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Apr 23rd 2021

邂逅荷蘭、誕生台灣、勇闖海外!專訪 FunNow 創辦人 T.K.,直擊混血團隊的 200% 戰略佈局

加入好玩、有趣又精實的團隊,不要猶豫,快到 FunNow 的職缺頁面投遞履歷吧! SRE ,全職,中高階,1M ~ 1.3M TWD/年 Frontend Developer ,全職,中高階,900K ~ 1.2M TWD/年 iOS Developer ,全職,中高階,900K ~ 1.2M TWD/年 想了解更多 FunNow 的資訊,歡迎到 FunNow 的 官網
Success Stories
Apr 1st 2021

【專訪】最快狠準的台灣新創:營收破 2 億,再插旗歐洲、日本!Cubo AI 擴大徵才中

品功能,讓操作更直覺、提高可用性,而不是一味累加功能,體驗反而會越來越差。」 Cubo AI 產品、技術職缺 Frontend Developer (Jr. ~ Mid) ,全職,初階,45K ~ 75K TWD/月 Jr. Android Developer ,全職,初階,50K ~ 75K TWD/月 SRE / DevOps 工程師 ,全職,中高階,70K ~ 100K TWD/月 Linux 嵌入
Cover Letter
Dec 2nd 2022

Medical Receptionist Cover Letter Guide (Samples & Tips)

for a cover letter template at the end that you can tailor for your medical receptionist job application. Medical Receptionist Cover Letter Examples When writing your cover letter, take into account the differences between positions and responsibilities. While a medical front office receptionist and a medical receptionist may work front-end duties, a medical secretary primarily handles tasks without interacting with customers in person. Below are cover letter samples for a medical receptionist, a medical secretary, and a medical front
Resume & CV
Aug 4th 2022

20 Computer Skills to Write in Your CV [w/ Examples & Writing Tips]

dedicated section with short bullet points. Make sure to prioritize the list with the hard skills instead of the soft interpersonal skills, which could be mentioned in the experience section. Here’s a CV IT skills example: SKILLS IT Skills Front-End Development Machine Learning Cybersecurity Cloud Management Javascript, C++, Python List the computer skills in extended bullet points. Extended bullet points could be utilized in the experience section to illustrate relevant achievements or in a detailed skills section. One
Success Stories
Feb 26th 2020

那些科技新創教我的事 XII「停在港口的船很安全,但那不是造船的目的」- 黃思齊 ( VoiceTube 前端工程師 )

一待就是五年,五年來學到最重要的事,是溝通與取捨。一年半前因著 R&D Team 的組織調整,我接下了 Front-End 主管的位置,當上主管後,我必須要更快速吸收新知,了解跨領域知識,學著和行銷、設計等部門
Resume & CV
May 6th 2024

8 Contoh CV Fresh Graduate Tanpa Pengalaman yang Dilirik HRD

di bidang digital marketing, analisis dan kerja di perusahaan start-up.” 2. Contoh CV Summary Fresh Graduate Inggris Tanpa Pengalaman: "Recent graduate with a degree in computer science and a GPA of 3.6 looking for a position as a Front End Engineer. Detail-oriented, a reliable leader and team player with a knowledge in UI/UX Design." Pengalaman : " Human Resources recent graduate with strong communication skills with experience as an HR intern in one of Indonesia's biggest e
Career Tools
Apr 19th 2024

15 Rekomendasi Aplikasi Coding yang Cocok untuk Belajar bagi Para Pemula

yang menarik dari Geany adalah, aplikasi pemograman ini tersedia secara gratis dan dapat digunakan di semua sistem operasi baik Windows, macOS, dan Linux. 6. Brackets Brackets merupakan aplikasi pemrograman yang dikembangkan oleh Adobe untuk tujuan desain web dan pembuatan web front-end . Aplikasi programmer yang satu ini juga bisa dijalankan di berbagai platform seperti Windows, macOs, dan juga Linux. Brackets memiliki tampilan antarmuka yang cukup sederhana dengan fitur mode gelap terang dan beragam tema dari extension manager yang bisa disesuaikan
Mar 24th 2022

How to Write An Impressive Art Director Portfolio [With Examples]

artistic elements to use, expressing their vision clearly to their team, revising and approving copy, designs, and photography, establishing budgets and timelines, and determining how to best convey the creative director's concept. An art director portfolio is done by developing a ‘book’, or portfolio of works to show to creative directors at meetings and interviews. An art director’s portfolio serves as a tool to land a position or for his/her own branding. An art director portfolio showcases
Cover Letter
Mar 6th 2024

How to Write the Perfect Architecture Cover Letter (Cover Letter Guideline)

the parts of an architect cover letter, and provide some key tips and tricks that you can use to take yours to the next level! We will also provide some sound samples and an architect cover letter template at the end to give you some perspective for writing your own. Architecture Cover Letter Examples Let’s begin by going over some great examples of architecture cover letters! Cover Letter for an Architect Job (General) Josie Summers  Architecture Associate 1111 Front
Cover Letter
Apr 13th 2022

【Cover Letter 範例】英文求職信怎麼寫?外商、海外工作必備 5 步驟完整解析


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