tends to be longer and not to the point. It is easily subject to repeated content. 🖋 In which format should a system administrator resume be sent? It is recommended to convert your system administrator resume into a PDF file so that it will maintain its original layout and format. However, the downside of using a PDF file is that it might have difficulty passing some older versions of ATS screening. On the other hand, sending out your resume

Cashier Resume: Objectives, Examples, and Job Description

top selected few. When creating your cashier resume, consider the following most common cashier duties and responsibilities on job description. Duties and responsibilities to highlight for a cashier job resume: Provide memorable customer experience through fair, friendly, and courteous services. Fill cash registers to register sales by scanning items plus itemizing and finding totals for purchases. Solve customer issues and questions. Process necessary customer returns and refunds. Keep cash control over the register drawer and verify cash amounts are correct

Audio Engineer Resume Examples & Templates

job description is a good habit to get into. The more tailored your audio engineer resume is and the more keywords you input into it, the more relevant your sound engineer resume would be. Plus, it helps with the ATS filtering system, making you more likely to be filtered in. Tip 4: Quantify results on your audio engineer CV . Prospective employers love to see proven results from candidates. Quantifying your past results gives recruiters a better picture of your achievements

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