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How to List Technical Skills in a CV [with 160+ Examples]

for marketing yourself. It is commonly used for academic purposes like applying for a Master’s or PhD programs, and also as an important document needed for job application in countries such as Asia, the UK, the European Union, and New Zealand. The importance of including technical skills in a CV can’t be stressed enough, which shows hiring/program managers whether you meet their job-related requirements. With that being said, technical skills to put on the CV vary

How to Write an Interior Designer Resume (+ Samples)

for the job help you get the position that you are applying for.  Specify your achievements. Including relevant job experience in the objective for an interior designer on the resume will help you stand out from the crowd.  Highlight your career goals. Showing recruiters your realistic and attainable career goals relative to the job listing can help the company see your vision and values. Examples of interior designer resume objectives: Example objectives for interior design intern resumes: Resourceful and passionate

How Long Should a CV Be? [+ Dos and Don’ts]

marketing and branding yourself. While a CV is commonly used for academic purposes, a resume serves the purpose of the job application. In general, CVs are used almost everywhere in the world including Asia, the UK, the European Union, and New Zealand in all contexts. Meanwhile, people in the US, Australia, and Canada prefer resumes. As mentioned earlier, you can submit a CV for other purposes aside from job applications. That makes it different from resumes, one of which is

College Graduate Resume Made Easy with Examples and Tips

layout can be messed up. How to prepare a fresh college graduate resume ✅ Advice 1: Use a skill-based resume format. The skill-based resume format (the functional resume format) is by far the most fitting resume format for new college graduates. ✅ Advice 2: Write a career objective for your college graduate resume. A career objective statement summarizes your prospects for the position and what you would like to achieve in your career. The statement should not exceed

Best Tour Guide Resume Examples, Templates, Formats (Extra Tips!)

with specific information about the sites. Tour guides commonly work on walking tours or with day-trippers. They might also support tourists on longer visits that involve overnight stays, perhaps in rural or overseas areas. To embark on this exciting career, you need to possess many important skills and qualifications as well as comprehensive knowledge of diverse fields. There are no formal education requirements, but you will need to attend a training course or obtain a valid license/certificate. Also

Android Developer Resume Example & Template

by numerous technology companies to help them develop their Android-compatible apps. Other than that, Android developers’ job descriptions also include: Fix bugs and improve application performance Transform designs and wireframes into codes Collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop new features and designs In a competitive and intense job market, your android developer resume should be professionally crafted to ensure that you stand out among other candidates. Which android developer resume format is the best? Android developer resume format

All You Need to Know About Analytical Skills - Definition & Examples

but also in the workplace. Companies face a wide array of problems, thus analytical skills are required to formulate possible solutions and implement them to improve the organization’s processes. Analytical skills are important in today’s job-seeking landscape. New business models and rapid technological advancements, this has led to an increase in the number of jobs that require analytical skills. Therefore, illustrating your analytical skills in your resume will show you have what it takes to tackle problems

How to Prepare for a Job Interview [Steps, Tips & Common Questions]

skills. Interviews play an integral part in the hiring process. From the perspective of job seekers, job interviews allow you to learn more about the role and the company so that you can decide whether that job aligns with your career path. The employer, meanwhile, conducts interviews to determine if your skills, experience, and personal traits meet the job's requirements and if you fit in with the company’s culture. As a job seeker, there are several difficulties you
Job Search Tips
Aug 22nd 2022

Get Hired: The Ultimate Guide to Tackling Job Search Obstacles

can be challenging to find a job that is both rewarding and feasible. Too many people compete for too few jobs. As frustrating as job hunting may be, it is important to not despair and to continue to search for new opportunities. In this article, we will help you troubleshoot the reasons you may not be getting hired and provide solutions to help you move forward in your job search. Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Interviews The first step
Career Development
Nov 17th 2020

What is Personal Brand? 3 Ways of Branding Yourself Successfully!

Branding Yourself is Important? “ You define yourself, not your job defines you.” CakeResume In the past, having security often meant sticking to the same job for forty years. A person's identity was very much centered on their job or career. Even nowadays, a common question when you meet someone new is “What do you do?” It is as if your job defines who you are. But now, times are changing. A modern professional in the millennial generation is estimated

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